Kotlin vs Java Comparison for Android Development in 2024


The Android Mobile Application is spiking at a breakneck. And due to that, there has been tough competition between Kotlin vs Java programming languages. Undoubtedly these android apps are helping businesses improve their conversions and strengthen their customer base widely.

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Okay, so are you looking for some seamless and intuitive App ideasKotlin and Java are winning the business with their incredible performance and security features. But…….

Is Kotlin better than java? 

How is Java building businesses?

What is Kotlin good for?

Let’s learn more about both the programming languages in detail to find the answer. Kotlin vs Java The Battle is really tough. Let’s find out who wins the crowns.

What is Kotlin? 

Kotlin is a newly developed programming language, inspired by Java. Undoubtedly, this is an updated and advanced version of java that enables developers to write code concisely than Java.

If you are looking for mobile app development, note that Kotlin doesn’t require too much work for data classes.

Being a statically typed open-source programming language, Kotlin runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that enhances code compatibility in addition to safe and secure technology.

What is Java?

Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages that let Java developers write once and run everywhere.

This language widely supports the development of multiple software applications operating systems and works practically on multiple devices, servers, or operating systems.

Being an open-source language, it ensures safety and security because most of its libraries are managed by trusted and well known companies like Apache, Google, and others.

Are you looking for some java code examples?

Basically, the best way to learn the Java programming language is by practicing it. Some of the best examples of java code are-

  • Java Program to Check Prime Number
  • Java Program to Reverse a Number
  • Java Program to Add Two Integers
  • Java Program to Find ASCII Value of a character
  • Java Program to Compute Quotient and Remainder
  • Java Program to Swap Two Numbers
  • Java Program to Check Whether a Number is Even or Odd and more

Selecting the best among Kotlin vs Java programming languages is really a difficult task. So let’s know more about the strengths and weak points of both programming languages to come to a conclusion. Stay tuned-

Strength of Kotlin ?

  • Kotlin App Development is quite light weighted, faster to compile, and contributes crucially in optimizing the application from increasing size. Get your work done in less time without taking up more space.
  • Secondly, the code written in Kotlin is smaller in size. It is less verbose and will make debugging faster.
  • Kotlin comes with an in-built security feature that acts as a lifesaver for Android-based applications.
  •  It enables developers to divide the larger applications into smaller layers and let them create extensions too.
  • The process of deploying the Kotlin code is quite fast and is easy to maintain as well.

Before learning Kotlin, you must have a basic understanding of Java. Exposure to any programming environment would be a plus to your learning. Significantly, you should have concept clarity for Syntax, variables, and commands.

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Weakness of Kotlin 

  • Kotlin is not very well established. It has a smaller community of developers therefore this programming language lacks professional assistance.
  • Compared to Java, Kotlin has a slower compilation speed.

Strength of Java 

  • Java comes with a reusability feature that lets the developer reuse the code anywhere which makes the code quite stronger.
  • You can find detailed documentation with Java during mobile app development
  • Java comes with a multi-threaded environment that lets you perform multiple tasks in one single environment.
  • The Java programming language is ready to use and you will find an array of third-party libraries and codes which are quite useful.
  • There is no chance for java instructions to corrupt the memory or compromise data from third-party apps of OS X.

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Weakness of Java 

  • Compared to Kotlin, Java demands more manual effort which further increases the chances of potential errors.
  • Secondly, Java is still facing some issues with the API Android Application Development.
  • The development of applications in Java is generally test driven. This means that the user will have to write more code that may result in a greater possibility of bugs and errors.

Before learning Java, you must start using a command line shell. Having experience and understanding of C/C++ would be a plus to your learning. Like Kotlin, you must have concept clarity for Syntax, variables, and commands.

Top rated applications build using Kotlin & Java

Kotlin Java
Trello Uber
Pinterest Netflix
Kickstarter Spotify
Evernote Airbnb
Shadowsocks Tinder
Twidere for Twitter Instagram

Java vs Kotlin – Who are you supporting? Have you come to the final conclusion? If not, you will, after cross-checking the differences between Kotlin and Java-based on their essential features.

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Difference between Kotlin and Java

Let’s explain Java VS Kotlin features in detail for better comparison-

1. Extensions

First of all, Java has checked exceptions and on the other hand, Kotlin does not pay much attention to those small package effects which require exception specification. 

This may enhance the productivity of the developers. And without them, it is quite obvious to find a considerable amount of reduction with little or no improvement in the quality of code.

Kotlin vs Java: Who’s the winner? Clearly here is Java’s edge over Kotlin.

2. Third-party Libraries

Kotlin, embraced by Google offers an array of conventional interfaces, tools, documentation, training, and functions. This helps the developers in easy implementation of basic collection kinds of sets, maps, and lists.  

3. Static Members

Due to the augmentation of the latest software and technology, things are moving from Java to Kotlin by creating a static technique. Because in Kotlin there’s nothing like static. In Kotlin, you can mark an object declaration inside a class through a companion keyword.

However, as discussed, static methods and static members are available in Java. It is mainly used for memory management where one can easily apply static keywords with nested classes, variables, blocks, and methods.

Kotlin vs Java – Which is your preference here?

4. String Templates

There are mainly two types of string templates in Kotlin –

Escaped String

The main objective of Escaped String is to eliminate the ambiguity in quotes or any other characters that are used in a string. This helps the interpreter in understanding the command of the string.

Raw String

Raw String is treated like a backslash (\) forming a part of a literal character. It contributes crucially in passing the string literals which cannot be decoded using normal ways.

Both of these string templates also support the expression.

These string templates are available in the Java programming language. But it does not support the expression just as Kotlin programming language does.

5. Non-Private Fields

Encapsulation is one of the most important things while obtaining an appropriate degree of maintainability.

Kotlin does not have properties. Instead, it has fields. However, it forces access towards the field with the help of the setter and getter. This means that there is no requirement of giving more visibility to the field than accessing the private fields. So there are no private fields with Kotlin.

However, in Java, you will find nonprivate fields that divulge into how most people’s API stays unchanged with the public fields.

So what will you choose – Kotlin or Java for android?

6. Lazy Keyword

There is no such feature in Java. However, a lazy keyword feature is available in Kotlin that minimizes the start-up time during the process of Android app development. So Kotlin or java for android? Clearly, you will choose Kotlin if this feature is your high priority.

Let’s Announce the Result – The Conclusion

When you consider the pitfalls of the Java programming language, that too regarding the NullPointerExceptions, you will choose Kotlin over Java.

However, if you consider the Java programming language as one of the oldest and essential ones for every Android app development, then Java wins the show. Because Android OS is itself based on that.

Thus, both programming languages have their own set of features, pros, and cons. The selection should be clearly based on your app development goals and objectives, priority given for features and functions, and development timeline.

If you still have some queries with Kotlin vs Java or regarding Kotlin vs java performance, check out our frequently asked questions section and find all possible answers to your queries.

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Popular FAQ

Both Kotlin and Java are used for building Android applications. But Kotlin is the most preferred language. Even Google’s libraries, documentation and tooling prefer Kotlin for Android Development.
Java is a faster programming language than Kotlin. Though Java compiles faster, the speed gap isn’t major.
Kotlin comes with a null safety feature that helps in mitigating the potential and existing source of problems.
According to reports, Java is expected to rise by 28.7 million in 2024. It will empower much of the software used in the real world for streamlining business goals.
Yes, it’s totally worth learning Kotlin in 2022 because it is a modern programming language and brings together object-oriented and functional programming for delivering the best performance.

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