Codeigniter vs Laravel: Which PHP Framework Choose in 2024

Do you want to build your website or application like Flickr, Yahoo, Facebook, or Friendster?

Yes, this is possible. All these are created using the PHP framework.

Over the years, PHP Development has evolved as one of the structural programming languages. It accelerates custom web application development for seamless performance. Besides that, PHP empowers more than 244 million websites offering the most suitable web developing options.

And, when it comes to selecting the best PHP framework, Codeigniter Development and Laravel Development hit the battle. Yes, there have been witnessing debates regarding which one is better – Codeigniter vs Laravel.

However, the selection often depends on the type of project and the selection of features you make. So, it’s better to hire a developer to meet your business needs and create an intuitive web application.

Now, let’s end the discussion and learn the actual difference between the two. Here, we have deeply explained the best web development frameworks and reasons to select from Codeigniter vs Laravel. Stay connected to attain better insight.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source web application PHP framework. It works by using an MVC architectural pattern. Since it is released under the MIT license, the source code of Laravel is hosted on GitHub.

Also, when it comes to tight security, Laravel wins the game. It takes quick action against any sort of security breach.

Along with that, it contributes significantly to performing value-added tasks like Caching, Authentication, Sessions, and Routing.

This will improve the performance of your website and application seamlessly. You can also hire a Laravel development company to build a responsive web application for your brand.

Well, do you know, that Laravel can grow your business in 2024?

“Pfizer, BBC, Crowdcube, Ratio and About You”. All these companies have something in common. They are created using the Laravel framework. Besides that, it supports and allows the highest traffic to your site.

Thus, the demand for Laravel has always been increasing due to its simple, functional, and clear features. It embraced web-related projects from diverse verticals and goes beyond serving IoT projects.

Features of Laravel:

  • It has a schema builder to track all modifications in data migration.
  • It offers 100% authentication – Register. Set Password. Remind Password
  • You can find quality control sessions
  • Log management, HHVM support, and Namespaces
  • Excellent documentation

Latest Laravel Version – Laravel 8

Laravel 8 is the advanced release after fixing maximum errors from the earlier version. It includes a range of reliable and sophisticated features like-

Laravel Jetstream: It has improved the start of any project and UI with login, two-factor authentication, registration, session management, email verification, API support, and others.

Model factory classes: With the latest update, it has improved the relationships between the factories.

Rate-limiting improvements: Laravel 8 has secured the incoming and outgoing functions by offering flexibility with backward compatibility.

Migration Squashing- It empowers you to squash all your migrated files into a single SQL file to improve the performance of the app when testing.

Others – It also includes Time testing helpers, models directory, and dynamic blade components.

What is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter Development is another powerful PHP framework that offers a wide range of out of the box libraries. It is a straightforward toolkit that offers third-party plugins to resolve the complexities with any functionalities.

Here, you have complete freedom to create dynamic apps and sites without depending on the MVC platform. The Codeigniter structure has a super active community and offers terrific support throughout the development process.

Now, get your queries resolved in no time with a swift response.

Features of Codeigniter

  • Extremely simple and light weighted
  • Facilitates data validation and forms
  • Provides Query Builder Database Support
  • It has an image manipulation library
  • Offers a data encryption facility
  • Supports in sending an email, attaching the files, and integrating with multiple protocols

Latest Codeigniter Version – Codeigniter 4

Codeigniter 4 implements the routing feature by releasing the PSR logging standards and PSR 4 auto loading. All these make Codeigniter more powerful and more robust! It includes-

  • This latest version is based on PHP 7.2 compatibility and functionality
  • *intl* extension is a must for installing it on the server
  • To use CURLRequest, you must install lib curl
  • You can use Codeigniter 4 through command-line programs
  • Supports a few databases MySQL (5.1+), SqLite3, and PostgreSQL
  • There are a few extensions that can be enabled on a server- Php-xml, Php-json & others

What is the future scope of Codeigniter? Why Codeigniter won’t die?

From basic to the current version, Codeigniter, a PHP framework ensures visible growth for various businesses due to its swift modification feature.

It has saved reasonable time from coding, making it a plus to running everything through the framework.

Besides that, it has a lower learning curve. Developers can smartly learn and encash the functions with the broad support of an extensive library. Yes, you can create a simple restful API using PHP & Codeigniter.

Codeigniter security is just commendable! Companies currently using Codeigniter Development are Udemy, Gale Healthcare Solutions LLC, Dealer eProcess, Toast, and many others.

After gaining much deeper insight into the rival framework, let’s understand the difference between Laravel and Codeigniter to make the final decision.            

Codeigniter V/S Laravel: Which is the Better PHP Framework?

1. Database Model

Laravel is a relationship object-oriented database model. It stores the data into entities creating a relationship between inter related tables.

Codeigniter is an object oriented database model that stores the data as an object. The main objective is data encapsulation and inheritance.

So, Codeigniter vs Laravel which framework is best for php here?

2. Template Engine

The Laraval stable version comes with an in-built template engine – Blade. It helps you in optimizing the performance of the web application swiftly.

While the latest Codeigniter version doesn’t hold any in-built template engine. Here, the developers need to make use of the most scalable template and configure it for robust app development.

Laravel vs Codeigniter – Which one is ideal for you now?

3. Routing options

Routing refers to defining the path inside the web application. In that case, Laravel, one of the best PHP latest frameworks follows an explicit routing. Simultaneously, it ensures a great deal of flexibility for sending the routing request.

While Codeigniter supports both implicit and explicit routing. However, developers often select Laravel here, since it offers reverse routing options. This speeds up the presentation significantly.

4. Support for RESTful API

RESTful API is a set of rules or a software architectural style that uses HTTP requests for accessing and utilizing the data. It let the programs to communicate with one another.

Laravel empowers developers to create an assortment of REST APIs without deploying additional time.

While the REST API in Codeigniter does not get many rationalizations.

5. HTTPS Support

The Laravel current version gives the flexibility to define and establish custom HTTPs routes. He can create a specific URL for each and every HTTPS route. If you add ‘https:// protocol’, you can secure the data transmission.

In the latest version of Codeigniter, you do not have sufficient support for HTTPS routes. Here, the developers need to pay extra effort in developing the paths and then securing the data transmission.

6. Unit testing support

Laravel comes with an in-built testing tool – PHPUnit. Through this, you can consistently evaluate the application code by following unit testing. It ensures that the app is error free and has fixed the bugs successfully.

On the other side, Codeigniter does not have any built-in unit testing support. As a result, the PHP framework Codeigniter needs to employ an additional tool to check the performance of the app.

7. Modules Integration

As per the Laravel current version, the programmer can divide the project into small modules with the help of bundles. This is possible because Laravel comes with built-in modularity features.

In the case of Codeigniter, the programmer needs to create the modules and maintain them simultaneously through Modular Extension. With Codeigniter, you won’t find any built-in modularity features.

8. Structure and Update

Laravel follows an MVC (Model-View-Controller) that divides the application into three parts. This enables the programmer to focus on a particular aspect of development.

It also offers an integrated command line tool – Artisan to create the skeleton code, database architecture, or for a migration purposes.

Codeigniter has a loose structure. It rests on the object oriented programming language. You will find a quick and easy on-boarding system here.

9. Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM is aligned with implementing the PHP Active Record Pattern. It is super robust and expressive for interacting with the app database.

Here, Laravel supports the Eloquent ORM to achieve the basic level of putting new data and running database inquiries. But, Codeigniter does not have this support but Doctrine Datamapper Gas.

10. Compatibility with other DBMS

A few of the DBMS compatible with Laravel are –

  • JDBC
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • PostgreSQL orientdb

Compatibility of Codeigniter to different DBMS are-

  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Microsoft BI

11. Libraries and Documentation

Laravel offers elaborative, helpful, and knowledge-rich documentation. It is utilized by October CMS and Laracasts.

Codeigniter comes with a plethora of built-in functions for exceptional performance. It is utilized by PyroCMS and the Expression engine.

Codeigniter vs Laravel: Which one is Better?

That’s all for today.

Hope that the above comparison of Laravel and Codeigniter might have helped you! So, to conclude with the final words-

Laravel and Codeigniter both are equally prominent frameworks for PHP development. They have their relevance and benefits in winning the trust and reliability of developers. Both are fair in their way.

For instance, Codeigniter is easy to learn and understand. It is beginner-friendly. While on the other hand, Laravel is a little bit tough to grasp. However, it offers a list of features and functions to simplify your complex problems.

Still, if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us. Info Stans are a trusted PHP Development Company in India and the USA. Our expert developers will assist in selecting the best one for your business.

Call us today to discuss your business!

Popular FAQ

For small projects and clear documentation, Codeigniter is best. If you require a modest and elegant tool kit, Laravel work perfectly. Both are prominent, it depends on what your business demands.
According to Google Trends Report, Laravel wins over Codeigniter in the coding pattern. Also, it develops applications faster with advanced features.
PHP Developers will get your work done in lesser time to deliver an optimum quality app. They will help you with after-development work.
Yes, Codeigniter is quite easier to learn than Laravel, especially for beginners.
SQL injection is the attack made between a query in Codeigniter. It prevents by providing built in libraries and functions.

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