12+ Best Reddit App of Android & iOS in 2023


Do you want to create a strong, tight knit community?

Want to know what problems your customers are facing?

Do you want to improve your customer service?

Best Reddit app is here to help you with the ultimate brand development. Through Reddit, you can maintain a customer, understand their requirements clearly and deliver what they are exactly looking for. Let’s know about this app in detail. 

What is Reddit app?

Reddit is one of the most popular social news sharing platforms. It is built among users’ permissible links, comments, posts, pictures and text which everyone can vote on.

This website is divided into smaller communities into diverse verticals like – entertainment, fashion, technology, sports, web development, and more, known as subreddits. These subreddits have their own themes, rules and discipline and expectation.

Powered by features, you can discover breaking news, funny jokes, meme material, viral videos and more and share it easily. Search for reddit ios games within an infinite scroll of content streams for endless entertainment and fun.

Download this app and get the best of what really interests you! This App idea will definitely help you build your brand community and funnel the customers with questions into the right channels to get resolved.

Here we have discussed some of the best apps reddit with Android and iOS versions. Check out now and explore some of the best and most unique features.

Best Reddit App in 2023

1. BeaconReader

BeaconReader is one of the best app for reddit that comes close to the web version of the platform. It features background themes, material design interface, color coded comment threads and more to make it look real and welcoming.

It comes with some of the view rated features like –

  • Down vote or up vote topic feature
  • Send and view messages with single touch
  • View karma and others
  • Allows light and dark theme for enhancing reading convenience

Besides all, it supports moderator tools, allows for a multi account support and has a pretty decent search bar for advanced filtering options.

Available at: iOS and Android

Price: Free / $1.99

2. Boost for Reddit

As per the users, Boost for Reddit is the best android reddit app. However this app isn’t as popular as other Reddit apps, but for people who use this, it is. This app comes with a ton of features and combines functionality with the design. From material designs, seamless widget support, in app media previews, filtering to switching per sub reddit, this app is quite useful.

Do you know it offers an app customization option too? Yes, you can change or modify the size, typography or color combination as per your preferences by subreddit.

Any recent update? Well, you can make polls visible on post, upload multiple images and more.

What’s something unique here? Boost for Reddit supports a home screen widget. So, now you won’t have to miss on something latest.

Available at: Android

Price: Free / Up to $10.00

 3. Relay for Reddit

Are you looking for one of the best reddit apps for android with a pretty decent and simple user interface? Relay for Reddit is here to win the show. However, it has limited customization options.

This app lets you change layouts and can’t help with the iOS version. You can explore moderator features, avail multi account support, inline media previews and more for the best experience.

Moreover, it will let you flip between an article and comments swiping with no hassle. So what are you waiting for? Download now!

Available at: Android

Price: Free / $2.99

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4. Slide for Reddit

Slide for Reddit is a fast, ad free, feature rich and open source app. It offers a broad range of features for power users with sleek design information for a smooth performance.

However the learning curve is a little steeper. But once you have gone through that learning phase, there’s no coming back. You will get addicted to this app.

Best feature? It autoplays the videos in the subreddit views and comment section. So, now, you can watch videos effortlessly without having to leave comments.

Another best feature is – it supports offline viewing where you have lost your internet connection.

Available: Android and iOS

Price: Free/$4.99

5. Infinity for Reddit

Besides being the best reddit app, it is completely free. Infinity for Reddit is a scroller reddit app that comes with lazy mode, meaning, it facilitates auto scrolling wherein you don’t have to use your thumb to enjoy the content.

Secondly, you can instantaneously switch to different accounts with a strong multi account support. Coming to the design point, the Infinity app has a simple and compact design that supports light and dark themes for improving readability.

Available at: Android

Price: Free

6. Joey for Reddit

Joey for Reddit is known to be the best reddit app that allows you to download videos from applications and hide posts which you’ve already read.

And the best feature of this best reddit mobile app is text to speech. Say it through a mic and search for what you want. Seems so interesting? Give it a try.

Another distinctive feature is auto hide read posts where one can never see the post twice so you can enjoy fresh content every time you open the app.

Available at: Android

Price: Free/ $19.99

7. Apollo for Reddit

Apollo for Reddit is the best ios reddit app that has simple yet centric designs that feels right at home. Undoubtedly, it comes with a wide range of features like-

  • Theme customization
  • Change the icons, enlarging or compacting the post
  • 3D Touch support
  • Face ID / Touch ID / Passcode lock
  • GIF scrubbing to go backward and forward in time
  • Full Markdown rendering
  • Safari View Controller for browsing articles and links

You can download this app now!

Available at: iOS

Price: Free/$4.99

8. Redreader

Redreader is a free and open source best reddit app android. It is simple and easy to use for browsing what’s trending on the list as a whole. Apart from that, Redreader is known for its readability feature that enhances the experience of users.

 This app comes with an advanced cache management system that automatically stores the past versions of posts and comments. Some of the additional features of Redreader app are-

  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Two-column tablet mode
  • Night mode (i.e. a dark theme)
  • Swipe posts and comments left and right to perform customizable actions

 Available at: Android

Price: Free

9. Reddit (official app)

 Reddit is the official app that includes comments, posting, subreddit management, Reddit Gold support and some more additional features.

Whether you are into sports or entertainment, looking for breaking news, TV fan theories or any, there’s a community for every niche at Reddit. So explore your interests and connect with people in your field.

You can ask and answer questions that you are too afraid to ask in public. Also, have Live video streams, chats, and talks for endless networking and community building.

Available at: Android

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year

10. Narwhal for Reddit

Narwhal is known as the best iphone reddit app because it is fast and smooth with performance. This gesture based application gives you a seamless experience to see a link and its comments at the same time.

Secondly, you just have to do typing and swiping at this app. You can unlock the in app function in order to explore the additional features.

So what are you waiting for? This best reddit app ios is incredibly fast. Go and download now to avail the latest features.

Available at: iOS

Price: Free/$3.99

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11. Now for Reddit

Now is the best reddit app android which is quite easy to use and comes with a beautiful interface. This app doesn’t contain much of the complex features and functions which minimizes the chances of app crash.

This app also lets the users save, vote, comment, hide and share the Reddit content easily without any sort of hassle.

Some of the top rated features are –

  • Supports reddit gold features
  • Browse Imgur photos, GIFs and funny memes
  • Great text editor for typing comments
  • Save images and GIFs for offline viewing

 Available at: Android

Price: Free/$3.99

12. Sync for Reddit

Sync for Reddit is the full feature best reddit app android that provides users the best and up to date experience. It comes with beautiful material activity transitions and also recommends subreddits based on your top viewed subreddits.

Besides that, you can share the same experience with video, image, and self text previews while using this best reddit app.

Explore some of the unique features-

  • It has color coded comments for quick scanning
  • You can send messages to other users and receive notifications of incoming messages
  • It offers full spoiler support for popular subreddits

Available at: Android

Price: Free/$4.99

13. Reddit Is Fun

Reddit is Fun (RIF) is the best reddit app that combines the traditional features and puts them into the modern app design and interfaces for the best user experience.

This is one of the best apps among reddit that offers endless support for any file, theming options, seamless widget support, moderator tools and more.

 Available at: Android

Price: Free

Popular FAQ

1. What is the best Reddit app for android?

Beacon for reddit, Relay for reddit, Boost for reddit and some more are some of the best reddit app.

2. How does the reddit app work?

Reddit is a social news platform that lets you post whatever you want on your message board. Users will read, upvote, or comment on your content for further discussion.

3. What are the benefits of reddit apps?

  • Encourages user submission
  • Helps you in building a network
  • Create a community to hear and interact

4. Which Reddit app do you use and why?

Slide, Sync, Now, and Official reddit apps are great reddit apps. These apps have a simple interface and offer a ton of features with an option for customization.

5. What’s the best Reddit app for iPhone?

Narwhal for reddit, Slide for Reddit, BeaconReader for reddit and more are some of the best apps reddit for the iPhone.


If you are looking to build an app for your business growth, define your goals and start using these best reddit apps. Here people from all over the world comment, post and chat about anything related to the subreddit topics. This is one of the best chances to know your customer and strengthen your audience.

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