10+ Best Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2024


The growth and opportunities behind mobile application development are increasing exponentially. However, with the ever growing trends, the demand for mobile app framework also shows a smart uptick by overcoming the complex steps of coding.

For instance, if you are running low on time and resources, cross platform app development frameworks could be the one stop solution since it requires a single code base.

On the other hand, there are a few other frameworks that heavily stress upon UI components and improving a user experience significantly.

“What are the best frameworks for developing cross platform mobile apps?”

What is the future of mobile development?” 

“Which is a better iOS framework and android app development framework?”

Struggling with all these questions? Well, your search ends here. 

Here we have discussed the 10+ Best Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2024 uncovering the latest features and functions

Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2024

Check these best mobile app development frameworks and gain enormous popularity in your business niche –

1.  React Native


React Native is one of the most popular mobile development frameworks that build Android and iOS applications with a higher performance. This platform has a faster development and deployment cycle giving an opportunity to add latest functions for a seamless flow.   

Besides that, it provides a core set of platform-agnostic native components like Images, Views and Text without compromising the UI building block.

It also offers integration with third party plugins, and reusable components for delivering an impeccable performance.

A few of the applications build with React Native are-

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • UberEats
  • Airbnb

2. Xamarin


When it comes to cross platform mobile framework, Xamarin should not be missed. Founded in 2011 and acquired by Microsoft, Xamarin is an open source platform that builds applications with native features.

Since it uses C# languages and shares a common code, therefore, it requires limited time and cost for developing the app. You can also download Xamarin from Visual Studio which serves as a bonus.

Besides being a Microsoft partner, it extends the .NET dev platform with libraries and tools for creating applications with Android, watchOS, tvOS, Windows and macOS.

It wins the game with native look and feel, rapid development and its compatibility element across multiple platforms.

Some of the applications build with mobile app development framework –

  • UPS mobile app
  • Microsoft News App
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Outback Steakhouse

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3. PhoneGap


With the augmentation of PhoneGap, it eradicates the use of complex languages like Swift for iOS and Java for Android.

PhoneGap is a cross-platform application development framework that employs HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript depending on different platform devices.

Developers use Cordova plugins to make use of the device capabilities like GPS, accelerometer, camera, sound and others for delivering a native like experience to a user.

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Some of the applications build with PhoneGap are –

  • TripCase
  • Wikipedia
  • Buildr
  • Health Tap

4. Appcelerator Titanium


Titanium, developed by Appcelerator Inc, it is one of the best mobile framework  that build mobile applications across all the platforms. With its rich set of independent APIs, it has become one stop solution that avoids working with any libraries or any software.

This is a JavaScript Based SDK framework that permits 90% reusability of code. In turn, it reduces the development time and cost.

Moreover, such a javascript mobile framework comes with multiple UI Components to deliver a seamless user experience.

Besides that, it provides features for API Management, live app review and holds a faster development cycle.

Applications build with jQuery Mobile are –

  • Family Dollar
  • MIT
  • Blackbaud
  • Comerica

5. Flutter


Launched by Google, Flutter is an open source and one of the best mobile app development frameworks. It comes with an excellent UI framework that gives a vibrant impression to your mobile application.

This mobile UI framework is developer friendly and with drag and drop feature it offers a wider support to the developers to build mobile applications. So, for eye popping animations, material designs and intuitive widgets, Flutter is the best choice for mobile app developers.

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A few of the famous applications built with Flutter are-

  • Google Ads
  • Cryptograph
  • Alibaba

6. Ionic

Ionic-App-FrameworksIonic is one of the most recognized hybrid app development frameworks that utilized HTML5 in developing applications for both Android and iOS versions. If you have limited time to market your application, Ionic could be the ideal choice for your business.

Based on AngularJS, this is the best hybrid app framework for fast application development with a great UI experience. Also, with CSS and JavaScript, it also provides mobile optimised components as well as native APIs using Cordova and Ionic Native.

Some of the applications build with Ionic are –

  • MarketWatch
  • JustWatch
  • Pacifica
  • Instant Pot

7. Framework

Frameworks7Did you know Framework7 makes a great tool for prototyping?

Framework7 is the cross-platform mobile app development framework that helps developers in creating a compatible application with Android, iOS and Desktop delivering a fully-fledged look and feel.

This native app framework is open source and provides additional support for Vue.js, Svelte and React. It comes with a stunning set of UI elements inclusive of incredible features like- action sheet, popup, layout grid, list view, side panels and many others.

Paired with a rich ecosystem of icons, templates and plugins, Framework7 offers easier customization, several UI widgets, ease of maintenance, and more that altogether improve the performance of a mobile application.

Some of the applications build with Framework7 –

  • Kidoverse
  • Wappler

8. Monaca

Monoca-FrameworksMonaca is the best framework for app development that creates HTML5 hybrid applications with Apache Cordova with its comprehensive cloud-powered mobile app development tools and services.

One of the important features of Monaca is that it is a cloud-based IDE that gives a complete freedom to use Monaca without worrying over the installation process. Secondly, it is integrated with Onsen UI that serves as a powerful tool for mobile app development.

Additionally, it comes up with an additional JavaScript debugging that brings a supreme experience to the users with an error-free performance.

Some of the applications build with Monaca –

  • Drive2Chat
  • SmartEat
  • Asics shoe finder

9. Mobile Angular UI

Angular-UI-FrameworksAre you looking for a fully responsive and powerful mobile web app framework? Mobile Angular UI could be the great choice. As an open source Mobile ui framework, it offers various UI components like scrollable, overlays, sidebars, navbars and others for providing a scalable user interface.

Besides that, it also supports overthrow.js and fastclick.js for creating rich experiences. Mobile Angular UI is quite light weighted and does not require additional support for adding jQuery dependencies

Moreover, it retains most of the Bootstrap 3 syntax and therefore it becomes convenient for converting an existing desktop or web app to mobile.

Some of the applications build with Mobile Angular UI are –

  • Zaobao Mobile Website
  • iKeyBox
  • Hotelier News

10. Corona SDK

Corna-FrameworkDo you know Corona SDK is 10x quicker in comparison to other mobile application framework for android and iOS? Supported by Lua, Corona SDK is quite a lightweight programming language that offers flexibility, convenience of usage and a remarkable speed in developing applications.

As a cross platform, it ideally works for game developing within the Desktop System and Mobile devices. So, if you want to code at a blazing without compromising on quality standards, Corona SDK could be perfect for your requirement.

Here, you can test the end products instantly without any kind of additional hassle. Thus, it provides real time testing, top notch visuals, wide variety of plugins and more for an optimal performance.

Applications build with Corona SDK are –

  • Beasts Battle 2
  • Zip Zap
  • Designer City

What are the best mobile app development frameworks?

The world is going digital and now it’s hard time to get on board for your app development process. Needless to say, it is bound to improve and enlarge your business across multiple platforms.

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