15+ Best Free & Paid AngularJS Dashboard Templates in 2024

Angular JS is one of the most powerful and robust JavaScript frameworks. 

It is an open source platform and offers flexibility with a broad range of templates to integrate with the data, and charts, and conclude important information easily and conveniently. 

Do you want to Create AngularJS Dashboard Templates

Are you looking for an Angularjs template?

Well, here, we have discussed the best Free and Paid Templates with their SPECIAL FEATURES to simplify your selection process. 

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Free and Paid AngularJS Dashboard Templates in 2024

1. MaterialPro

MaterialPro is one of the best Angular material templates available in light and dark versions. So, if you want to construct an incredible dashboard, go for this template. 

3000+ Font Icons, 700+ Page Templates, and 500+ UI Components themselves make it super demanding and beneficial, considering the vast range of options. 

Also, it has been made with Bootstrap 4 which offers a seamless Angular js layout. You can give it a try once. One of its 3 Level Dropdown Menu will surely amaze you with the incredible impression.

Price: Starts from $39 

Special Features:

  • You get 5 unique demos
  • Feasible enough to upload the multiple files 
  • Wide range of gallery options and table examples 
  • Offers a supreme support
  • Can create vertical and horizontal menus

2. Paper Dashboard

Paper Dashboard is a bootstrap angular template that works best for the developers. It has beautiful typography and pleasant colors with cleaner graphics so you work with ease. 

This Angular 2 admin template gives you a perfect blend of advanced features and plugins inspiring to kick start with another project. You can easily deal with user settings, spacious graphics, and minimalistic graphical presentation. 

Do you know, Paper Dashboard is trusted by 1,331,068 developers? 

Price: Free/ Starts with $39

Special Features:

  • It has a clean, simple, and uncomplicated dashboard
  • A great deal of example pages 
  • Endless collections of plugins and elements 
  • Easily manage the visual data of your business 

Give a try to these popular Angular js bootstrap theme.

3. Blur Admin

Are you looking for an Angular 2 admin template? Blur Admin has caught you!

Blur Admin is a front-end Angular js admin template that offer feature based structure with neat and clean designs. 

Here, you can get information in a well-organized tabular and graphical representation manner. Also, with a responsive layout, it has completely proved the worth of using this. 

Price: Free and MIT licensed 

Special Features:

  • It has a classic collection of UI Features 
  • Cluttered free tables and charts 
  • Provides a higher resolution
  • Offers form wizard, form inputs, and form layout 

4. Architect UI

Architect UI is a modern responsive HTML Dashboard Template that designs especially for angular js admin panel. It comes with a strong technical support helping you manage every project with the utmost detailing. 

This is one of the most popular angular js HTML Template that offers a wide range of components, elements, and widgets for a consistent and scalable performance. 

Price: Free/ Starting from $69 

Special Features:

  • It is Fully Responsive and works on any screen 
  • It has 150+ components that are ready to use
  • Easy to customize layouts 
  • 300+ Color Schemes options 
  • Individual documentation is possible

5. Admin UX

Admin UX is a responsive HTML and single page application Angularjs template that offers a lot of options for customization. It also includes third party plugins for improving the look and feel of the layout. 

It is built with CSS3 and Bootstrap v4 HTML5 for seamless movement. Also, this template is compatible with Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE10, and IE11. 

Price: Starts from $28 

Special Features:

  • Offers a set of creative and unique designs 
  • Consists of a distinctive layout 
  • It is fully responsive across multiple platforms
  • It has a high resolution 

6. Espire

Espire is a Bootstrap 4 Angular js admin template that fits perfectly with your project needs. It forms a part of the Web App template that works ideally to deliver the best dashboard solution. 

Along with that, it offers Ghost CMS themes that suit rightly with your minimalistic taste. And, if you aren’t much familiar with coding, then, go for Espire. 

It has codes that are completely user-friendly. Try once and you won’t regret it later. 

Also, trusted by 1500+ Companies and Individuals. 

Price: Starts from $22

Special Features:

  • Contains HTML 5/ jQuery version 
  • It is well documented 
  • Compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge 
  • It has a responsive layout

7. Egret

Egret is one of the best Angular js website templates that offer refreshing darker themes. Since it is built on Angular CLI, Angular Material and Flex-Layout, it does not empower the bootstrap framework. 

Besides that, such a kind of Angular dashboard framework offers a fully-fledged RTL support system for a simplified text direction. 

Price: Starts from $22

Special Features:

  • Multiple layouts are available 
  • Offers a mail chip support 
  • Responsive Layout 
  • It supports jQuery Animations

8. Monarch

Monarch is another Angular js bootstrap template that offers all in one solution to the interactive dashboard. This template is extremely powerful and versatile and can be customized at all levels. 

Also, it gives you complete flexibility to add the components as per your requirements. With no extra CSS or Js, it is fast, light weight and clean with performance. You can easily work, curate and test your activity with full discretion. 

Price: Starts from $18 

Special Features:

  • Fully responsive and compatible 
  • Open for multiple file uploads 
  • Lock screen and password recovery is possible 
  • Cleaner and visible Typography 
  • Ideal for email templates and invoice

9. StartNG

StartNG is an Angularjs admin template that has gained more popularity with the front-end templates. It is built on Bootstrap 4 Angular JS framework to deliver a high-performing website. 

The code is quite easy to understand and gives full freedom for customizing the templates based on your requirements. Besides that, it offers an array of components to convert your template into a power-boosting app. 

Price: Starts from $24 

Special Features:

  • 6 Different layouts are available 
  • It is very well documented 
  • Contains ready to use example pages 
  • Fully responsive structure

10. Vex

Vex is a material design template built within the Angular CLI. It contributes significantly to offering the Angular js dashboard, to begin with, the next best project. 

Here, you have complete flexibility with adding and reducing the folders as per your requirement. Besides that, you can dynamically customize the pages and deliver a super-fast layout for simplified working. 

Along with that, you can integrate with Google Maps and customize the charts for a clean and fresh design. 

Price: Starts from $24

Special Features

  • Unlimited styles and 4000+ icons 
  • Open for customization of widgets 
  • You can create a theme on your own 
  • It is speedy and light weighted

11. Decima

Decima is a Bootstrap 4 admin Angular js theme that supports you to work with CRM, SAAS, and CMS related assignments. You have an opportunity to translate the language, reuse the available widgets and UI, and many more. 

It works ideally with the Angular js dashboard to streamline with the latest updates effortlessly customizing the components for a better interface. 

Price: Starts from $20

Special Features

  • It offers lazy loading support and AoT
  • Dark or light color schemes 
  • Compatible across multiple platforms 
  • Comes with a responsive layout 
  • Very well documented 

12. The Directory

The Directory is an ever-expanding collection from the Angular js dashboard. This template is designed majorly to prepare and maintain a directory of websites. 

Besides that, it includes- admin panel, email templates, front end design as well as user dashboard. This template is favored by 1,20,000 happy customers.

So, are you one of them?

This template provides a 360 Degree Google View Integration. In fact, it goes beyond offering the essential filters like- Distance Filter, Category Filter, and Rating Filters. 

Price: Starts from $24

Special Features

  • You can auto search with the icons 
  • Easy to make beautiful and clean invoices 
  • Prepare a list, edit your profile and make space for reviews
  • You can enable and disable

13. Clip- Two

Clip – Two is a high-performance Angular js dashboard template that offers a perfectly responsive layout. Yes, you can customize this theme in a way you want. This is totally mobile friendly providing a set of six different theme skins. 

Have you tried yet?

Along with that, Clip Two, one for the most expressive Angular js themes has 400+ Retina Ready Icons for a wider selection. 

Price: Starts from $22

Special Features:

  • It has 4 level sidebar menus
  • Nestable Lists
  • Feasible for multiple file uploads 
  • Custom Toggle buttons 
  • RTL Support 

14. Material Dashboard Angular 2

This template is built within the Angular js dashboard that offers new and latest designs with exciting material components. 

Material Dashboard Angular 2 is light weighted and comes with third-party plugins to perfectly fit within the other elements. It provides you a general layout within the multiple layers for an enhanced look and impression. 

Price: Free and MIT Licensed 

Special Features

  • It offers five color filter choices 
  • You can build CRM, CMS and admin panels 
  • Can adjust background image at the side bar 

15. Remark

Remark is a Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template that offers the latest plugins and optimizes the initial scripts. 

This template is quite flexible and robust, compatible with Opera, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Edge and many other Browsers. 

Along with that, it offers a fully responsive design, feasible to your tablet, Desktop as well as mobile phones. 

Price: Starts from $24 

Special Features:

  • 12+ sets of Flexible Icons 
  • It has a Clean Code Structure 
  • Online documentation is possible 
  • 25+ Premade Pages 

The Final Words

I Hope, this article has really helped you in selecting the right Angular Dashboard Templates. 

These templates will ease your work and help developers in successfully accomplishing the project by maintaining a detailed record of the work done. 

From offering a responsive layout and list of color grids to solid compatibility, these essential themes are worth using. 

Just give it a try. And, if you want to hire a professional developer for additional support and customization, contact us! 

Info Stans is an AngularJS Development Company that holds expertise in creating and installing the best Dashboard Templates for utmost ease and convenience. You can book an appointment to discuss more about your project! 

Stay with us for the latest updates!!! 

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The Best Paid Angular JS Admin Dashboard Templates are Clip- Two, Espire, StartNG and many more.
The Best Free AngularJS Admin Dashboard Templates are- Material Dashboard Angular2, Paper Dashboard, Blur Admin and many.

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