Top 10 Free Movie Apps for iPhone to Watch Online

movie apps for iphone

Do you love watching movies and TV Shows with your own company?

Owing to technological advancement, the fade of cinematic feel is taking a paradigm shift to OTT platforms and online binge watching.

Moreover, the demand for mobile applications is growing immensely at a breakneck. Businesses are shifting their services and products online in order to maximize their reach to the global and widespread audience.

Applying the same concept with the production houses, mobile applications have been the new trend for movies, TV shows and documentaries. Led by technology, today, several movie applications for iPhone have been launched to promote online watching because it offers convenience at the helm.

With the larger size and HD display, mobile applications that support iPhone and iPad contribute crucially towards higher video quality. It not only improves the user experience but also fuels users to watch their favourites on their own time.

Such a cinematic transformation is bringing incessant opportunities for businesses to showcase their product and run commercial ads to influence users towards your offerings.

Isn’t that a win-win situation for both businesses and users?

Okay, so let’s discuss some of the top 10 Free Movie Apps for iPhone

Top 10 Free Movie Apps for iPhone that you must try 

Find out this list of top 10 free movie application for iPhone and iPad and feel the best cinematic experience with high definition audio and video quality.

1. Rewinder

Rewinder is one of the best free movie apps for iPhone that contains an extensive range of collections of movies. This application showcases the biggest public domain content. However, you cannot find recent feature films or TV shows in the application.

With Rewinder, you can have access to free films also. It includes classics by Alfred Hitchcock along with those of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin. Three Stooges, Frank Sinatra and more.

One of the best parts about this fun movie app for iPhone is that it also hosts a large range of B- movies that are popularly known and rated top in the list of cinema. In fact, if you want to watch documentaries, try Rewinder now! The collection of documentaries is incomparable here.

2. Viki

Viki is the best-suited movie app free iPhone that includes international movies which are worth the watch. So, if you are a die heart fan of Indian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese movies, you cannot just leave Viki.

The best part about this amazing movie app for iPhone is that it provides subtitles during the movies that keep your interest intact. You won’t be facing any challenges while watching your favourite international movies now. Isn’t that too amazing?

One more thing. Do you get easily annoyed with frequent ads and breaks?

No worries.

Being the best-opted movie app for the iPhone, there are no commercial breaks to disturb your movie immersion. Enjoy your watch thoroughly.

Also, if you wish to watch classic US TV shows, Viki can be your go to option.

3. Public Domain Movies

Hey, movie fans, are you back here?

Are you crazy about movies and their classic genre? Try the Public Domain Movies App now!

Public Domain Movies application is one of the most popularly used movie apps for iPhone where you can easily sort out your movie interest by filtering the director, year of release, writer and genre. This will help you select the perfect watch as per your mood.

If we talk about the user interface, Public Domain Movies win their audience. With the intuitive interface, it lets you find the best TV shows or movies that are similar to what you have searched for.

This app gives a potential chance to discover new movies or TV shows based on your search interest. The options are endless – science fiction to horror and romcom and noir movies and more. You are getting everything here under just one roof.

Get this movie app free on the iPhone now!

4. Tubi

Among the list of free movie apps for iPhone, Tubi is easy to use and smooth functioning free movies iOS app. It offers an excellent combination of genres that feature top-rated films almost scrolling at the top of the application.

So, once you select any movie to watch, you will be directed straight to the description page. Over there, you can check out the rating and reviews, movie’s release date, genre, and duration.

If you are worried about the commercial interruption, let me tell you, Tubi offers high streaming quality with ads. That doesn’t make your watch disturbing or annoying.

Some of the classic collections of such Free Movie Apps for iPhone like Gods of Egypt, Annie, American Hustle, Apocalypto and more that are must watch. Download this app now and enjoy your movie space. Did we mention that it offers amazing TV shows as well? Try now!

5. Pluto TV

With most of the iPhone movie apps offering TV shows and movies, Pluto is the unique one. It offers more TV like content and that’s how it revolutionized the content compared to traditional cable television.

Some of the popular genres include action, drama and horror that make Pluto stand apart. Also, you can search channels categorized by areas of interest and different topics like sports, music, news, lifestyle and some live television platforms like Bloomberg and CNBC.

Download the application now and have access to such versatile services. Check out what’s trending or what’s new on the application. However, you cannot see all the movies here that are available or released in every region. This is possible only if the movie is quite demanding in your region.

6. Popcornflix (Free)

Popcornflix is the most rated free movie app for iPhone where you watch endless movies, documentaries, TV shows and dramas as per your interest. Here, it facilitates in categorizing of thousands of movies into the most common genres and a few uncommon ones too. It includes thriller, western, action, drama and specials.

Mobile data and Wi-Fi – you can either of them view your favourite show with no interruption. Also, choose the video quality of the movie ranging from 720p to 1080p for an amazing cinematic feel.

So, what makes Popcornflix a standout? Users can easily down the subtitles automatically. Now watch your favourite international show with complete immersion. All you need to do is open the settings and select the language option, style, colour and font size and type and the subtitles will be available easily from

You can try this application. It is worth downloading.


Are you looking for the best movie app for iphone? Okay, so have you heard about Stremio?

Stremio is one of the best Free Movie Apps for iPhone just like Showbox. It offers users uninterrupted entertainment, fun and humour for endless fun and celebration. Through Stremio, you can have access to a wide range of catalogues of TV shows and dramas, movies and YouTube Channels.

This free movie app for iPhone lets you organize the streaming from several platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, iTunes and various other trusted sources. Today, looking at the revolution in the cinema, Stremio is winning its audience with the best video quality, numerous options and a smooth and intuitive interface for delivering the best user experience.

Stremio is an easy-to-use application. It can be installed easily, widely supports subtitles and can synchronize efficiently between two devices. Being an open-source platform, it can work with any platform like Mac, Linux, iOS, Windows and Android.

However, you will have to make your account before using the services of Stremio.

8. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is one of the most popular free movie applications oriented for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It serves users with almost 2000+ movies and TV shows, excellent selection of documentaries and other unique comedy originals.

This free movie application can be your ultimate choice if you are looking for something different to watch. Such an application offers an array of categories like adventure, cartoons, horror, action, humour, romance, thriller, family, comedy, and more.

Download this application and sign up quickly to have access to your favourite films.

Also, if you are looking for a mobile app development company that can help you build an iPhone movie application for your business, call us now! Our experienced app developers will understand your app requirements and serve your end to end.


Do you love to watch your favourite movies, shows and music videos on the go? If yes, then download CinemaBox now!

Cinemabox is among the top rated free movie apps 2022 where users can watch their favourite movies, TV shows and dramas and documentaries as and when they want to. This is an online free application designed perfectly for movie fanatics where you can watch and download your most loving movie also.

Cinemabox application widely supports almost all the platforms and you can use it on your Laptop or PC for the best experience. Here you can have a better understanding with the subtitles support that makes your watch entertaining.

With the latest update now, CinemaBox is offering free access to the most trending music videos. So, download the app now and enjoy your time with your favorite watch ever.

Moreover, with this best movie app for iPhone, you don’t have to worry about the streaming quality. That’s excellent. This app also offers kids mode where parents can discover a whole new set of movies that are perfectly ideal for kids to watch.

One of the downsides of this app is that – it has slow content updates. Owing to bugs and commercial ads and interruption, it often hampers the user experience. But, being a fun and humor-based movie app, you can at least give it a try

10. Viewster

Do you love anime? If yes, then Viewster would be your most preferred movie application.

Viewster offers movies and TV shows beyond anime that pique the interest of the audience. So, what makes Viewster stand out is that – it releases those movie shows and TV dramas that do not get the theatrical release or are not shown on the regular cable set-up.

Such a versatile application is a must-download if you are a movie fanatic and love to watch dramas and documentaries on the way to anywhere.

The Final Words

Movie applications for iPhone to watch online are heading the trend due to the convenience and premium services a user gets. With a paradigm shift in technology, the demand for mobile applications is growing immensely.

So, if you are looking for Free Movie Apps for iPhone or want to build similar applications just like above. Hire the best mobile application development company now!

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