10 Best Web Development Frameworks in 2024

Best Web Development Frameworks

In application development, time to market is very important. Besides that, choosing the best web framework still ranks first because it aids in improving your app performance.

This guide will introduce you to the Best Web Development Frameworks of front end and back end helping your web applications to improve your conversion ratio.

Let’s discuss in detail-

What are Web Frameworks?

Web Development Framework offers a set of tools in building scalable and robust web applications to automate the common task of coding and development. It offers code snippets, prewritten components and entire app templates that ease the work for web developers.

Explain Front End vs Back End Framework in Difference Table

Front End Frameworks Backend Frameworks
It is the part of the website users can see and interact with GUI and command line The backend of an app refers to the background functioning of the web application which users cannot see and interact
Offers pre-written code snippets, reusable templates and manage user interactions. Offers user authorization, data manipulation, privacy encryptions, for connecting front end to backend.
Also known as client side framework Also known as server side framework
Languages used for the front end are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, etc. Languages used for back end are Java, Ruby, Python, .Net, etc.
Involves UI UX designing, scalability, SEO optimisation, and create reusable templates Involves data management system, strong security standards, routing, designing site architecture and server handling

Top 10 Best Web Development Frameworks in 2024

Start Exploring the best web development frameworks in 2024 and find the right framework for your needs.

1. React

React is the best framework for web development that has gained tremendous popularity in the web development industry vertical. It is an open source JavaScript library that was the first to adopt the component-based architecture. Developers use this web development frameworks in building interactive user interfaces for a seamless frontend development.

Best for: Try React for building single page applications or web based applications.


  • It can bundle frontend code into components
  • It’s virtual DOM makes the manipulation much faster, and it’s quite easy to pick up
  • React is easy to learn, quite flexible and SEO friendly
  • Easy to organize code and make it more reusable
  • Flow of information is unidirectional that eliminates the chances of errors and can be debug easily

Some of the powerful web applications developed with React are Salesforce, Netflix, Dropbox, Flipboard and Asana.

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2. Angular

Angular is among the best front end web development frameworks that specializes in building rich Single-Page applications. It offers robust features and functions that motivate the developers to work with client side and cross platform frameworks.

It contains directives, controllers, libraries and other components that makes it harder to learn as compared to other frameworks. Our Hire angular js developer will definitely help you here!

Best for: You can try this best frontend framework for building enterprise level applications.


  •  Promotes consistency by using TypeScript, HTML and CSS
  •  Reduces development time by using boilerplate coding
  •  Encourages code reusability and improves the performance of application
  •  Simplifies the testing development and testing process

Some of the popular web applications developed with Angular are PayPal, Microsoft Xbox, UpWork and Forbes.

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3. Vue JS

Vue JS is the most popular web development framework based on MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture. This front end framework is the lightweight framework and has numerous tools and features for creating functional user interfaces. Such a progressive framework will also help you to build frontend applications.

It was created by Google in 2014 as an alternative to React and Angular for developing single page applications (SPAs).

Best for: You can use this framework for building single page applications and user interfaces for progressive web applications.


  • Vue JS Is lightweight and can be downloaded and installed easily
  • Easy to integrate this framework as a module into existing application
  • Offers two way data binding that means any changes made into UI will impact the data and vice versa

Some of the applications built with Vue JS are Gitlab, 9GAG, Chess, Netlify, Behance and more.

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4. Ember JS

Ember is the best web development frameworks for ambitious web developers. It is considered as the most productive open source JavaScript framework that utilize MVVM paradigm. This is the best framework for web development that create maintainable and reusable web applications. It contains CSS and HTML at the core of the development model. Most importantly, you can use this for implementing JS best practices and designing mobile and desktop applications.

Best for: You can use this framework for building single page applications and dynamic client applications

Some of the popular applications built using this framework are Intercom, LinkedIn, DigitalOcean, Apple and more.


  • It offers two way data binding and fulfill the growing demand for contemporary technologies
  • Ember Inspector – a tool that helps in debugging applications
  • It is backward compatible and works flawlessly with new updates

5. JQuery

JQuery, being the oldest player, is still thriving as the best framework for web development. It is an open source and lightweight JavaScript library that helps developers in building robust applications that are easy to maintain and convenient to use.

This is a small, fast and feature rich framework that simplifies event handling, CSS animations and Ajax calls that will make your web page more interactive and attractive.

One more thing – do you know JQuery extensively supports SEO friendly practices too?

Best For: You can use this framework for building feature rich, animation laid and AJAX supported interactive web applications.

Companies like Google, IBM, Facebook and WordPress are using JQuery for web application development.


  • Easy to select DOM elements. Traverse the elements and modify the content with JQuery at a single click.
  • It shortens and simplifies the process of binding and unbinding the event handlers.
  • Get a wide range of plugins for enhancing JQuery with functions like data grids, XSTL, XML and others. It makes web development easy.

6. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is the most popular backend frameworks that supports usage of complex algorithms. It is one of the oldest web development frameworks that includes powerful libraries and tools emphasizing on software engineering patterns and paradigms like DRY, CoC and other active record patterns.

Best for: You can try this framework for building cloud based applications, high speed apps that have everything required to build a database driven application.

Some of the popular applications built using this framework are Groupon, Airbnb, Slidesahre, Fiverr, Basecamp, Hulu, and GitHub.


  • With Ruby on Rails, you can develop applications 10x faster than other java frameworks
  • It is based on MVC frameworks that ensure speedy development and automation enabled functions
  • Facilitates and promotes using web standards for data transfer and CSS, HTML and JavaScript for smooth user interaction

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7. Django

Django is the most popular web frameworks that has an extremely high demand among developers and businesses. It is gaining popularity because Django is easy for developing complex and highly scalable applications.

Being one of the best backend frameworks, it can effectively maintain all the backend operations and uses the concept of code reusability and follows MVT architecture for developing apps at a faster pace.

 Best for: You can use this framework for building API features like naïve GraphQL integration and designing complex and large business projects.


  • Code reusability feature makes your web application robust and highly scalable and can handle any traffic demand
  • Here you can build any type of website or news sites or any social networking platforms and even content management systems
  • Django applications are SEO-friendly. These are quite easy to optimize especially when it comes to maintaining through IP processes and URL

Some of the popular applications developed using this framework are Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, The Washington Post, BitBucket and more.

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8. Laravel

Laravel is a popular website frameworks that allows you to quickly build solutions utilizing PHP. It is the popular open source backend framework that helps you in easy debugging of applications. Such a best web framework offers expressive, elegant syntax that enables developers to be creative and flexible while managing the backend operations. The best part about Laravel is that it makes your updated website fun and simple by adding versatile features and functions.

 Best for: You can use this framework for building web applications for small and medium sized companies and large multi million dollar companies

Some of the popular applications built using this framework are Watchseries, Laracasts, Deltanet Travel, Neighbourhood Lender, and MyRank.


  • It is conform to MVC architecture that makes web application development process quick and scalable – aiding better performance
  • Includes built in object relation manager with PHP Active Record implementation so users can query database without writing any SQL code
  • It follows salted passwords and hashed methods for maintaining security standards


ASP.NET is the best framework for web development that keeps up with the latest trends and technologies. Introduced in 2016 that entices businesses and developers with its scalable, flexible and high performing features.

Best for: You can use this framework for building dynamic web applications for mobile devices and PCs.

Some of the popular applications built using this framework are DELL, TacoBell, GoDaddy, Stack Overflow, MarketWatch, and Visual Studio.


  • It has excellent support for utilizing asynchronous programming patterns that makes app performance faster
  • It ensures first class support for WebSockets to continue long running connections and communicate back and forth with the browser

10. Express

Express.js is quickly becoming one of the most trending web frameworks now-a-days. It is an open source, lightweight backend framework used to build mobile applications, web applications and APIs.

Best for: Use this framework for creating multi-page, single-page, and hybrid web applications


  • It has a good caching potential to reduce the loading time of a website by eliminating the need for executing code repeatedly.
  • Makes debugging, and routing convenient that lets you figure out and solve web apps containing bugs.

Some of the popular applications built using this framework are Myntra, PayPal, Accenture, Freecodecamp and Coursera.

So, Which PHP Framework to Choose in 2024?

Popular FAQ

Determine your requirements, type of features and plugins, hosting requirements, technologies needed and more. Contact Info Stans now to discuss more and work on your dream project!
  • Usage Context
  • Software pattern
  • Ease of installation
  • Hosting requirements
  • Availability of core features and plugins
Angular, Express.js and .Net are some of the best frameworks for enterprise applications.
  • It makes easier the Development Process
  • Reduces the length of code
  • Reinforces security
  • Improves the performance
  • Eases debugging and ensures significant app maintenance

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