Developing an On-Demand delivery App like Postmates

Do you want to build the most used food delivery app?

The global online food delivery market has reached a value of US$ 96 Billion in 2019. It is gaining momentum among both consumers and foodservice providers because of its speed, ease, and precision that minimizes the labor expenses and reduces the number of errors significantly.

This shows that the future scope of On Demand Delivery Apps is quite wider, believing the addressable market to reach more than €20 billion by 2025 for a new delivery.

So where are you? Ready to get started on building similar Postmates delivery apps?

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  1. Food delivery app: evaluate an idea
  2. Features to create the most popular apps like Postmates
  3. Challenges in Developing an On Demand Delivery App like Postmates
  4. Revenue Model you can consider for delivery App like Postmates
  5. How Much Does It Cost to build on demand delivery apps?

Features to create the most popular apps like Postmates

With these amazing features, you can improve your food delivery services like Postmates that makes your app a massive success, attracting and retaining clients like never before.

Food Delivery App Features

Check out a few of the must-have features while developing the best food delivery service based application-

# Smart Dashboard

Looking towards the growth in technology, it has become inevitable to create a robust application with the latest features. So, similar to Postmates you must add a smart dashboard to the app to view and manage a plethora of orders, count total sales, collect driver’s details, and no of stores operated. Besides that, this will-

  • Help you to generate report monthly, weekly or yearly
  • Map the journey and track the progress
  • Gives a complete overview of the orders manages just with a single click

# Real Time Delivery Tracking

Do you want to build an on demand delivery app? Well, just like Postmates strategy, make sure you add real time delivery tracking features so customers can easily place and track the order of acceptance. This is internally linked with Google Maps and through this, you can know about the estimated time of arrival.

# AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots – one of the novel technologies nowadays play an imperative role in automating a user interaction without the help of humans. By adding this to your app, customers can question and communicate at any point in time and resolve their general queries smoothly. Yes, it brings a sense of personal touch for the users.

# Multi Payment Gateways

Having multiple payment gateways is one of the best ways to retain customers and increase your profit. An on demand delivery app like Postmates offers multiple default payment methods that improve the user experience and increase the chances of purchase.

# Multilingual Script

You always want to scale your food delivery app like Postmates to reach international heights. Isn’t it? As a result, you need to incorporate multilingual support so it can connect with millions of customers online globally. Setting local to a global language holds greater chances of boosting productivity and attracting new users.

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Challenges in Developing an On Demand Delivery App like Postmates

Every On Demand Delivery App has some or more challenges which you need to consider to overcome while developing any seamless application-

Challenges in Developing an On Demand Delivery App

1. Researching the Targeted Demographics

Before working on any business model, it is crucial to determine the type of targeted demographics, habits, preferences, nature of the market, and degree of competition.

Decide on whether you want to build an app for Restaurant to Customer, or Platform-to-Customer. Select your category and conduct research to bring out the best solutions to your delivery business.

2. Partnering with the Grocery Stores and Restaurants

When starting something, you want customers to know your business to establish your brand identity across the targeted domain. As a result, you must tie-up with some of the reputed or popular restaurants.

For instance, Farmdrop collaborated with the local farms to deliver organic produce that avoids the situation of overstocking. And, you get products at a reasonable price too.  

3. Deciding the Payroll contract of Drivers

To activate your delivery services, you need to decide whether to hire your own fleet of couriers or sign a contract with the freelancers.

Both of these factors have their own pros and cons, but while working with freelancers, you need to be aware of fraudulent practices, legal issues, injuries, or any property damage and their reimbursement policy.

4. Selection of Features and Functions

The selection of features and functions depend on the version you select. For customer based apps you need to add order selection, testimonials, payment options, and others.

While for courier based apps, booking history, delivery status, booking order and others plays out an important role.

Revenue Model you can consider for delivery App like Postmates

Creating an on demand delivery app holds a good source of monetizing since it gives you several options for building an app with the most viable Mobile app design trends. Check out the revenue model to build on demand delivery app for your unique business.


# Delivery Charges Model

This is an imperative model where you need to consider the delivery costs because not all restaurants provide home delivery facilities. As a result, you need to include that based on their request.

However, if you know, multiple personal delivery service apps are earning exorbitantly for handling home on demand delivery services.

# Commission Model

Do you know the Commission Model is the best go-to model for long run app development? Here, you charge a commission from the kitchen houses or restaurants out of partnership for delivering the food to the customer.

You can hire a mobile app developer if you want to generate high revenues through a long term partnership model.

# Premium Subscription Model

Premium Subscription Model is the forerunning concept when developing an app for food delivery. Here, you can segregate the app into two parts – Paid or Premium Version and Free Version. Add several features to the premium account making it completely ad-free. It must deliver a classic user experience so you can significantly monetize out of it.

# Advertising Model

As the name suggests, the Advertising model is apparently a high income-producing concept which you add to build apps like Postmates. It includes placing an ad of eateries or running a short video of food safety and preparations. This is really a good source to earn out of Google Adsense.

# Peak Pricing Model

Various companies like UberEats, Zomato, GrubHub, and others are using a peak pricing model where they hike the rates when demands exceed the base level.

In many cases, companies often limit food items or food choices and ask for extra charges at the time of placing the order.

However, this may decrease the incoming demand rate but, on the other side, it will increase the volume per delivery. This is a crucial factor to consider for any delivery service app.

How Much Does It Cost to build on demand delivery apps?

Building an on demand delivery app requires in-depth research about the market condition especially in the geo location where you are actually going to launch your business.

Along with that, you need to find and uncover the problems faced by the consumer which your app can resolve.

And, to meet the delivery solutions, you need to collaborate with a few dedicated vendors who can reach the food on time. So, once you have conducted thorough research about your target audience and business functions, finally hire a developer for an on demand delivery app.

Before starting with something big, you must go with the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) that would build your on demand delivery app at the lowest cost and within a minimum time frame.

Mainly, On Demand Delivery Apps are classified into two types –

1. The Courier App

This application is mainly for the delivery system who are involved in making deliveries at the doorstep. It includes a few more things-

  • Pick Up Status of Orders
  • History and Records of Delivery
  • Delivery Request Reply

So, if wondering about the App Estimate cost, make a note of development time and cost to get an idea about the pricing status of creating an app for delivery.

UI/UX Designing: $2500 to $4500 with an approximation of six weeks

Android App Designing: $6500 to $11,000 with an approximation of twelve weeks

iOS Development: $10,000 to $13,000 with an approximation of twelve weeks

Web Panel Development: $6000 to $10,000 with an approximation of twelve weeks

2. The Customer App

As the name suggests, this food delivery Postmates like app is designed for the end user providing a lot of features to enhance the ultimate experience. Some of the selected and most prominent features are-

  • Registration
  • Order Tracking and History
  • Payment Processing
  • Reviews and Rating
  • Payment Processes
  • GPS Location Services
  • Push Notification and others

If you ever thought of how much it cost to build an on demand delivery app, note that it depends on the features you wanted to add.

Also, consider development cost and time-

UI/UX Designing: $5500 to $6500 with an approximation of five to six weeks

Android App Designing: $13,000 to $17,000 with an approximation of ten to twenty weeks

iOS Development: $15,000 to $19,000 with an approximation of ten to twelve weeks

Web Panel Development: $22000 to $25,000 with an approximation of ten to twenty weeks

Looking for the best food delivery app to work for?

The On Demand Delivery Applications are growing exponentially and show a sharp uptick in providing something new, innovative, and higher service for customer satisfaction.

However, creating an application for a delivery service like Postmates isn’t an easy task. You need to understand the market and conduct thorough research before entering into the phase of development. But, don’t worry, we are here for you!

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Popular FAQ

On Demand Delivery App is designed mainly for placing orders, anytime, exactly when you need it. Some examples like UberEats, Instacart, BigBasket, and others are on demand delivery apps.
To make an app like Postmates, the cost depends on the type of project, selection of features and plugins, types of complexities, and others. On an approximation, it costs $10,000 to $20,000.
Through Delivery charges, advertising, commission percentage, and more, you can make money from an on demand delivery app.
First of all, you need to select the theme or layout of the app. Then, select the features and plugins you wanted to add. Configure API and make it run successfully across multiple platforms. For a technical configuration, hire professional developers for best results.

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