MEAN Stack Vs MERN Stack: Which is Better for 2024


 Are you an entrepreneur or a developer?

Do you want to develop a seamless and intuitive web or mobile application?

But, are you struggling with selecting the best technology stack for the development?

 Well, choosing the right technology stack is quite challenging. It is the same as solving complex puzzles. And, while researching you must have come across MERN stack vs MEAN stack for your projects. So, how to determine the best one? You need to be extremely resonant and intelligent to compare and differentiate between MERN vs MEAN stack.

So, let’s understand both the technology stack and dip deeper into similarities, perks and contrasts.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN Stack is an open source JavaScript based technology stack that contributes crucially in creating modern pages for web and mobile application development – both progressive and responsive. This is a modern approach that aids entrepreneurs with a smooth app and web development solutions with the help of the best Angular IDEs.

It offers swift and easy development because MEAN stack accelerates the web development process as it works on the MVC architecture. The main components of MEAN Stack are as under-:

 MEAN Stack Components

  • MongoDB – MongoDB is used for storing the data of back end applications as JSON files. It is a categorised NoSQL database program that contributes effectively in serving the large scale datasets smoothly. It extends cloud functionality by saving the database into binary JSON format.
  • Express.js – Express.js is an open source back end application that works incessantly in making the back end development easier and convenient for the developers. It can develop single page, multi page and hybrid page applications.
  • AngularJS (or Angular) AngularJS is the front end development framework that drives the user interface. It assists in the development of web and business applications through MVC designs. While expressing the multiple syntaxes, it uses HTML syntax. 
  • Node.jsNode.js is a cross platform runtime JavaScript environment that creates networking and server side software. It enables the development of scalable and high performing server side applications.

Advantages of MEAN stack

  • It covers the full cycle of web development from client side to server side.
  • Web applications build in one language can be easily swap between client and server
  • It supports MVC model that makes web app developer easier and smoother
  • Offers an array of pre built suite of web app testing tools
  • It is cost effective and has faster development cycle
  • Offers time saver features so you can make changes in real time

Why Choose MEAN Stack?

As discussed earlier, MEAN Stack is an open source framework that helps in flexibly transferring the code and therefore the cost of web and mobile application development is cost. MEAN Stack is ideal for SME and startup businesses who are looking for scalable application development at a reasonable rate with a faster development cycle.

Moreover, it contributes significantly in rapid MVP development. MEAN Stack offers an array of frameworks, libraries, reusable modules within the stack that aids the business through speedy development.

MEAN Stack Features

  • Use of JavaScript: It facilitates the users in reducing the unnecessary bandwidth usage. This boosts up the performance of web applications with enhanced efficiency.
  • MongoDB as Savior: With the help of MongoDB, it becomes quite easier to insert, update and delete the process easily.
  • Isomorphic Code: It lets you transfer the swift code from one to another framework keeping the functions intact.

What is MERN Stack?

Is MERN stack in demand 2024? Let’s know more in detail –

MERN Stack is the popular JavaScript framer that contributes significantly in building hybrid mobile applications and web applications. With MERN Stack, there is no need for context switching. React.js is part of MERN Stack and therefore it offers unparalleled UI layer abstraction.

 MERN Stack offers an extensive range of libraries with a quick workable interface that helps the developers in executing the code swiftly. This technology stack works the best when it comes to executing the code quickly because it supports the MVC architecture.

MERN Stack Components

The components of MERN Stack are –

  • MongoDB: MongoDB is a NoSQL database manager that stores the data in a flexible document. Here the data is unstructured and constantly changing. 
  • Express.js: Express.js is a server side application framework that contributes significantly in developing multi page single page and hybrid web and mobile applications. It creates web apps that are quick, scalable and reliable.
  • React: React JS Development is an open-source frontend JavaScript library that develops UI components and the interface.
  • Node.js: Node JS Development is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that creates network applications. It is built in the HTTP server framework.

MERN Stack Features

  • Runs on Multiple Servers: MongoDB runs on multiple servers. This helps in duplicating the information in case when the hardware fails to work.
  • Based on JavaScript: MERN Stack is purely JavaScript based and therefore there is no need to switch the context. It works smoothly in developing both the server side and client side of the web application.
  • Offers flexible Schema: MERN Stack contributes crucially in offering a flexible schema command line tools and robust GUI that speed up the development process. It aids the developers in building custom applications.
  • Freedom of coding: MERN Stack gives you complete freedom for building applications and organizing the code efficiently.

 MERN Stack Benefits 

  • Facilitates the model view controller (MVC) architecture for a swift web development process.
  • Reduces the server costs
  • Offers reusable component based architecture for faster development process
  • It is an open source technology that let you create robust web applications
  • Free templates are available online
  • Offers Real-time testing through an array of built-in suite of tools.
  • It is simple to use, easy to understand and makes up idea choice for beginners learning

 Why choose MERN Stack?

MERN Stack code is written in JavaScript. If you want to build excellent high quality web applications, you can choose MERN Stack.

It is better for UI layer abstraction and helps the developers in executing the code swiftly. MERN Stack becomes one of the best choices when you want to control and update the large scale dynamic JSON data.

So, have you made the decision for ?

MERN v/s MEAN – Which Should you choose for your Next Project?

For enterprise level application:

If you want to build an enterprise application or an ecommerce app, MEAN stack would be an ideal choice. It contributes indispensably in building dynamic web applications and presenting a systematic method for building the prototypes.

UI Sophistication:

If you are looking for a simple, elegant and sophisticated UI, then MERN Stack would be the perfect choice. This will help you in creating a frame and display it on the screen for delivering a seamless user experience.

For niche based projects:

MERN Stack becomes one of the most suited choices for smaller projects. So, if it is a single page application or a regular mobile based application, you can go with MERN stack. It includes React that makes your app easy to handle and can allow rapid changes in data along with delivering an elegant user interface.

S.NO MEAN Stack MERN Stack
1 It includes MongoDB, Angular, Express and Node. It includes MongoDB, React, Express and Node.
2 It is a framework of JavaScript. It is an open source library of JavaScript.
3 The data flow is bidirectional The data flow is one way only
4 The performance is slow It has quick response time
5 Extremely effective for larger projects Extremely effective for smaller projects
6 It helps in managing and rendering the code It facilitates smooth rendering
7 It includes ready to use features that support multiple libraries It requires additional libraries to support the cause

So, which is better for development MEAN Stack Vs MERN Stack?

The Final Words

MEAN Stack Vs MERN Stack- both are equally important and productive. In order to select the best one for your business requirement, you need to call Info Stans now!

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Popular FAQ

The learning curve of MEAN is moderately steep but abrupt. However, the learning curve of MERN is minimal. MERN is easy to learn and understand and good for beginners.
The MEAN stack is one of the popular technology stacks in 2023. It is free and open source with the support of a vibrant community. And for ecommerce projects, MEAN stack is an ideal choice.

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