12+ Latest Mobile App Design Trends to Follow in 2023

Latest Mobile App Design Trends to Follow in 2023

Have you ever thought of Mobile App Design?

Probably yes! It’s really effective and profitable to work on the application designs.

Did you know, 80% of the users are using mobile phones to go to the online platform?

This shows the potential growth of your mobile App Market.

With the New Year approaching, various companies from Retail to Cosmetic to Health and Wellness are using the latest technology like Augmented Reality for virtual interaction with the application.

From asking suggestions to the chatbots to selecting responsive designs, Mobile App Design has REALLY turned out as a NATURAL MARKETING TOOL for 2023.

So, if you haven’t yet designed your business application, Hire Mobile App Designer now! Let’s create a turnout impression from the crowd in 2023.

And, if you are looking for some of the live trend designs and mobile apps design inspiration, we have presented here some of the EXPERT GUIDED Mobile app design trends.

Mobile App Design Trends 2023

Start Exploring the best collection of mobile app design trends 2023 and find the right one for your classic business needs.

1. Unique illustrations and animations


The free forms, 2D, 3D, vastly asymmetric, or a generic design – all are modern app designs, not only steal the show but leave a widening impression on the visitors. It is one of the new design trends that creates a welcoming environment for users. Also, attract them to your app with a delightful experience.

Not only that, a unique set of animations and illustrations, make your Mobile App Design more memorable and interesting.

Thanks to the powerful 5G networks that make it happen.

This form of motion graphics has entered mainly in 2021 and now in 2023 because of higher internet speed and resonant performance.

Expert Tips for illustrations and animations:

  • Study the trend and create jaw-dropping visuals
  • Keep your white space simple, pleasant and sophisticated

2. Futuristic Color Grid

Futuristic Color Grid

With the evolving trends, the preferences and taste of users are also modifying. From a simple minimalistic theme, the demand for off-board and hip hop colors are still trending.

If you know, mainly, the theme of rainbow colors is chosen when the target audience is youth. This color palette represents a bold, energetic, and youthful impression.

Woah! It is one of the modern UI designs for mobile applications.

Example of futuristic colors:

Have you heard of the Entrain application? Well, this is a mobile application for meditation. The theme of the Mobile App Design is very bold and bright – aligning with their objective. Color selection is purple and a few shades that fall within the same strokes and filter.

3. Embossed Typography

Embossed Typography

An Embossed Typography is one of the classic and outstanding Mobile app design trends. It reflects the personality of your brand, rightly conveying the message to your users.

Most of the advertising agencies are designing copy with embossed themes to position the content in the best splendid manner.

It has some good potential in grabbing the attention at the header by providing a quintessential touch to your message.

Why Go with Embossed Typography?

  • Elevates your pitch to the audience clearly
  • Improves the visual impression with embossed fonts
  • It has a very good chance for conversations

4. Face ID

Face ID

Face identification is no more a new technological trend. In fact, developers are updating, evolving and constantly striving to make it impressive and one of the best application designs.

This feature is already visible within all the mobile phones influencing the requirement for app authentication. But, if you know, from fingerprint scanning to facial identification, it is still winning the users as a matter of security.

Such Mobile app design trends have smartly reduced the urge for a home button in an application by introducing sensor identification with a seamless connection.

5. Transparent Elements

Transparent Elements

Along with a hand-drawn and futuristic color grid, the trend for transparent elements is still on fire! This is one of the best mobile apps design that focuses mainly on communicating the UX trends in a gradient way.

This Mobile App Design seems very much light weighted. It gives room for content driving sensation to your business objective.

In 2023, the trend for gradient pop-ups is still hitting the fad, because it covers the entire screen of a mobile application.

Thus, with a vivid set of transparent elements, you can enhance the customer experience with a classic app interface. So, along with app layout design, app colors also play a major role.

Come on, let’s get started with these unique transparent designs.

6. Blobs, organic and rounded shapes

Blobs, organic and rounded shape

These are the upcoming android apps design trends giving a bright stage to imperfections. Blobs are one of them that interact with users and give a tech-related impression.

Rectangle, square and cuboidal shapes have aced the game, but, to beat the trend, Blobs and rounded shapes are balancing the look and feel of the applications.

This adds a little panache to your best UI design by focusing on fluid and boundless outlines.

Why Blobs and organic shapes?

  • Gives a directional flow to your design
  • Improves the focal point to influence the visual of users
  • Imperfect shapes give a sharp background to highlight products

7. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

There’s no doubt that Virtual Reality is one of the best app designs that has completely revolutionized the mobile app design.

It contributes significantly to utilizing the opportunity for interacting with the virtual spaces. This really creates an impactful impression on the users.

VR has put its foot forward in almost all the verticals from health care and hospitality to the logistics and real estate business verticals. This is a hit for both android UI design and ios UI design.

Why go for VR for the best-designed apps?

  • Makes your product more impressive
  • It really brings out excitement to your brand
  • Builds trust with virtual interaction

8. Broken Grids

Have you ever heard of Broken Grids?

Well, this is one of the superlative application trends that emphasize rightly on the product. Those gaming animations and broken letters bring joy and pop cult among the users.

It has adopted modernist art and became the best android app design to navigate users with a smart impression.

No need to keep everything in a disciplined grid. Going off the road and trying broken routes can still help you achieve your milestone.

What’s so unique with the Broken Grids?

  • It gives a new and appealing look
  • It uses text to fill up the space gaps
  • Simple, unique, and very effective

Try this UI design example and rock your mobile app design!

9. Hand-drawn illustrations

There is something really very special with the hand-drawn illustrations – yes ‘imperfections’. Mostly, it all turned out to be the best mobile apps design.

Do you know why? Because it reveals more of human centrism and evokes a natural feeling within the users. Yes, it always stands out irrespective if you don’t use any specific tools for apps interface design.

Try this beautiful design for an inspirational app and give an organic touch to your audiences with a serene flow of colors.

10. The Dark interaction

Are you looking for a smooth and personalized interaction?

Well, go to The Dark Theme. It is one of the most immersive and subtle mobile ui designs that covers the app with a dark background.

This makes every text, icon, and feature visible if you select perfect contrasting colors. Along with that, it adds a sense of sophistication to your project – taking it to the next big level.

11. Data-oriented App Design

This is an intuitive iPhone app design that neatly represents the data with an interactive change. It indicated the storage capacity in a fine-tuned way giving a clear understanding of the design.

Data-oriented app design tends to be more personalized aligning with your specific requirements. It is strongly connected with the data processing algorithms to present a seamless impact on the responsive user. You can definitely try it with your iphone app designs.

You can find these data-driven designs with a few of the online booking platforms, news feeds, e-commerce shopping platforms, or split bill apps.

Expert Tips for data-oriented app design?

  • Match the typography with visuals
  • Keep it simple, clean, and interactive
  • Use easy to recall and popular icons

12. Storytelling – Influential mobile app trends

Storytelling is the leading and most influencing UX trend that provides a well-structured and systematic design to your users.

And the best part is, when users get more and more immersed into the app stories, deeper and deeper it builds their loyalty for interaction.

Well, once it is designed, you’ve already reached halfway and now lead conversion is the final stage. However, make sure that it also works as the best user interface design for delivering an amazing look and feel to the user.

Benefits of using visual storytelling in mobile apps

  • It brings more than double engagement
  • Creates a unique and distinctive positioning
  • Effective source of marketing your brand
  • Brings a higher lead to your business

13. Sound layers

The Sound layers is a one-step-ahead UI design trend for 2023 incorporated with sound and designs. When any user lands here, he will be able to listen to the sound as a part of confirmation to the activity.

Yes, as the name suggests, it is more enjoyable and pleasant from a user’s perspective and keeps them engaged for a long time.

It is an excellent design for your mobile interface – attracting visitors with its beautiful experience. You can definitely give it a try and test the result.

The Final Words

That’s all for today! Hope it has REALLY helped your brand building process.

These Mobile App Design Trends 2023 are not only limited to deliver a remarkable aesthetics. In fact, it optimizes the experience of the user and the performance of your brand.

However, we are a trusted Mobile App Design Company that has already nurtured 200+ verticals with a splendid design and outlook. Our top designers prepare android design guidelines to finalise the right font size, style and image resolution.

So, if you need any help with revamping your app design, contact Info Stans now! Our expert designers would be happy to assist you.

Hey, did we miss any impressive mobile app design trend? Do let us know in the comment section.

Popular FAQ

  • Be consistent
  • Keep users in mind
  • Clear pictures with an optimized user flow
Blobs, transparent elements, typography, and many more.
  • Focus on presenting minimum content
  • Choose simple and not dozens of features.
You can design with a 375x 812 screen size for mobile.
  • Follow a minimalistic design approach
  • Crisp and concise content
  • Wisely use white spacing
  • Choose typography for creating a hierarchy


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