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Google word coach quiz is a game essentially launched with the purpose of reinforcing the vocabulary and raising the standards for English language.

Okay, on what basis does the Google word quiz ask the question?

Google conducted research and prepared a directory of lists of words that people have asked. It then bifurcated the words into basic and advanced levels to enable users of all ages to participate and have fun.

So what’s the best part about the Google word coach quiz game?

Yes, you can jump to the next question after giving the correct answer. However, for every wrong answer given, you will be given a detailed explanation with the meaning of it. So this is how you can strengthen your word power at any point in time.

Type the name and get the game in the search bar itself. Too simple to search and too fast to get it accessible.

This is an excellent initiative by Google. You will find this amazing feature even in the Google dictionary and translation boxes of Google Search bar. Such a quiz game has been launched in Non English Speaking countries to motivate people to learn English easily.

What is Google Word Coach?

Google word coach game is an amazing quiz game that will test your knowledge of Google Words. Here you will be asked a question with two given options and you have to select the correct one to win the points.

This is one of the latest and newest features added to the Google dictionary. Google word coach quiz is the best fun game that not only enhances the vocabulary of a user but also encourages them to keep learning new words and stay confident in public.

Started back in 2018 with an objective to improve the search results and strengthen all the levels of English proficiency. While developing this google word coach quiz game, Google ensures to maintain convenience while using and improve the engagement level among the users at all the levels.  

Is Google Word Coach helpful?

Considering all the parameters, google word coach quiz game is quite helpful and worth playing. The reasons are-

  • It enhances your language vocabulary and you learn new words simultaneously while giving test
  • It improves your language command and pronunciation too and lets you explore synonyms and antonyms related to the word.
  • Google word coach has both the elements- Fun playing and Informative. Besides, it helps you in making meaningful sentences with the new word.

That’s quite amazing, isn’t it?

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Can we earn money from Google Word Coach?

Let us be very clear here.

There is no scope of monetizing here from Google Word Coach.

This google word coach quiz answers game will let you collect points after every correct answer given. But that doesn’t give you any chance to earn money out of it. At the end, you can share your final score with any third party via Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook or Email.

What types of Questions Asked in Word Coach?

As discussed earlier, google word coach is purely a knowledge-based game. Here three types of questions are being asked in the google word coach quiz online. For instance-

  • Which word is similar to?
  • Which word is opposite to?
  • Which image fits the word the best? (This is a picture based question)

This is a two level game. After a few rounds, you will find a level up button and once you click there, you will be jumped to the last level. This level will be a bit tougher compared to the first one. Play as much as you can and enjoy learning with a lot of fun.

Examples of types of questions asked- 

Which word is similar to FLOW?




Which word is similar to HAPPY?




Advantages of Google Word Coach?

Are you well versed with the English Language? Try google word coach in English and then there’s no looking back. It’s too interesting and addictive at the helm. Here we have discussed some of the advantages of using Google Word Coach-

  • The level and basics of this game are quite easy and simple at all levels. In fact, it will be fun with google word coach with pictures. This will improve your visuals too.
  • Such a game is readily available and accessible. There’s no point in undergoing any additional hassle. Besides, it encourages people of all ages to play and learn while having fun.
  • The most important part here is that – you don’t have to download this game. Search in the browser and here you go.
  • This quiz asks relevant questions that support Vocabulary building and improve your articulation skills.
  • Learn basic words and enhance your communication skills easily. No need to use big or fancy words to impress. Just focus on what words are used in routine.

Google Word Coach is not an application. It’s a feature added by Google to improve the search experience. However, if you want to build an application that is similar to Google Word Coach, hire us now!

Disadvantages of Google word coach quiz game

Undoubtedly, the Google word coach quiz is extremely an amazing game. However, it still has some limitations like-

  • Google word coach in offline mode is not available. You require a stagnant internet connection to avail an uninterrupted learning experience.
  • Secondly, after playing rounds of quizzes, if you go back to the home page or so, you will lose your scores. So the next time you play this game, you will have to play from scratch.

Google Word Coach Support Centre

Google word coach has a strong support center. So if you are facing any issue or trouble while using this, visit this support centre and raise your concern through community discussion and announcement.

 The Final Words

Google Word Coach is completely different from other Google services. Unlike other services, it helps people to get acquainted with the new words and keep evolving.

It is truly said that learning happens through a fun game. And looking towards the concept of the Google word coach quiz game, the future seems quite bright and long.

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Popular FAQ

Google word coach is a mobile version quiz game that enable users to learn new words and improve their English command in a simple and fun way. This is an excellent tool accessible anywhere and at any time.
The google word coach highest score is 600 for every five questions asked.
Google word coach doesn’t save your final score. Once you press the back button, you will lose all your score and therefore will have to start from 0. Secondly, it enables you to share your final score with family and friends to show your progress.
Google word coach is not an application. In fact, it is a tool or feature developed by Google to improve search experiences of users. If you want to create a mobile application just Google word coach quiz game, contact Info Stans now!
Presently Google word coach is available in English language. However, looking at the ever growing responses of users, you can find google word coach in hindi, google word coach in tamil and in other regional languages too.

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