12+ Best Wear OS Apps For Your Android Smartwatch in 2024

Wearable Technology trends are flourishing at a breakneck. It has changed lifestyles than before with seamless operational efficiency.

However, the market for Global Wearable Technology is expected to grow by 17.66% over the forecast period (2019-2024). It is connected to LTE, Bluetooth, and a 3D range of networks for continuous notification.

This is an exponential opportunity to bring your business online on the wrist and grow it desirably. So, if your target audience is youngsters, then you must surely connect with the Android App Development Company.

Let your application shine out with the smartwatch to deliver digital experiences to users in an innovative manner. Since the changes and updates are revolving on a regular basis, it has eased lives right from staying fit to managing the wallets and keeping reminders for a meeting.

With these best smartwatch apps, various industry verticals are using this to serve with just one click. Here we have discussed the best Wear OS apps that are hitting the trend and winning the customers. Have a look!

Best Wear OS apps for your Android Smartwatch in 2024:

Here goes the list of top Android wear apps!

#1: Parking

Parking is one of the best apps for smartwatches that helps you in remembering where you parked the car. This is the little hand application that shows a small icon of a car. You have to tap and login.

Now, when it comes to finding your car, you can know the exact location by pinching the icon in Google Maps. All you need is to download the Parking App to avoid the hassle of recognizing where you last parked.

Interesting Features:

  • Automatically gives notification
  • Easy to find the locations with user architecture
  • Shows you the entire parking history
  • Gives a feasible parking option

Download this and give it a try. No need to remember the location. The parking App will help you the best!

#2: Google Keep

Worrying about how to jot down notes immediately at the spark of the moment? Did you try Google Keep? It is one of the best wear OS Apps that helps you to plan your next meeting and set a reminder to avoid missing deadlines. And, you can record notes at any time anywhere, even, in the middle of the conversion. That’s the smartest benefit! 

Interesting Features:

  • Say ‘OK Google’ and dictate your thoughts instantly
  • Add pictures, videos, voice command for retrieval
  • Easy to connect with iOS and Android platforms
  • Notes collected are sync with the cloud. No data loss is possible
  • If created long length notes, you’ve search option.

#3: AccuWeather

AccuWeather is a free weather forecasting app developed for Android. It provides an accurate information regarding the flow of winds and temperature updates varying as per the locations. This is the best android wearable that is light weighted and gives you hourly weather updates.

Do you know AccuWeather has a signature feature- MinuteCast? It gives you information regarding-

  • Minute-by-minute forecast
  • Gives the precipitation warning
  • Shows the intensity of climate
  • Provides the longest-ranging forecast

AccuWeather follows Google Maps API and sends notifications with radar weather maps. With the UV index, sunset and sunrise timings, and wind speed, you can know the real temperature to plan your vacation!

#4: Wear Casts

Wear Casts is the best app for android wear 2.0 where you can plug in podcasts anywhere and at any time. You just need to download the app and start the podcast on your watch using Bluetooth earphones.

It gives a manual option to auto-download and load the next episode to keep you engaged. Now, stream your favorite podcast without your mobile!

Interesting features:

  • You can prepare a custom playlist
  • Control playback speed
  • Offers search directory
  • Inbuilt download and save options
  • Send notifications for the next best episodes

#5: Brings!

It’s always difficult to manage and remember the long-lined grocery list. Wondering how to smartly solve this? So, have you tried the ‘Brings!’ application?

This is an advanced shopping list app where you can create, modify, delete, and share your grocery lists with the others using smartwatches. No need to slide in and out of your mobile phones. It reminds you before your grocery gets replenished.

Interesting Features:

  • Follows a voice transcription functionality
  • Cleaner and uncluttered arrangement of shopping items
  • Suitable for iOS and Android wear app
  • Easy to understand the labels and icons
  • Run loyalty cards for delightful payment options

#6: Sleep as Android

A kick start morning is the result of sound and serene sleep. Use ‘Sleep as Android’ – the best fitness apps for android wear that goes beyond tracking your sleep.

Besides that, it comes with an advanced feature REM (Rapid Eye Movement) to track whether you were fully asleep or partly awake.

Also, it has a lucid dreaming mode to know the sleep pattern and intensity of sleeping through snoring detection.

All these require a connection with smartphones as well as pairing with a watches.

Must-known Features

  • Trace the entire sleep cycle
  • Track the minor movements when asleep
  • Support with sleep talk recording and anti-snoring
  • Supports Mi Bands, Pebble, Tizen, best Wear OS apps

#7: Water Drink Reminder

Water is an essential source to stay fit and healthy. Due to a busy schedule, it becomes difficult to count the number of glasses drank. So, here comes ‘Water Drink Reminder’- a Google fit android wear app that automatically generates a reminder on watch to drink the water.

However, it suggests the amount of water, based on your weight and height to maintain sodium level. But, make sure you add the glass to the app to get better fitness results. So, no chance to miss the sip throughout the day!

The Healthy Features:

  • Shows graphs and logs based on glass added
  • Customize the time for a reminder
  • Send motivating reminders to take another glass
  • Default slurping noise to notify the intake

#8: Google Maps

Google Maps is an ideal app for best google wear watch that navigates the direction and gives traffic info on your wrist. No need to pocket out the phone and check the maps.

Interesting Features:

  • Get a full list of turn by turn location
  • Light-weighted and handy
  • Works even when your phone is locked
  • Facilitates route planning and traveling
  • Gives a 360street view on the wrist

#9: Hole19

Hole19 is the golf range finding and score tracking android watch applications that give the length of information on your wrist. This is a high-tech best wear OS Apps offering 40,000+ courses with amazing social features.

It comes with a high-resolution graphics and a user-friendly interface to pinpoint with the advanced features for a delightful gaming experience.

Interesting features:

  • Digital statistics of performance
  • Distance tracking
  • HCP Simulator to pattern the shots
  • Add the notes for course management

#10: Stocard

Stocard is the best wear OS Apps that redefines your shopping experience with scalable features. It is the one-stop solution to store all your loyalty cards in one single application to receive discounts and rewards.

This is the must-have android wear apps that minimize the queue and aid the cashier to scan the watch and collect the payment. You can Hire Android App Developer who will assist in integrating Stocard with the smartwatch.

Interesting Features

  • Double-tap the barcode to open scanning
  • Browse for the exciting offers
  • Maintain all your loyalty cards into one app

#11: Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is the best smartwatch apps facilitating text messenger with the utmost convenience. This keeps your networks in touch by using the most advanced features and functions.

You can mute or snooze the notifications to avoid distractions at the smartwatch. Also, with end-to-end encryption, it maintains the safety and security of the messages exchanged. 

Interesting Features:

  • Enables in sharing all kind of media
  • Gives complete accessibility from anywhere
  • Designed beautifully for great user experience 
  • One can stop the spammers 
  • Easy to restore and manage backup

#12: Calm Application

Do you know, smartwatch helps with the meditation? Well, yes, Calm App is ideally designed to lessen the stress level and boost your immunity naturally. 

You can have access to Android ad iOS platforms where it sends daily mindfulness quotes for a relaxed starting. 

It offers ad-free meditation to strengthen your concentration and develop gratitude. The calm app follows a daily 10-min program to ease your routine and entire a better and stress-less sleep.

Interesting features:

  • Improve mental stability 
  • 7 and 21-day programs for both beginner and advanced users
  • Exclusive music to pamper your mind and heart 
  • World-renowned experts are involved with the relaxation process 

#13: Calculator for Wear OS

The calculator for Wear OS is super simple and easy to use. You just need to install the application on smartwatch to calculate the amount under the wrist. 

The buttons are clearly visible and easy to operate. However, the layout and color scheme is appealing to eye with regular font size. So, click, open, and start performing a scientific calculation in no time. 

The best features:

  • Facilitates Voice recognition to perform an operation
  • Keep a record of past calculations 
  • This is an easy and useful application

#14: Healthy Recipes

Now get healthy recipes on hand with just one click. No need to rely only on mobile phones and tablets. 

However, it is very difficult to operate and re-check the number of ingredients with messy hands. And this makes your gadget junky. However, with the ‘Healthy Recipes’ app, you will get the directions on screen. 

Thus Smartwatch era has brought innovative changes to your daily lives. It has simplified cooking and other tasks in just one go. 


  • Display pictures for clarity 
  • Has unlimited offline usage 
  • Easy to share the recipes to your friends and family
  • The search option to directly have access to a one-such recipe
  • Give detailed nutritional information for every recipe cooked 

The Bottom Line

Thus, the above mentioned are the top Android wear apps for the best Android watch 2024. They have revolutionized and digitalized the way of going beyond conventional technology. 

It facilitates the transmission of data via a wireless connection to ease your routine with a progressive report. From routine workouts to the tracking of sound sleep, everything is accessible. 

However, if you wish to connect your mobile application with the smartwatch, contact Info Stans – A leading Wearable App Development Company now! 

Yes, smartwatches can make and answer the calls right from the wrist.
Yes, there are few watches that work without a phone.
  • It improves your personality
  • Goes beyond using smartphones
  • Easy and convenient access
From the android wear app list, the best Wear OS watch are Google Keep, Parking, AccuWeather, Brings!, etc..
Yes, wearing a google smartwatch is safe and not likely to harm your mental or physical health.

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