45+ Best App Ideas For Start-Ups To Make Money in 2024

Do you want to make money from apps in 2024?

Well, the mobile industry has already brought a revolution to the technological market generating a unique set of startup ideas with mobile app development.

Did you know, the number of app downloads has increased to $462 billion in 2019 and is forecasted to expand exponentially by $935 billion in 2023. It holds really a significant opportunity to put your foot ahead of the competition.

And, yes, we also understand it’s difficult to bring out the best ideas for your startup. Therefore, here we have a list of the 45+ Best App Ideas For Start-Ups in 2024 to get started with something new and unique.

1. Personal Finance Application

Personal Finance Application is one of the most useful android apps in daily life that comes with FREE BUDGETING SOFTWARE for managing your investments and recording your bills.

Personal Finance Application

You can set an alert with this kind of mobile app that keeps reminding you to clear your bills and submit all the documents on time.

EXAMPLES: Some of the ideas for mobile applications for money management are-

  • Prism: Best for Bill Payment
  • EveryDollar: Best for Budgeting
  • You Need a Budget (YNAB): Best for Debt Payoff
  • Personal Capital: Best for Wealth Management

2. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Mobile App

Are you looking for some new mobile app ideas for startups? Or do you want to launch a new product on the market? But, you have kept a limited budget. Then go for Minimum Viable Product Mobile Application.

With new mobile app ideas for startups, you can create an application for your business with the minimal functionality where you conduct testing along with the selected audience. Through this, you can collect insight regarding the experience of the user and simultaneously improve and make the final launch under a limited budget.

Do you know, MVP app holds no risk? Go for it.

3. Dog Walking App

This is the new app ideas for an app making because not everyone is free enough to take their dog for a stroll. Thus, you can monetize here by creating a dog walking app.

Wondering how?

On-demand Dog walking is the most trending mobile app ideas and you can say it works as “AirBnb for dogs”. It involves marketplaces for two groups – Dog owners and Dog people. Dog people are those who take care of dogs just like their own. So, when the owner books the schedule to take his dog on a walk, he selects the dog people in nearby places.

What information is required to start booking?

  • Enter your location
  • Select the days and dates
  • Schedule options for daily, weekly, and recurring services
  • Weight and age of the dog

Which are the top Dog Walking Apps?

  • Wag! Best for On-Demand Walking
  •  Rover: Most Popular
  • Fetch! Pet Care: Best for Odd Hours

4. Live Auction App

The online auction market is one of the fast-forward yet simple app ideas that make money.

According to market research, the scope of online auctions is about to expand exponentially in the future years because technological advancement is taking a steeper turn by launching the smooth software and processors.

A list of live auction apps are-

  • Handbid – Best Mobile Auction App
  • LiveAuctioneers – Best App for treasure seeker
  • Heritage Auctions – Best App for coin collectors and vintage arts
  • Bid Beacon- Best App for Live Bidding

You can also develop apps for iOS/Android for the live auction and earn money out of it.

5. Blockchain Security App

Blockchain Security App is one of the best mobile app ideas 2024 that allows you to store and transfer the cryptocurrencies. It comes with a wallet system where you can sell, earn, hold the interest and brokerage with Ethereum and Bitcoin for making the exchange.

These are future ready applications that are really going to revolutionize the digital payments, globally. So, do you want some more innovative apps ideas?

Let’s give you some examples-

  • Bitcon Wallet
  • Blockchain Wallet: Buy and Sell Bitcoin & Crypto
  • BitPay – Buy Crypto
  • ZenGo Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet: Buy, Earn & Trade

6. Exam Study Apps

Exam Study Apps are one of the most unique mobile app ideas for students that conducts virtual classes, examinations and practice works.

Here, students have the opportunity to connect with other students of the same discipline and together create and submit projects. Such a kind of application tracks, records, measures, and evaluates the progress of the individual, giving insights on allocating the time to study and take a break.

A few of the most downloaded exam study applications are-

  • Exam Countdown (free/ Android, iOS)
  • Todait (free/ Android, iOS)
  • Quizlet (free/ Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome)
  • XMind (Premium/ Android, iOS)

Check out these unique app ideas for students now! Also, if you are wondering about the Mobile app development estimated cost in india, we can provide you reliable insight.

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7. Business Apps

Do you own a business? Or on the verge of launching the startup or a product? We know, that’s a bolder move and demands, MANAGEMENT, and PLANNING. Everything needs to be at the right place and at the right time.

As a result, you can consider these new app ideas for bringing your business to a nook of perfection keeping everything under control with just one click.

From managing your workforce to evaluating your business trip expenses, these apps are sure to ease your work and improve your productivity at the same time.

Here is a list of best app ideas for startups-

  • OMNIFOCUS – Best App for Time Management
  • SQUARE – Best App for Making Business Payment
  • ASANA – Best App for Business Organization
  • EXPENSIFY – Best App for recording Business Trip and expenses

8. Intermittent Fasting App

Do you want to lose weight? But, you lack consistency and motivation to keep it regular? Well, intermittent fasting apps are the major reason that keeps you engaged to win your weight loss journey.

We know, fasting demands a strict schedule, commitment, and a lot of temptation resisting, but, with these technological transformations, YOU CAN!

A list of unique ideas for apps for fitness freaks are-

  • Fastient – Best Apps to take notes on fitness
  • BodyFast – Best App for meal planning advice
  • Ate Food Diary – Best App to keep visual food diary
  • FastHabit – Best App to try different food plans

Aren’t these the cool app ideas for your fasting schedule?

9. Dating Apps

According to the Research, the global online dating services market was valued at $6,400.0 million in 2017 and is about to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2018 to 2025. Thus, the scope is wider and holds a significant opportunity.

The relationship these days is growing immensely and people are taking initiative to meet new people, go on date, and understand each other.

Create your profile, and update your preferences to find your perfect match with the latest features.

At Info Stans, we build dating apps with SkaDate that helps you to freely connect with others. No interruption but a smoother performance.

Create a dating app

Examples of Dating Apps:

  • Bumble
  • Grindr
  • Hinge ($10.99/month)
  • Raya (iOS, $7.99 per month)

10. Secret texting apps

Hey, are you looking for innovative app ideas? Then, check this out!

Secret texting apps are really the great mobile app ideas for stubbing the menace of hacking and snooping. It offers you end-to-end encryption, keeping your personal information – Safe. Secure. Personal.

A few of the top mobile app ideas for Secret Texting are-

  • Viber- Best app making ideas for secret texting
  • Hide SMS – Best app development ideas for private conversations
  • KIBO – Best app creation ideas for Hiding Keyboard
  • Blur Chat- Best app for facial recognition and touch ID

11. Search Products by Photo app

Can you search for a product with a picture?

Yes, with this search product by photos apps, you can! Wondering how?

These world best apps come with an Image Recognition technology that visually identifies the products you are looking for through the mobile camera.

Want to give it a try? Download these apps and start creating your favorite outfit and compare the prices.

  • Search By Image
  • Search by image: Quick photo search tool
  • Image Analysis Toolset    
  • CamFind – Search the Physical World

12. MultiPlayer Gaming Apps

Are you looking for some new mobile app ideas? But, at the same time, want to make money from apps? Then, you must go for the multi player gaming apps that give you incredible reasons to make money through premium subscription, in-app purchase, running an ad campaign and many more.

Some of the best and leading new app ideas are-

  • Uno: Best App for multiplayer card game
  • Clue: Best App for Mystery Board Game
  • PubG: Best App for Video Game Series

13. Health check-up apps

Do you want mobile app ideas for health check-up? People are getting health conscious and running out of a sedentary lifestyle.

According to the Research, the global health market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 33.5% during 2015-2020. These are the best android app ideas for developers.  

How do these apps work?

Health check-up apps establish a personal communication between the patients and doctors to get proper advice and guidance. Here, you can monitor your disease, track the blood pressure and maintain a record of health conditions. 

Some of health check-up apps are-

  • Fooducate – Best Nutrition App
  • Lifesum – Best App for Diet and Exercise
  • MyTherapy– Best Pill Reminder App
  • Bonus: OEM health apps

14. Car Parking Apps

How to spot the parking place in a crowded area? This is a real pain, but with these Mobile app design trends, you can find the parking space without any kind of hassle.

Through this mobile application, you can gauge the distance, book the parking seat, find and get the car with either Bluetooth, QR scanning, or manual location setting technology.

Isn’t that the app idea for india where traffic and parking problems always show a sharp uptick?

Some of the top car parking apps are-

  • Parkify (Free / Up to $5.99) – Best App for Finding your Car
  • ParKing (Free / $6.49) – Best App For Detecting Parking Space
  • The Parking SpotBest App For Parking Reservations

15. City Guide App

Are you new to the City or a travel explorer? We know, smartphones are your best friend.

Through these applications, you can search and browse the location you want to visit and get reviews and tips from local comments. Plan your next vacation or day in the city you like. These city guide apps would surely be your last resort.

A few of the City Guide Apps are:

  • TripAdvisor App (Free)
  • Triposo (Free)
  • Sidewalk (Free)
  • Tripomatic

Since the tourism industry is exponentially growing, you can consider these as the best app development ideas.

16. Cab Booking App

Have you ever imagined, moving from one place to another, either locally or nationally, would be so easy and convenient- Just one Call and get your slot booked?

Well, this is no longer a fantasy! According to the Mordor Intelligence, the Taxi Market forecasts the expected growth to CAGR 10.08% during the period 2020-2025.

Cab Booking App

Some of the popular Cab Booking Apps, leading the market are-

  • Uber
  • OLA
  • Gett
  • Grab

These are the fresh ideas for app development. Give it a try!

17. Virtual Interior Design App

Looking for a new vintage chair? Don’t know whether this paint would look good on the wall? Want to visualize the new home décor of your house?

Yes, there’s no rocket science. It is possible to review your home décor before this gets done. A few of the

  • Chairish- Best iPhone app ideas for Vintage Home Décor
  • Hutch- Best android app ideas For Color and Painting
  • Measured- Best new app ideas for android for remodeling projects

18. Coding Apps

Are you looking for some android app ideas for beginners to learn and level up your coding skills? So with the newer technologies, it is possible to learn about programming and code writing.

You can explore the offline apps where the expert community is involved to teach the basics of the android platform and give you a project to show how much you have learned.    

Try these applications to brush up your skills and increase productivity to work even on the complex projects.

  • Notes App- Best App for creating, edit and delete notes
  • FlipImage- Best App to learn the image manipulation
  • Markdown Table Generator – Best App to create HTML Table

How much time cost

19. Book Reviews and Recommendations

Are you an avid reader? Or a book lover? Then you will definitely like these simple app ideas where you just have to click the picture of a book that you want to buy and check out the reviews quickly. Through the ratings and reviews, you can make the decision whether to purchase this book or not.

And, simultaneously, you will get the recommendation of other books as well. Isn’t that so interesting? All the information regarding the books and its recommendation will be fetched from Goodreads, Amazon, and other bookkeeping platforms.

A few apps for book reviews and recommendation are-

  • Bookmojis
  • Litsy
  • Goodreads
  • OverDrive

Hire developers for such an incredible Mobile app design for getting book reviews and recommendations at just one click.

20. Disaster Alert App

It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure and the sayings go perfectly correct when disaster strikes the town. To fight these natural calamities is just like boiling the ocean and therefore, if you are prepared in advance, the situation could be far better.

So, have you ever heard of disaster alert applications? Yes, these small app ideas do exist and it gives you signal through the interactive radar and satellite. You will be informed when to hold an umbrella and when to pull out the woolen.

Some of the top Disaster Alert Apps are-

  • Hurricane Hound – Best App to Track Activated Hurricane
  • MyRadar Weather Radar- Best App to Track Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
  • ICE Medical Standard- Best App for an Emergency Medical Contact

Hire a Mobile app development company to build an application with the most advanced technologies!

21. Virtual Cooking App

Are you a novice cooker or a professional chef? We know, it feels supportive when you have someone to guide or share the best cooking tips while you are experimenting on something new.

After all, culinary skills are not restricted to one single cuisine. You need to keep on trying something innovative to present the delectable items.

Simultaneously if you are looking for the best app ideas never made, did you know there are some recipe-specific apps available? You can find everything there- right from holding a knife in hand to acquiring the chopping skills and plating ideas.

Some of the virtual cooking apps are-

  • OrganizEatBest Digital Recipe Box
  • Handpick Recipes and IngredientsBest App for exploring all dishes
  • Yummly – Best App to showoff your delicious creations   
  • Kitchen Stories – Best App to find How-To videos

22. Trip Planner Application

Are you struggling with the flight reservation to hotel bookings? Well, have you ever thought of making the trip planning application?

Yes, it shows a silver lining because the tourism sector is growing exponentially. Through these applications, you can find the scope of making money. Collaborate with specific locations and promote their places to increase the number of visitors.


Image Source: tripadvisor

Thus, this could be one of the best app ideas for startups who can find opportunity in the trip planning industry.

Some of the already existing trip planning applications are-

  • Roadtrippers (Android/iOS, Free)
  • TripCase (Android/iOS, Free)
  • Sygic Travel Trip Planner (Android/iOS, Free)
  • TripIt (Android/iOS, Free)

23. Thought Detector App

Have you ever heard of the thought detector application? Yes, you guessed it right. These kinds of applications help you read the mind. It is surely a fun app where you can detect the thoughts of the person when he is using social media.

In fact, you can find out what the user was feeling while messaging. This kind of application is hugely demanded for a psychologist to understand the behavior and collect research-based insights.

  • Mind Scanner App
  • TalkLife: Depression & Anxiety
  • What’s Up? – Best App for Diary and Habit Tracker

You can connect with the mobile app development firm if you are looking for the best android app ideas.

24. Image editing App

Do you want to promote your business through photography? Yes, this is one of the best ways to capture the interest of the users. But, how to impressively edit the picture? Are you on the same boat?

Well, these image editing apps are still there to save us and together, you can edit, design, crop and make every picture professionally clicked.

A few of the startup app ideas for image editing are-

  • Snapseed – Best App for advanced photo editing on a mobile device
  • Prisma Photo Editor – Best App for Art Fillers and Photo Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop Express – Best App for all-around photo editing.

25. Online Shopping App

The online shopping market in India is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion as of 2017. It brings significant opportunities especially for small scale businesses to list their business online and reach to their customers in every corner of the world.

Similarly, you can hire an Android app development company to build the best online shopping application in different categories like food, clothing, grocery and many more.

List of the few online shopping applications are-

  • AliExpress
  • IndiaMart
  • Alibaba

26. Food Freshness Check App

This is one of the best app ideas that haven’t been made. Through these applications, you can check the freshness level of food and download the report for your reference. Isn’t that really a great app?

You can use this app while buying fruits or vegetables, flowers or any non-vegetable food. But wait, how does it run?

First of all, it uses the native camera of smartphones where you can quickly pull out the phone, scan the food, and get instant results.

  • Food Freshness Checker App
  • Foodkeeper App

27. Wear OS Apps

The smartwatch market is expanding globally and has held a 16.2 percent share of the overall wearable market in 2018 and growing more by 2020.

Right from a fitness tracker to running down the city, you can map out everything right on your wrist just with one click. With these Wear OS Apps, you can digitize your wallet, scan the code, and sync your phone with the wearable.

Some of the top-rated Wear OS Applications are-

  • Infinity Loop – Best App to Play Game at Wrist
  • Lifesum – Diet Plan, Macro Calculator & Food Diary
  • Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk
  • Citymapper Subway, Bus & Train Live Transit Times
  • Google Fit Health and Activity Tracking

convert your ideas into reality

28. Custom-cake ordering app

Do you want a party cake or anniversary or just sweet truth? Are you a diabetic person? Want to custom cake with the theme, color, or ingredients? This is possible through the custom cake ordering app.

This is one of the great app ideas for startups where you can hire the iPhone app development Company to create the app for your business. It is the best chance to improve the visibility of your brand and attract new customers widely.

A few of the custom cake ordering apps are-

  • CakeFizz – Online Cake Delivery
  • Winni – Cake, Flowers & Gifts Delivery India
  • Cake Hub – Online Cake Delivery
  • Bakingo: Cake Delivery

29. Call blocker app

Are you tired of unwanted calls, messages and spam numbers? Looking for some privacy? Well, you must have heard about the Call blocker app. Through these apps, you can automatically reject unwanted calls and add them to the blacklist to avoid these spam.

Some of the top call blocker apps are –

  • Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker
  • Call Blocker – block incoming and outgoing calls
  • Call Control – Call Blocker
  • Call Blocker UK – Block & report unwanted calls

30. Ride Sharing App

Did you know the concept of ride sharing or apps? Well, this is the real-time car sharing app where the users can list out where they are going and send the message publicly. If any other user is going the same way, they can share the ride.

The cost of the distance would be split into two parts or as per the users. Isn’t that a great idea? Since the number of commuters and travelers are growing heftily, the requirement for such a kind of application is paramount.

Have you ever tried this?

Some of the ride sharing apps are –

  • Uber (iOS/Android)
  • Lyft (iOS/Android)
  • CURB (iOS/Android)
  • WINGZ (iOS/Android)

31. Language Translation App

Language is one of the major concerns when communicating with a different cultural group or understanding the spoken or written words behind the product or at the pamphlet.

Thanks to these language translation apps that let you speak the words and the app will translate them in real-time. Isn’t that so smart and efficient?

Language Translation App

You can hire developers to develop a similar application that helps you to monetize productively. Since businesses are going global, it has become inevitable to adapt to the cross culture language and establish a strong market foot.

On another note, the requirement of translation services is also reaching heights where these apps help in transcreating the document by simplifying the technical jargons.

Few of the language-translation apps are-

  • Google Translate
  • TextGrabber
  • TripLingo – Best App for Voice translator
  • Waygo – Best App for Image Recognition

32. Charity Donation App

You have lots of food to give to the needy, but how to contact them? Where to find it? How to bridge the link between these two parties?

Thanks to the charity donation app that helps you to immediately donate the food, clothes, or kind with just one click.

This app includes a list of charity groups that are connected with the people in need in respective localities. All you need to do is download the app and contact them.

Thus, the demand for charity donation applications is ever-growing. If you are looking for some great start-up ideas, you can get started with this.

Charity donation apps are-


33. GST Return Filing App

The world is going digital and so are the income statements and financial reports. Through these applications, you can maintain a report of all your income and expenses, assets and liabilities, profits and losses, overheads, and others.

At the end of the financial year, or quarterly, or monthly, you can calculate the liability with just one click and make a statement for your GST return.

Best GST Return Filing Apps are-

  • GST Return Filing, Rate Finder, e-Way bill
  • Deloitte India GST Connect
  • GST Helpline
  • India GST Pro
  • DCI DigiGuide

34. Smart Alarm App

A Smart Alarm App is one of the best things that you can add to your phone.

Here, you can customize your alarm tone, write the message, add the reminder or notes, and type the most important or motivating quote that you want to see first when waking up.

A few smartphones already have an in-built Smart Alarm App, but, if you want some more options with an advance feature.

check out the list below –

  • Rise Alarm Clock
  • Alarm Clock for Me
  • Timely

Try these apps now! These are the remarkable Android app ideas for beginners.

35. Decorating app

Are you looking for some decoration ideas or web service startups? Do you have some special occasion? Well, you can grab some unique ideas for decorating your living room or arranging the party in your bedroom.

With the dozens of decorating apps using Augmented Reality, you can find out which decoration, theme or color would go perfect. As well, you can match and finalize the color of curtains, doormats and furniture.

Now, you don’t have to hire any decoration team for any event. Download these apps and get started-

  • MagicPlan: Create a floor plan from your phone
  • DécorMatters: Design a room using AR
  • Art.com: Add some art to your walls

36. Seasonal food app

Don’t know what seasonal food to eat? Or where to find the best seasonal food? These seasonal food apps have literally saved you.

And most importantly, through these apps, you can find the best product in any respective season with a detailed description of where it is grown and cultivated.

All you need to do is select the state, mention the product you want, set the reminder, and let the app work. Isn’t that so easy and satisfying?


Some of the seasonal food apps example is-

  • Seasonal Food Guide – A Free Seasonal Food Almanac
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Eat Seasonably – Free Food Calendar
  • Foodstalk (NY Residents Only)

37. Barter trade app

Is there an app for barter trade? Really? Yes, you can exchange the unwanted items super fast with just one click.

This kind of application lets you barter your books, goods, inventory and others during your spare time, quite easier and faster.

Few of the Barter Trade apps are-

  • Trampa – Barter Trade App
  • Letgo
  • BarterUnit
  • Swop.it

Want to create an app like this? Don’t know the Mobile App Development Cost? Contact us and we’ll explain to you in detail considering the features and technological framework.

38. Police Scanner Apps

Have you ever used any of the police scanner apps?

These apps keep you up to date with any crime that takes place. Well, not all the apps are legal to use because people download them for social entertainment.

Police Scanner Apps are-

  • Broadcastify Police Scanner
  • Scanner 911
  • Police Scanner X
  • Police Scanner
  • Scanner Radio

39. Send Gift App

Do you want to send a gift to your partner, soul mate, friends, or any?

If yes, you can download these apps and surprise them with your customized gift options. So, when you forget someone’s birthday or want to present an anniversary gift, this could be the best choice though you are located at a distance.

Some of the gifting sending apps are-

  • 1-800-Flowers
  • Drizly
  • Giftagram
  • Giftster

40. Freelancing App

Are you a freelancer? Looking for some freelancing services? Or want to hire a freelancer? Yes, this app can help you.

The freelancing industry is growing widely and has open multiple opportunities that show a sharp uptick in the coming years. So, this could be a potential idea to monetize.


Source: freelancer

Some of the freelancing apps are-

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer.com
  • Guru
  • Reddit

41. Digital CV/Resume App

Don’t you want to invest time in preparing a CV? Yes, it takes a lot of time in adjusting the theme, font, and designs to represent it professionally. Therefore, with these Digital CV/Resume Apps you just have to enter your details and download the document.

You get your CV ready in two minutes or less than that! Also, each individual will have their own unique ID. Thus, you can share the CV number with any employer to check your updated CV. No need to carry it along with you!

A few of the Digital CV/Resume Apps are –

  • Resume builder app CV Maker Curriculum vitae Free
  • Resume Maker CV Builder
  • Resume Builder App with PDF Downloader

42. Musician Hub

Musician Hub is one of the most unique ideas for startups where you can find your other band members that meet your requirements.

Here, you will find the members belonging to your community where you can hire any and form as a part of any event.

Some of the Musician Hub Apps are –

  • Musician’s Practice Hub
  • Musician – Metronome, Tuner, & Piano
  • BandMix

43. Find the Song App

Yes, you have a separate application to find the old to new songs in sync with the specific artist. Through this app, you can quickly get the link to download the songs and prepare your favorite playlist as per your mood.

  • Shazam
  • Sound Cloud
  • Spotify
  • Samsung Music

44. Immediate Invites

Did you decide to throw an awesome birthday day? Or a new office party? How to quickly inform the guest? Is this possible?

Yes. With the immediate invites app, you can quickly draft the message and share it with your respective members as a text message.

You can customize the theme, colors, pictures, and many more as per the event you want to organize. No technical or designing knowledge is required.

  • Invitd – Invitation Maker App for Text Messages
  • nooi – The Invite App
  • Invitation Maker: Create Online Invitations with RSVP Tracking
  • Twingle: Invitations & RSVP

45. Smart Receipt

Smart Receipt is the ideal concept to create the receipt and download it from your mailbox. No need to waste the paper! This app will ease you to send it to the respective parties with no additional hassle.

It also allows you to review the past receipts and maintain the record for any kind of retrospection.

Thus, create, track, organize, and export the data to PDF or ZIP File with a quick easy step. Try it now!

Some of the apps for smart receipt are –

  • Smart Receipts
  • Receipt Scanner
  • CostPocket – scan receipts and invoices   
  • Foreceipt – Receipt Scanner Expense Tracker Cloud

46. Find a Tutor

Are you looking for a tutor for any specific subject? But, seems hard to find?

Have you downloaded the Find a Tutor App?

Through this app, you can find the most suitable tutor in your locality and hire them as per the ratings and reviews shared. Simply download and sign up to get started.


  • Wyzant – Find Expert Tutors
  • Tutor Finder
  • Tutor Around: Tutor Finder App
  • Ostathee – Online Tutor Finding App

The Best Mobile App ideas To Make Money 2024 – The Conclusion

These are the best mobile app ideas that you can try for your next best project. All of these applications have a wider market and large scope of improvement, potentially strong enough to contribute to the larger market share.

So, if you have a business and want to take it online through these unique app ideas, we can help you here.

Info Stans is the most leading Web Development and Mobile App Development Company in India, USA, and UK that has developed millions of applications in multiple industries vertical. 

You just have to connect with our support team and book an appointment. We will let you know the expected time and cost for your project and discuss the future of your business.

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Intermittent Fasting app, secret texting app, Dating apps, Wear OS and many more.
  • Start working on your app design
  • look for some prototyping tools and wireframing concepts
  • Hire developers to create and test the app making it compatible across multiple platforms
  • start promoting
  • By focusing on the subset of the market (Niche creation)
  • Positioning with your uniquely offered features
  • Creating personalization with your app
  • In-app purchase
  • Advertising
  • Subscriptions
  • Freemium Upsell
  • Depends on the complexity of the app, selection of plugins and feature, type of business and selection of framework.

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