10+ Best ride sharing apps of 2023


Back when you were a kid where your parents must have told a ‘big no’ to get into a car with strangers. Things have changed now. Time flies. Today technologies and its immense impact have shaken the world with some of the ‘ever thought’ executions – ride sharing apps.


The value of the ride sharing market is estimated to be USD 61.3 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 218.0 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 19.87%.

The concept of ride sharing apps has found some concrete and logical solutions to commute problems like – expensive fares, rude drivers, shortage of drivers during an emergency, lack of safety and security measures, and more.

Isn’t that a powerful market?

So now, are you planning to invest in such a profitable market by developing ride sharing mobile applications?

Before that, let’s understand the concept of rideshare in detail-

What is rideshare?

Ride sharing or ride hailing is a service that arranges one-way transportation on short notice with any stranger covering the route. This is an environmentally and economically sustainable service that organizes a ride with a group of people who are catching up on the same route.

Plus Points: Saves money. Reduce carbon footprint.

So, if you are planning for a startup or a strong workable business idea, do consider the concept of ride hailing service. You may find it difficult to compete with the market leader, but, just for your information, small businesses have made a big splash in ride sharing market.

However, if you are still planning and objecting to competing with big ride hailing services like Ola, or Lyft, try to map their strategies and service offerings.

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Best ride sharing application of 2023

Here we have discussed 10+ best ride sharing applications of 2023. Read this out to learn and understand their move from a business perspective-

1. BlaBlaCar: Carpooling and Bus


BlaBlaCar is one of the best ride sharing apps that lets you save your travel cost.

Got some empty seats? Use this app now! You can find a car to carpool and then share a ride with the one who is covering your route.

Share fare expenses. Get good company throughout your route.


  • Find a carpool or a bus
  • Verified profiles
  • Choose the no. of passengers to add
  • Accept and carpool together

Download: Android | iOS

2. Uber


Uber is one of the most popular rideshare apps that can be availed of 24/7. With its reliability and popularity, Uber has increased its footsteps in over 630 cities across the globe and has a pool of over 7 million drivers.

Uber is among the best rideshare apps that ensure convenience while carpooling the users. It offers an array of payment gateways like – Credit, Cash on demand, PayPal, Android pay, Amazon pay, and more. This is one of the cheapest rideshare app and offers incredible service to the users.

Besides, the app is designed with a clear interface and smooth navigation to delight the user experience at its best. All you have to do is enter the pickup and drop-up destination and track the driver and the route.

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  • Request a ride, anytime anywhere
  • Fare split option
  • Sync meetings using Calendar Shortcuts
  • See price estimates

Download: Android | iOS

3. LYFT: Your Friend with a Car


Looking for the safest ride sharing app? Try Lyft once!

Based in San Francisco, Lyft is one of the top rated ride sharing apps that operate In hundreds of cities all across North America.

Is Lyft cheaper than uber? Have you compared the prices?

Lyft has branded itself differently in comparison to Uber. However, there is a thin line difference between the two. Uber branded its services as “your personal driver” while Lyft proudly calls itself as “your friend with a car”. Both differentiate based on different cultures to create a unique positioning into the minds of users. 

Lyft drivers offer personalized services more than uber drivers. For instance, Lyft drivers chat more and with a friendly nature, passengers choose to take the front seat. For uber, the conversation has not been emphasized much.

So if you ask – Who wins the audience? Roughly, it’s Lyft that wins more loyal customers.


  • Comprehensive background check of the drivers
  • Ensures quick pick up and drop request
  • Liability insurance from the company’s side
  • Ride receipt overview

Download: Android | iOS

4. GoKid: Carpool for Kids


Gokid is one of the best ride sharing apps that make life easier for busy parents. This carpool planner app can be used for camps, sports, school, and more. Here you have the confidence of knowing who is driving the car.

Just set up a carpool with the families you know and can count on. Headquartered in New York City and operates in 25+ countries.


  • It has trusted circles – No paid drivers
  • Offers route optimization where you can plot the optimal pickup and drop
  • Gives you an auto reminder when it’s your turn to drive
  • Offers in–app messaging for adding notes to your carpool trips

Download: Android | iOS

5. Curb: Value added ride


Curb is another excellent popular ride service that deals majorly in value added services and electronic payment transactions. Being the #1 Taxi App in the US, it connects you to over 50,000 taxis with the tap of a button. Curb doesn’t add surge pricing.

Here the passengers have the utmost comfort of a backseat monitor for complete entertainment and calculating the fare of the same. Type ride share near me and avail its services for reserving the tables and more.

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  • This app has an option of wheelchair-accessible vehicle
  • You can book a cab in advance too
  • Connect with fully insured and licensed drivers
  • Book on demand with an upfront fare

Download: Android | iOS

6. Flywheel: Dedicated ridesharing


Flywheel is a must-try ride-sharing app that ensures convenience by giving you complete information about your cab, driver and estimated time of arrival (ETA). The best part about using this share ride app is that it works with professional and local drivers after a background check.

Most popular in San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, and Sacramento. Hire mobile app developer now to develop one of the best rideshare apps.


  • Pay automatically from your smartphones
  • Track the location of your driver
  • You get a notification when the cab arrives

Download: Android | iOS

7. Waze Carpool: Best for rideshare near me


Waze Carpool is among the top rated ride sharing apps where you can easily plan your rides and match them with your commutes. It saves your money and also gives momentum to the environment. Moreover, this application will help you to travel faster by getting quicker riders to your destination.


  • You can schedule your trips for week and track through reminders
  • Find rides that are closest to you – no more waiting
  • This app has a clean interface and ensures  a quick response time

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Download: Android

8. Heetch


Heetch is a professional and friendly ride sharing app. This is one of the best rideshare apps for drivers that pay drivers the best and hence assure quality services for them.

Here, you can avoid costly fares and can travel conveniently with minimum spending. So whenever public transit lets you down, find Heetch by your side. It clearly displays price estimates before booking your drive and offers you both card and cash payment.


  • Order your ride in just 2 minutes
  • Professional drivers are available 24*7
  • Share your location in real-time

Download: Android | iOS

9. Via: The smaller alternative


Via is one of the best rideshare apps for drivers that gives a signing bonus for drivers up to $400. This application takes only 10% commission fee from drivers in comparison to Uber’s commission option. It charges 25% fee from drivers.

Via runs in partnership with various local companies. As a result, it becomes quite convenient for the users to book a ride and get connected with drivers instantly. This initiative helps in reducing the carbon foot giving sustainable benefits to nature.


  • Affordable and comfortable
  • Available for real time customer support
  • Offers corner-to-corner pickups ensuring a quick commute

Download: Android | iOS

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10. Ola: Rideshare & Car Rentals


Are you looking for luxury rentals or rideshare? Try the Ola app now!

Ola is one of the top rideshare apps that offer an array of rideshare options to users. This Indian-based car riding application delivers services all over the world and holds a strong presence in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

You can choose Ola for cheaper rides too. This app is also known as the best long distance rideshare app especially when you want to travel out of town.


  • In cab entertainment options are available
  • Offers roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance facility for renters

Download: Android | iOS

11. PinkCab Driver


PinkCab Driver is among the best female rideshare apps that offer cab hailing services for women and children only. This app is quite simple and easy to use and doesn’t involve any technical nooks.

Users can quickly book their rides and choose the passengers whom they want. Moreover, it ensures a cleaner interface and easy navigation to delight the experience users. All security and privacy are aptly taken care of by a PinkCab Driver here!


  • Track the location of your driver
  • In app chat with the driver
  • Get the invoice at the end of the ride

Download: Android | iOS

The Final Words

Thus, the ride sharing apps have created an impact with their quick booking, ride hailing, and drop off convenience features. A lot of taxi companies have also adopted this concept and launched taxi applications to pace up with technology and win the market share.

So if you are looking from an innovative angle to upscale your business model, build a smooth functioning ride sharing application now! Info Stans is just one call away to help you through your app building journey.

 Popular FAQ

Ola, Via, GoKid, Lyft and more are the best ride sharing apps that you must try.
You cannot request a female driver. However, you can cancel the ride or withdraw from your booking if you are not comfortable with the driver in charge.
Besides eliminating vehicle emissions and reducing traffic congestion, ride sharing apps keep passengers up to date with the car’s location, ETA, and can plan their journey with anyone they want to.
The rates of both applications vary as per the location, traffic and distance while hailing a stranger. For the best experience, you can compare the rates as per your pick up and drop in requirements.

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