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Looking towards the explosive growth of applications, it has given a boost to the Dating App Development. With no more introduction about what dating apps are, sources claimed that it is bound to surpass $8.4 billion by 2024. 

Lots of dating applications are competing with advanced technologies, racing to drive good traffic to their way by adding security and interactive features. 

If you know, Tinder was the first application to introduce GPS to the app that later on got a bandwagon. So, with every growing feature, companies are trying to increase the users with the same or different strategies. 

Seems interesting? Do you want to become a part of a dating site? Want to create one?

But, are you wondering how to make an app like tinder?

Follow these expert guides 2020 to monetize the app and drive a significant amount of traffic to your way. 

STEP 1: Analysing the Competitive Nature

The market is already flooded with lots of professional dating apps made within SkaDate development. So, you need to evaluate your rivals and track their moves to create a dating app with a stand out impression. 

Figure out, what’s so trending and how you can punch the nail to attract customers to your site. If required, you can download two or three most popular dating app to compare and analyze the potential of your idea. 

Learn what mistakes they are making and how you can avoid them. 

So, with our expert solutions, you won’t end up making the same mistake. Come on, learn in detail to validate your idea, and create one of the successful mobile dating apps.

STEP 2: Testing the Feasibility of your Idea for mobile dating apps

Since you have evaluated your rivals, now test the feasibility or validity of your ideas. 

Well, do you think, are dating apps worth it?

Ok, if you know, 49.7 million Americans have tried online dating. 

More to add, 27% of the committed relationship gets started with dating websites and apps. Ahh! Are you one of them?

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, the US alone has generated approximately $1667 million

To know about Dating websites like tinder, it goes beyond making $1.6 billion by targeting the right audience under the right niche. 

So, looking towards the statistics, you have good chances to create one of the most successful dating apps. Go ahead, with your idea and spark more advancements here.

STEP 3: Understanding the algorithm for profile matching

Not every time algorithm voodoo runs for Dating App Development. It also depends on the interest, behavior, connectivity, and filtered preference of the users. 

As per the research conducted, 64% of the users look for common behavior while 49% of the people get attracted through physical appearance. So, this is how the algorithm flows! 

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence is taking a leap that aims for matching the profiles and creating a connection. 

Isn’t so funny, machines help people find love?

So, AI algorithms contribute to memorizing the profile and suggest members as per the interest level. Besides that, it studies – 

  • Sentiments in communication 
  • Past profile searches 
  • Length of your profile and preferences mentioned 

Understand these algorithms in a better way to act up precisely. With this, you will experience a lesser catfishing while working for Dating App Development.

STEP 4: Focus on security and privacy concerns

Whenever you are looking for Dating App Development, pay attention to majorly on privacy and security issues. So, if you want to make an application like tinder online dating, make sure it is free from fraudulent activities. 

You can always hire Dating App Developer who can deliver an impeccable user experience to your targeted demographics. 

Along with that, if you look after AI, it will minimize the chances of potential risk and scams. User Moderations is also an advanced feature that detects the inappropriate behavior of the users. 

You can deploy this algorithm to spot on the fake profile and maintain security for other respective users.

STEP 5: Add other important features to stand out from the crowd

While working over Dating App Development, you must include interactive features for user engagement. Here, we have discussed a list of a few essential features- 


Geo-Location is of course the most important feature, especially for dating applications. It helps the user in connecting with nearby people.

Push Notifications 

Hey, you got a new notification! Use this feature and let your users know with a new match. Yes, this will increase the engagement and usage rate with the application. 

Push notification is one of the replies to how do dating apps make money, beyond premium models. 

Undo Swipe and like 

While scrolling the app, sometimes you may double-tap the screen. And it gives like to the fellow ones. Thus, code the app with an undo swipe and like options to change the choices. 

The matching engine 

With the matchmaking engine, help your users in getting a partner with a similar objective and interests. You can include in-app messaging as well to chat and get closer to understanding. 

Other Common Features are- 

  • Filtering options
  • Ad-free options 
  • Profile creation- Small Bio, Picture, and Basic info 
  • Login/logout, pause, and blocking features 
  • Free Profile Boost per month

STEP 6: Selection of the most popular programming languages

Now, once you have finalized the theme and features, select the right tech stack to build an app like Tinder. 

Do you know how much does tinder cost? Well, it varies as per the selection of layout and platform on which you want to be developed. 

Ok, Do you know applications like Badoo and Tinder are built using Python, JavaScript, and HTML5?

And, if look after the database specifications, MongoDB and NoSQL hit the race. 

Make sure, you do not forget the payment gateways option. For premium users, go for Paypal, Stripe, or CCAvenue.  

You can always talk to the leading Dating App Development Company to help you select the right framework, technology as well as enhancing features.

STEP 7: Calculation of an expected Cost and Time

Are you wondering how much does it cost to make an app ? Well, it all depends on the selection of features, technological framework, plugins and functions as well as the nature and type of your business. 

So, when you begin with the Dating App Development, prepare a specific budget and allocate as per the selection of theme, layout or platform. 

Simultaneously, estimate the number of hours required for iOS and Android platforms. You must systematically calculate the cost and time for –

  • API Creation and Integration
  • App Designing
  • Bug fixing
  • Testing
  • Successful deployment

In short, it all begins with the right planning. DON’T SKIP.

How to Monetise from Dating Application and Website?

Monetising the dating application is itself a challenge. Well, once you excel, there’s no going back. You will earn exorbitantly out of it. Follow these quick access tricks and give it a try! 

Paid Subscription

Run plans starting from Basic, Pro and Premium. Ask your users to make one-time annual payment subscriptions to keep going on their dating profile. This really works when you create an ideal and profitable plan for both users and your objective. 

In-App Advertising

In-App Advertising is a prominent way of reaching out to the right target users. Run ads and bombard your audience with the best content. Count the clicks and calculate the revenue. It requires a proper allocation of the budget. 

Premium Model 

Freemium is quite successful in attracting users and making them a regular customer. You can give a 14-Day free trial to use the application or then charge fees to explore the premium model. Let the best features, and options stay with the premium plan. This is one of the common yet popular ways for monetizing out of dating applications. 

Partnership – A step ahead 

This is really a unique model for monetizing. You can partner or collaborate with the best cafes, restaurants, gift shops, cinema halls, and coffee shops as a matter of generating revenue. This will deliver your audience with a one-stop solution to customize your gifts and by hand select the place for the first date. 

Some innovative ideas to make money from Dating Application-

Opening storefront and start selling 

It goes beyond partnership and collaboration. You can open and set up your own store front and sell relevant products just like the dropshipping concept. All you need to do is accept the order, connect it with the actual creator, fulfill the shipment requirement, and slide profit into your pocket. Not every company does it. But, you can! 

Selling the expert advice 

Well, who won’t love expert advice when finding love from a crowd? Yes, you can set up a 1:1 consultation giving a platform to your users to strengthen their relationship with the best advice. It will encourage multiple partners where you can monetize from your dating app.

Membership with stickers 

The global market for dating applications is growing 7% to 9% annually, attracting 80% of millennials with attractive and engaging features. Thus, the scope of bringing new and funny stickers can work out for your dating app idea. 

Let your users go for the membership option to impress their partners with a solid digital emoji. Yes, this is super trending. 

Consider these points and start working on these ideas to earn good money by moving towards the right marketing tool. 

The Bottom Line 

Thus, investment in a dating app is really a worthy investment. And, if you know, tinder net worth, you have the evidence. It has improved the security and privacy issues that will enhance the trust of its users. 

Yup, Finding Love is difficult. But, with a dating app, you can get the best partner for your life. Well, 47% of the people have found a romantic partner from a dating application. So, let’s create a UI Friendly application to help users get their perfect match. 

Need advice on how to create a Dating App like Tinder? Contact Info Stans now. We are a trusted Website and Mobile App Development Company. Call us now to book your quote!

Popular FAQ

As discussed, the cost for building a dating app varies from the type of business to the selection of features and layout.
In-App purchases, profile boosting, Ad campaigns, and premium plans are enough to make you good money from dating apps.
  • It improves your communication and networking
  • Often considered as a good youth market for research
  • Branding and Marketing becomes easy
  • You can form interest-based groups
The Matchmaking and dating app industry are the goldmine that is expected to grow 5.1% per year to $3.2 billion by 2020.

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