10 Best Mobile App Builders Free & Paid – No Code App Builder


Do you have an amazing application idea? But, no clue how to create a mobile app for free?

Here’s Good News for you!

You can develop mobile applications on your own with no code mobile app builder free.

No Coding Required. No Experience Required. 

With a small investment and a limited time period, you can design, develop and market your mobile apps with some customization. 

Let’s discuss more in detail about mobile app builders -:

What are app builders?

Mobile app builders are online mobile development tools that help users in developing applications without any coding experience. Users can easily add their desired features with a drag-and-drop option and design a user-access format with the same ease as filling in an online form.

Typically, app builders are the best options for simple applications as there are limited options available for customization and innovation. However, if hiring a professional app developer seems expensive for you, you can at least get started with app builders. 

How app builders can easy your task? 

So where it takes weeks and several months to develop a full-fledged mobile application, these app builders can shorten your development cycle.

All you have to do is leverage the power of easy-to-use tools and develop a high-performing app effectively that contributes to brand building. This can help you drive user acquisition and strengthen your targeted demographics. 

From choosing the Best Mobile App Development Platform to brainstorming an app idea to get started with requirement analysis, wireframing, prototyping, designing, development, testing, and deployment – this looks quite challenging for a non-coder.

So, with app builders, you don’t have to get technically involved. Just use simple tools, define your required features, use interaction format, and more to build your own app. 

How can I benefit from mobile app builders?

Do you know?

Currently, there are more than 6 billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide. India, China, and the United States have the highest no of smartphone users. Owing to the technological revolution, the demand for mobile applications is growing incessantly, year by year which recalls the need for mobile app builders. 

If you don’t have a mobile app for your business, use app builder to maximize the success of your business. The customer engagement and retention ratio will be greater than before, guaranteed. 

As discussed earlier, you don’t have to code anything and can use in-app features to start monetizing from the app. But, wait…..

How to monetize from app development? 


You just developed your app, it’s time to find new ways to market your brand and start monetizing. Here’s a quick glance at How To Make Money From Apps and create repeat customers -: 

  • In-app Mobile Advertising 
  • Interstitial Ads to Grow eCPM 
  • Freemium Subscriptions to Drive Conversions
  • Premium subscription for stable revenue 
  • Affiliate Marketing

So, what do you think? App Builders are worthy of investment or not?

Pros of App Builders:

  • App builders are quite cost-effective compared to hiring professionals 
  • You have complete control of your app development process’s lifecycle 
  • You can independently change and tweak your application 
  • There’s drag and drop option to edit and customize your template  
  • The best part is – you can publish your app onto the respective App store 

Cons of App Builders:

  • App builders have limited features and integration and lack of innovation 
  • Limited template designs are available that can make your app look ‘me too’ 
  • Using any 3rd party platform can increase of risk of important data loss or leakage
  • It’s quite challenging to keep your app and features updated with app builders 

10+ Best Mobile App Builders free and paid 2023

Compare the best free and paid mobile app builders in 2023 and find the right one for your needs.

1. GoodBarber – Eye Candy


GoodBarber – Eye Candy is the most popular mobile app builder that offers impressive themes and unique features like – in-app chatting, social networking, Geofencing, and iBeacons. 

  • You can get this application on your mobile or desktop browsers for $25 a month (Standard plan)
  • Add a native Android & iOS (iPad and iPhone) app for $50 per month (Premium plan)
  • The Pro plan at $96 offers more storage, push notifications, and staff accounts

Click here to check out Goodbarber’s full pricing here and use this free app builder for iPhone.

Goodbarber is rich with beautiful templates and offers an impeccable user experience. This also offers some trending features like push notifications, chat functionality, and a few more add-ons for e-commerce or business, or shopping app. 

Hire iPhone App Development for developing a professional business application! 

2. Siberian CMS – Open Source App Building


Siberian CMS is the best app builder that gives you the complete source code of the application. However, you will have to install this on your own domain. This app builder is quite cost-effective as you can develop your app for free. 

However, if you lack technical knowledge, then you will have to pay 59€ for installing this platform. It shares with you an extensive range of extra modules like – an appointment add-on, Whatsapp like chat function, tax service, or any classified feature for easy app development. 

The Monthly Subscription Plans are -: 

  • The Multi App Edition costs you €349 one-time fee to create an unlimited apply if you host it yourself
  • It will cost you €79/month if Siberian hosts it for you

Check out Reseller plans in the Platform Edition.

Siberian CMS offers several customization options and layouts. You can develop a professional app in free versions. This platform has one-of-a-kind add-ons and features that you’ll hardly find with any other app builder. 

Try this mobile app builder for free!

3. Shoutem – The Apple of App Builders


Founded in 2011, Shoutem is one of the amazing mobile app builders that let users develop applications without a single line of code. This platform has been completely updated into the new V5 ensuring the convenience of usage. Moreover, it offers loads of customization options with templates and makes your app look extremely unique. 

  • The pricing starts at $59/month (Android plan) per month
  • Choose the $99 Standard plan to publish on iOS
  • The professional plan starts at $189/month with extra storage of up to 10GB & advanced extensions 

4. Swiftic (formerly Como) – The Swiss Army Knife of App Creators


Founded in 2010 in Israel, Swiftic is among the leading app builder that claims to have developed 1 million+ applications all around the world.

Users can explore a wide range of building blocks and loyalty card features, user reviews and testimonials, events, appointment scheduling integration, and more. 

Swiftic charges monthly ($57), yearly ($48), or bi-yearly ($41) for app building. 

You can leverage Swiftic’s 6-Month Success Guarantee which gives you 6 months of free validity if your app doesn’t bring meaningful results to your business.

 An extensive range of features and designs for app building is definitely a plus. This platform has a very well laid out editor that’s easy to use and convenient to manage. 

5. AppInstitute – More Than Meets the EyeAppinstitute

AppInstitute is the best free no-code app builder that makes an application for your business in no minutes. This is the largest app builder in the UK and has won several startup awards and accolades. It offers a highly customizable catalog menu, full brand control, a calendar and booking system, excellent e-commerce features, and loyalty options. 

How to use this platform? 

  • Pick a Template 
  • Design your app 
  • Customize content & tweak designs
  • Publish on the respective app store 

Charges are $42 a month for PWA and Android apps and $66 a month to publish to iOS. This comes with basic push notifications and app analytics. Try this mobile app builder with no code!

6. AppMySite


AppMySite is an all-inclusive online free app builder that enables users to develop premium mobile applications within a few minutes. You can even create feature-rich enterprise-grade native and web view applications for different industry verticals. 

This platform is connected to your website. So you can transfer the data and automate synchronization between the app and website with just one click. Now, save hours of effort in transferring your data and enjoy a hassle-free app developed at your fingertips. 

The pricing plans include – 

  • Starts from ₹199/per month for Website to App
  • Starts from ₹199/per month for WordPress to App
  • Starts from ₹399/per month for WooCommerce to App 
  • Starts from ₹199/per month Custom App

If you want to build a SaaS-based application for your business, call us now for Enterprise Mobile App Development!

7. Appy Pie


Appy Pie is the leading mobile app builder in the market as it gives newcomers a chance to create an application on their own. Moreover, it hosts a unique set of templates, features and design options, and tools that let you – up upload eBooks, add ads, in-app purchases,s and in-app messaging. 

From startups to small-scale and medium-sized businesses can choose this app builder without any coding experience. It offers an exhaustive list of ‘How to’ tutorials that make users easy to understand – adding value to their customer service significantly. 

You can start with a free trial and purchase pricing plans later. 

  • Charges ₹6990 per app per year in the basic plan
  • Charges ₹9990 per app per year in the Gold plan backed with premium features
  • Charges ₹15,990 per app per year in the Platinum plan backed with iOS App Support 

8. Jotform Apps


Jotform application is a free mobile app builder where you can develop apps for business without coding. You can add widgets products, forms, and your branding elements by leveraging customization options through the drag-and-drop feature. Users can download your business application for tablet, smartphone, or computer versions. 

Surprisingly you can create an application by sharing a QR Code with the help of the best QR Code generator. This gives you insight into how many people have downloaded your application through this medium.

Moreover, with the Jotform application you can access a variety of free templates which can be customized uniquely to your needs and requirement.

So, whether you are starting a small business, seeking feedback from customers, or developing a company portal, Jotform Apps has every possible feature that can help you achieve your goals.

9. AppMachine


AppMachine is another easy-to-use app builder that makes your app development process smooth, and seamless ensuring a quicker time to market. Almost, 200,000 apps have been made with AppMachine to date. 

This platform offers two different pricing plans –

  • Plus at $49 a month 
    • Pro at $69 a month

The editor offers quite visually appealing and aesthetic designs. All you have to do is choose the template, select the design elements and fonts, and add your branding colors and elements to make your mobile app unique. 

Some of the popular features are -Ad support, Push notifications, Location-based services, E-commerce options, RSS feed options, and Social Media Integration.

10. iBuildApp


iBuildApp is one of the easiest mobile app builders with drag and drop feature that offers a unique range of templates with built-in CMS. Some of the latest marketing tools and options make your app looks professional. 

Moreover, the intuitive interface of iBuildApp is quite convenient for inexperienced users to develop fully functional applications in just a few minutes. Yes, you can count on this platform for a faster loading time. Before purchasing any plans, you can get started with the app development process. 

Try this app builder for free.

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Popular FAQ

In the free version, you’ll have basic and limited features. With premium plans and packages, you can have access to professional tools and features.
Mobile app development costs vary as per the features and templates, app builders you choose, the technology used, and the team of professionals involved.
Some of the mobile applications that cater to a larger mobile app market are gaming, AR/VR, dating, entertainment, delivery, and more.
  • Get your idea on paper
  • Build a Native app or a PWA
  • Create an app with the best app builder with no code
  • Test on different iOS and Android platforms
  • Improve and deploy your app on respective app stores
  • In-app Mobile Advertising
  • Interstitial Ads to Grow eCPM
  • Freemium Subscriptions to Drive Conversions
  • Premium Subscription for Stable Revenue
  • Affiliate Marketing

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