10+ Best Apps For Couples | Improve Couples Relationship

Are you spending too much time on Candy Crush and less on your partner?

Wait. Get your hands still there.

Because companies are pacing with the latest trends and technology and have successfully developed cute couple apps to add fun and humor to relationships.

The usage of mobile applications has quadrupled and as a result, couple and date idea applications are winning the market and audience with their unique set of fundamentals.


Matchmaking is the forerunner industry that brought millions of funds to the market. Top of that, best Apps For Couples are flourishing these days with an additive element of couple q&A, erotic activities and quizzes, and much more.

A healthy relationship requires mutual effort, love, care, time, and yes, some creative elements to grow and make your bond stronger than before. Looking toward the growing market of Date Ideas App for Couples, companies are launching the best relationship apps to ignite a sense of excitement and provide an avenue of communication for new couples.


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‘Dating applications are everywhere.’

‘Relationship applications are what comes next to that.’

What are the Advantages of using a couple applications?

  • Couple applications allow partners in communicating, and stream videos and movies together even during long-distance relationships.
  • It gives you multiple reasons to express your love and feelings in the most creative way through stickers, emojis, fun activities, and more.
  • Sync and schedule plans and budgets and get a reminder for special occasions and events.

Best apps for couples

Here we have discussed a list of 10+ Best Apps For Couples for improving couple relationships and strengthening their bond-

1. Lovewick


Lovewick is one of the Best Apps For Couples that help partners in knowing each other rekindling the spark in their relationship. This application has some question cards like-

“What’s your favorite food?”

“What’s your favorite picnic spot?”

Such questions come with unique prompts. It gives creative ideas to the couple and often spices up their sexual life.

‘Forget – me – nots’ is a separate section where you and your partner can fill in this unique information so that you can understand more about each other.  You can also find sex games in the couples app store. This will give you new ideas for erotic pleasure.


  • This couple messaging app offers exciting stickers and emojis for chatting and discussion
  • You can make a wishlist of trips, dates, and more

Download: Lovewick for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Intimately Us

Intimately Us

Intimately Us is the best relationship apps for couples that will add an element of fun and humor to your normal routine. Such an application offers daily love challenges to couples with free flirty invites to send each other.

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  • Give erotic ideas for bedroom games
  • Offers 300+ couple quizzes that help couples to know each other

Download: iOS and Android

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3. Between App

Between - Private Couples App

Between App is the best app to find couple where two of you can engage with each other privately. You can create GIFs from your selfies and cute emojis from your pictures. In fact, such GIFs and emojis are quite easy to use for a regular texting conversation.

You can also sketch a cute picture of each other. This Couples Relationship application has a cute countdown to special events and days, so it’s a chance to get excited about the celebration.

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  • Enhance private conversations with attractive emoji and stickers
  • Make plans ahead with shared calendar

Download: Android | iOS

4. Honi App


Honi App is one of the best apps for married couples where you can reward each other for completing 500 challenges. Here you get coupons in the form of rewards – both cash and kind. So, what’s given in the coupon?? Excited to know?

  • Couple massaging
  • Taking your partner out to eat
  • Watching a movie together on Netflix
  • Dinner Date
  • Couple Tattoo

And, and, guess what? You can create your own coupon and put it into the marketplace for others. In fact, you can create your own dares and play them with your partner by using the Best Apps For Couples.

Did we mention that you can save a timeline of memories that you have created together by giving dares, playing games, and more?


  • Discover new ways to surprise your partner
  • Use coupons with your points to plan your next outing

Download: iOS

5. Goodbudget – Track Your Expenses, Together


Wondering…how Goodbudget can fall into the list of Best Apps For Couples?

Every relationship demands gifts, dinner dates, outings, and weekend plans. And for that, you must track your expenses and save well to thoroughly enjoy every moment without looking back at expenses.

So, basically, Goodbudget is an application for tracking your expenses where you can save together and merge your finances with your partner. It is rightly said that a relationship with 50-50 shared expenses holds the highest honor.

All you have to do is sync your devices with this application and then track every penny spend and pay off within the app records.


  • Sync your data and share your budget
  • Plan your budget before spending

Download: Android | iOS

6. DateNight – Date Ideas App for Couples


DateNight is the best relationship apps for couples who are dating each other for quite a long. Now, when you are dating for so long, you often get bored by going to the same place again and again.

So if you are looking for some new and exciting date night ideas, try using this couples app now! Here, you will find the perfect date night idea where you can sort categories based on time, date, occasion, and budget.


  • Users can submit their own date night ideas
  • Reviews are available for date night plans. Read and take your decision
  • Easy to sort and filter ideas for your special day

Download: Android | iOS

7. Lovedays – Days counter and widget app for Couples


Distance makes the heart fonder. And, sometimes when you add a reminder for little things or big occasions, your heart won’t forget or become anxious due to distance. Owing to the latest technology, you can now bookmark your days and anniversaries and grow your love more with such little reminders.

This is one of the most ideal Apps for Long Distance Relationship Partners. It keeps counting the days when you have been together and simultaneously reminds you of any upcoming event or occasion.


  • This app has a D-day counter. Here you can check how long both of them have been with each other.
  • You can use the D-day calculator for calculating the upcoming date and important events or the couple’s next meeting.

Download: Android 

8. Rave – Best App for Watching Videos Together


When did you last watch a movie or video together?

Are you in a long-distance relationship?

This is one of the most popularly used apps for couples long-distance.

So this is an app for couples to connect over long distances. Couples can watch a movie together, stream videos, and feel as if they are watching their favorite shows together. This Relationship Applications for Couples lets you chat and discuss things in real-time.

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Download: Android | iOS


  • Stream videos from Viki, Netflix, YouTube, Reddit, and more
  • Users can create their own music and mashups through RaveDJ
  • You can connect with your friends on Android and iOS and even in virtual reality

9. 1800Flowers – Best App to Find Couple Gifts & Flowers


Hey, are you planning to give flowers to your partners?

Want to surprise your loved ones with a bouquet of flowers or gifts for a special achievement?

Use 1800Flowers App now! You can send flowers and gifts all across the United States and even in 195+ different countries. Check out the delivery status from your email and

You are required to pick the best flowers for your partner and 1800Flower will handle the rest. You can easily check the delivery status from your email with just one click.


  • Send gifts and flowers all across the globe
  • Track your order and delivery status

Download: Android | iOS

10. Lasting: Marriage Health

lasting marriage

This is one of the top-rated Apps for Married Couples that help them to work on their relationship goals and objectives on a deeper mission. This is basically a therapy application for couples that strengthen their bond and improve their understanding and grows in love with each other.

No need to spend heavily on therapy sessions or counseling batches. Download the best relationship apps for couples for free. It includes five sessions that revolve around the basics of how to keep your relationship healthy.


  • Relationship reminders, Conversation starters, and Single sessions are free
  • Find sessions on emotional connection and bonding, sexual connection, money, trust, and communication

Download: Android | iOS

11. Winnie – Activities App for Married Couples with Kids


The next phase of a relationship starts when you become pregnant. And while raising kids, you can’t miss on your love life and simultaneously you have to win and give love to your kids as well.

However, due to a busy schedule, it sometimes becomes difficult to find good activities with your kids. Try using this app. Winnie is a free app for couples and kids that help them get advice on parenting and find activities for creating engagement with their child.

Through this application, you can locate daycare centers and babysitters too for spending some alone time.


  • Explore new and creative kid-friendly parenting activities
  • Find family-friendly places like restaurants, local parks, gaming zone
  • Give and receive genuine advice on pregnancy and parenting by joining a community

Download: Android | iOS

The Final Words

The market for cute apps for couples and sex games for couples app stores is showing a sharp uptick. This idea is giving immense opportunities for businesses to grow and flourish their online presence. So, if you are interested in developing the Best Apps For Couples, call us now!

Info Stans is a trusted mobile app development company that designs and develops fun relationship apps for couples as per their request.

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