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Hey, are you a budding entrepreneur?

Looking for some new mobile app development ideas?

Have you tried Celebrity look alike applications?

Celebrity Look Alike Apps are raging in popularity and gaining fad in the app development industry. Such applications are leveraged with AI and ML led facial recognition technology – hair look, facial features and skin color and match you with your celebrity doppelganger. It offers amazing features and celebs that are awe inspiring.

According to Statista, the U.S. has become one of the top rated countries for penetrating into social media networks. As per the data collected and insights drawn, 223 million Americans post pictures on social media, like and comment on content by others, or send private messages and this figure is expected to hit 243 million by 2025.

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How Do Celebrity Look-Alike Apps Work?

Find my look alike celebrity application is one of the most trending things with the mobile application development industry. Apart from youngsters, every age group is interestingly trying its features to know which are those actors that look alike them.

Various free celebrity look alike generators or applications are available on Playstore and iOS. But, one question, how do these celebrity look alike apps work?

Step 1: Open the application. Take a selfie or upload the picture from your gallery

Step 2: After uploading a picture, the system will detect, discover and analyze the picture and conduct a comparative analysis with the large database of celebrities

Step 3: After analyzing and scrutinizing, the system interface will give you three or more celebrity matches. Kudos! For your new celebrity look.

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New Ideas or features for Celebrity Look-Alike Apps

Are you looking for some of the excellent Mobile app ideas? Wait for no more. Have a look at these new features and hire Info Stans to get it done as desired.

Cartoon effect

Cartoon effects are really trending and winning hearts these days. So, why not develop an app that shows you who you look like celebrity that too with some cartoons? Sounds crazy, isn’t it? Well, these days users are really keen on knowing what cartoon character he looks like, adding a tinge of humor to the app design.

Voice based apps

Voice based applications are hitting the trend in this modern era with voice command technology. Accompanied with this feature, a user will be enabled to speak to the app for selecting the celebrity from the existing collection. Through voice command, one can also upload the pictures to see who is my celebrity look alike.

Explore what celebrity do I look like applications-:

1. Star by face


Star by face is one of the top celebrity look alike apps where the system will detect the face and create a facial pattern. It further counts a few attributes like nose, cheeks, eyebrows, mouth and overall position to suggest similar ones.

Being a celebrity doppelganger application, it contributes crucially in creating a picture the same as the faces of celebrities. Moreover, in this application, thousands of celebrities are available which gives the user a wide range of options too.

In fact, another best part about this celebrity look alike filter is that it allows translations in different languages like Italian, German, Russian, French and Portuguese.

Among all the free celebrity look alike apps, Star by face has simple, clear and cleaner UI interfaces that improve the experience of users with added features and benefits.

Some of the best features of Star by face app are:-

  • This look alike finder is user friendly because of ML advancement
  • Ensures data safety and security with the end result
  • It offers animal look alike identification
  • Freely available
  • This app is super easy and convenient to use with no hassle

Available at: Android and iOS

2.  Gradient: Face Beauty Editor


“Who is my celebrity look alike?”

Gradient is the best Celebrity Look Alike App that comes with amazing features and an incredible user experience. This app has gained immense popularity due to its editing tone that gives users a complete celebrity look at its best. All you have to do is:-

  • Upload your picture
  • Wait for the interface to react with the best celebrity match
  • Download easily

Gradient application was created by a Ukrainian startup several years ago. Earlier this application was known for functionality, later, developers explored the program. They worked over the AI based feature that helps users in analyzing their photo and looking over the counterparts among celebrities.

Some of the best features of Gradient application are-

  • In-built find my celebrity doppelganger feature to find your twins
  • Tons of handcrafted filters and textures are available to completely transform the picture
  • Impeccable AI portraits for celeb looks
  • Provide beauty score estimation with AI led tech tools
  • One-click sharing to different platforms
  • Gives ethnicity estimate to tells where your ancestors came from

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Available at: Android and iOS

3.  Looky – Celebrity look alike


Looky is one of the best celebrity look alike apps iphone that is incredibly easy and convenient to use. It comes with the machine learning algorithm that helps you with the celebrity look resemblance.

All you have to do is click a picture or upload your photo from the gallery, find a match and get your result instantly. This app comes with facial recognition technology that identifies a person by recognizing his face giving the best celebrity match.

Woah! Share your celebrity face match to your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, wherever you’d like!

Some of the best features of Looky app are-

  • Click selfie pictures or pick from gallery
  • Ensures security of personal information
  • Gives you variety of celebrity match

Available at: iOS

4.  Who Do I Look Like App


Have you ever dreamed of knowing if you really look like umm, say, Miss Universe or Miss World? Ahh! Here’s an app that will help you find out the right and best opinion about yourself.

Who Do I Look Like is among the free celebrity look alike apps based on artificial intelligence and resort to machine learning technology. It analyzes the picture of an individual and tells which celebs that look alike. Hire a mobile app developer if you want to develop apps to find your celebrity look alike.

Some of the best features of Who Do I look Like App are:-

  • This application guarantees high recognition accuracy
  • Easy to upload the picture, no more quiz or questions asked
  • Contains a pool of 1000+ database of celebrities

Available at: iOS

5.  Celebrity Twin Face


Do you want to look like a superstar? Like a celebrity, singer, politician, athlete or a writer? Try the Celeb Twin application now!

Celeb Twin is one of the best celebrity look alike apps that let you upload your picture and get options for celebs that look alike. This application renders attractive and high definition images accompanied by a percentage of similarity.

Besides a celebrity filter, such an app boasts a clean interface with the latest algorithm and advanced technology for suggesting the nearest match in the photo.

Some of the best features of Celebrity Twin Face are:-

  • It offers automatic face recognition and face location
  • Easy to share the results with your friends and family
  • This app provides manual eye location as an additional option

Available at: Android

6.  Facer App


Facer App is among the best free celebrity look alike apps that let users discover celebrities you are similar to. This application uses AI-based neural networks using face recognition that gives you options of three celebrities with whom the user has the maximum likeness.

Such an application is in high demand and popularity that offers a powerful database with a picture of thousands of famous personalities at its best.

Some of the best features of Facer App are:-

  • It lets user to tonify yourself
  • Large base of celebrities from all across the globe
  • AI and ML led technology for facial recognition

Available at: Android and iOS

How to Earn from Celebrity Look Alike Apps

The business model of Celebrity look alike apps is quite interesting and worth the investment. Yes, it helps businesses earn revenue out of the free application. Are you wondering, how? Let’s have a look here-


You can earn good revenue by displaying commercials of your application and promoting ads on your space. Opting for affiliate marketing is also a good source of revenue that happens every time when a user clicks on the ad.

Incorporate in-app purchases

Incorporate in-app purchase is one of the best forms of earning out of what celebrity do I look like app. Companies provide add on features and functions with the in-app purchases that often attract the user to get involved into it. This factor often promotes digital money and charges some extra for special or popular celebs.


The subscription feature offers endless fun and entertainment to a user by blocking ads, offering unlimited content for free usage and an exclusive filter that shows celebrity look alike. In fact, you can create one-time or yearly subscription models in connection with your engagement models to lure the users with value offering and improve your revenue source at par.

The Final Words

Developing a what celebrity do i look like application is truly a worthy investment that would help businesses spark their revenue, looking towards the growing trends. So, if you are looking for the best mobile app development company equipped with the right skills and team, call Info Stans now!

Work with us and you won’t regret it ever!

Popular FAQ

Open the celebrity look alike application, upload your picture, let the app interface analyze and finally get your end result. Follow these and find which celebrity are you.
Star by face, celeb twin, facer app, gradient face beauty editor etc.. are some of the best celebrity look alike applications that you must try.
Some of the popular celebrity look alike generator websites are listed below-
  • Pictriev
  • Twinning
  • Popsugar
  • Cinestaan
  • MagiQuiz
The cost of developing what famous person do I look like application often depends on the selection of platform, technologies used, features selected, plugins required, length of time, availability of developers and others.
Call us now to discuss your project and give you a fair estimation for app development.

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