Mobile app development cost estimate India 2024

Is Mobile Application Development profitable?

You often think when you plan for app development in India.

According to some estimates, the mobile app industry will leap to $100 billion by the end of 2021. And by 2024, this market is expected to grow by $ 497.09 billion.

As per the TechCrunch Report, there has been a rise of 30% (56.2 billion) in non-gaming applications while gaming apps account for 41% of new installations reaching 74.8 billion.

Thus, the trends in mobile apps are ever-increasing and about to shoot the highest in the next growing years. It is bound to bring exponential revenues to businesses from multiple niches.

So, tighten your seat belts and head over to determine the cost of building an app in India.

However, there’s no final cost because the average cost of app development depends on numerous factors.

Let’s discuss in detail how to evaluate app development costs in India.

Factors that determine the cost of making an app in India:

The App development project cost mainly depends on the –


1. Type of project

The app development cost in India requires a detailed understanding of who your target audience is and where you are going to target.

Also, you need to finalize the type of your project like- On-Demand Delivery, Health Care, E-Commerce, Education & Learning, Fitness, or Grocery.

This attracts a huge investment when you want to fetch out really good returns. Here, is the mobile app development cost estimate in India per the nature and type of app you want to build.

2. Selective Features

The unique impression of any application lies in the selection of features. Altogether, it targets the users by delivering a plethora of features and functions to ease their surfing. It includes- Good image resolution

  • Flexibility & compatibility on different versions
  • Speed and performance
  • Less keyboarding and more touch screening
  • Search function
  • Ability to work offline

3. Selection of Screens

The selection of the number of screens demands time and money investment accordingly. However, as per our experts, it is suggested to minimize screen usage and focus more and more on high-quality information in the feed.

4. Complexity in the backend

One of the basic yet stressful complexities in the backend development is storing, managing, and effectively applying the data for a seamless outcome.

  • Loose coupling
  • Security aspects
  • Limiting or eliminating logic view

The more the complexity, the more will be the investment of time.

5. Animation & UI

Animation, UI, and significant graphics depend on the type of application you want to build. For a gaming app, it demands exceptional animation to deliver entertainment.

And accordingly, the costs of creating an app varies with the level of animation and graphics you look for.

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A) What is the hybrid app development cost in India?

Hybrid App development is cost-effective and speeds up the entire development process. It has a quicker time to market the app but, if you look for more customization options, then it demands good investment.

These apps are built-in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Few of the real examples for Hybrid App Development are-

  • Instagram
  • Baskin Robbins
  • UBER
  • Twitter
  • Gmail

And the Indian app developers cost and time for Hybrid Application-

COST– On an average $5000 – $1, 00,000

TIME – Approximately 250 – 5000 hours

B) What is the Native mobile app development cost estimate in India?

Native mobile app development is comparatively expensive and makes the user experience more intuitive and interactive.

You can download these applications from Google Play and App Store just by tapping the icon.

Pokemon Go is a fully native application.

  • COST: On an average $1, 50,000 – $5, 00,000
  • Cost of Basic App: Starting from $1000
  • Cost of App with Web Server: From $7000 to $50,000
  • Cost of Android/iOS with rich features: From $2, 50,000 – $3, 00,000
  • Cost of Gaming App: $5000 to $2, 00,000 and more

C) What is the Web Application Development cost estimate in India?

Web Application utilizes web technology in order to conduct activities over the Internet. Millions of businesses are using this to target their demographics and increase the revenue circuit.

It includes – Online forms, shopping carts, video and photo editing and others. Examples of Web Applications are- Google Apps that consists of Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Microsoft 365 also forms part of it.

COST: Ranges from $400 and $5,000

D) What is the estimated cost of building an ecommerce Based Application?

“How much does an App like Zomato or Uber Eats costs?

How much does an App like Redbus cost?

How much does an e-commerce mobile app development cost in India?”

The app development for e-commerce requires consideration of a few notable functionalities like-

  • User login and Use account
  • Social features
  • Check out system
  • Payment gateways

The infrastructure of this app is a bit complex and requires an integration of a strong admin panel to manage, record, and process the orders, follow-up, maintain inventory levels, and catalogue pages.

E.g.: Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay, ASOS

COST: Approximately it ranges from $50,000 – $200,000 and more

TIME: Minimum 3 months to 9 months and more

E) Social Networking Application

The main objective of social networking application is to interact, communicate and increase the communities. Here a long-range of data is processed and gets exchange so, SECURITY becomes the major concern.

But, if you look for creating CLONE APPs, you won’t get real success. Begin with your core features or MVP or basic feature to succeed ahead.

E.g.: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook

COST: Ranges from $50,000 – $200,000 +

TIME: Requires minimum of three to 9 months and more

Freelancer V/S Mobile App Development Company

Hiring freelance developers for app development in India will cost you more than outsourcing your project to a Mobile App Development Company in India.

With a trusted agency, you will get your project done effectively. There will be-

  • Constant communication with the project manager
  • Quality and timely deliverables
  • Get valuable work for investment
  • Maintain trustworthy relations
  • Team of experts available to resolve any issues – Frontend or Backend
  • Get everything in one place – no need to hire any other

How much does it cost to launch the Android and iOS applications?

According to, Android App Development covers almost 67% of the Mobile App Development Market, followed by iOS Application development.

However, 21% of the Millennial, open applications more than 50 times a day. That’s a pretty great number.

So, are you looking for android app development cost in India? Let me tell you that the average cost of developing an android application is around $23k. But, if you want a feature-rich application that is highly in-demand, it requires an investment of approximately $4,000 to $30,000.

Similarly, for iOS App Development, the average costing starts from $28. However, for a sophisticated interface and intuitive impression, it approximately ranges from $20000 to $70000.


Flutter is a seamless and portable UI toolkit that offers relevant features under the desired cost. Alibaba, Philips, eBay are built with Flutter offering ready-made widgets, API Integration, command-line tools, and others. The cost ranges from $1,500 to $5,500.


It enables native functioning and along with that, provides automated features and testing functions. This platform doesn’t require a specific Xamarin based developer and that minimizes the cost significantly. The cost ranges from $ 25 to $60 per hour.

React Native:

React Native is a cross-platform that works ideally for both Android and iOS. It is gaining huge popularity with growing years offering a deliverable user experience across multiple versions. The cost ranges from $15 to $25 per hour.

However, these costs vary as per the level of complexities raised during the app development process.

How much does it cost to make an app in India? (By Yourself)

If you want to build an application by yourself, it requires-

  • Technical knowledge for planning, developing, testing, and maintaining your app
  • Expertise with template installation & managing advanced tools and plugins
  • Need to purchase professional development software, computer & mobile devices

However, if you are wondering about the cost of an online app builder, on average, $10 – $150 per month is being charged.

And, for the premium and professional ones, approximately $400 to $1500+ monthly is charged. By using these tools, you can drop and drag, slide, add and minimize the sections as per your requirement.

But, it degrades the quality and limits the scope of custom design. You can’t add an extra touch to your application with these online tools.

Real life examples of app development cost

Ever wondered about iOS app development costs in India? Okay. Let me give you some real-life examples-

  • Do you know the initial funding for the iPhone application of Instagram raises $500,000?

To build an app like Instagram, it requires $50, 000 – $70, 000 (basic app)

  • In 2009, WhatsApp has attained seed funding worth $250,000.

To build an app like WhatsApp, it requires $60, 000 – $80, 000 (basic app)

How does Info Stans provide a Cost Estimate for Mobile App Development?

How much does it cost to build an application with Info Stans?

Before working on any project, we evaluate the type of platform and request for selection of mobile platforms. However, after evaluating the number of pages, infrastructure, features, and API integration, we give an estimated time and cost for developing your project.

We are a team of Business Analyst, Designers, Developers, project managers, and software architects who work upon-

  • Product Backlog
  • Competitor analysis and market evaluation
  • UI/UX Designing
  • mobile app development cost breakdown
  • presenting and working on the project architecture plan

Should you invest in Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development has become one of the catalysts in online business development. As per Smart Insights, 90% of mobile time is spent on applications. While 57% of digital media usage belongs to mobile app development. That’s the power of technology.

This not only attracts the customers but also builds strong credibility for the potential audience. The world is growing digital and with technology taking 360 turns, it has become inevitable to bring your business online and run it on a mobile application.

Because people are prone to touch screening and swiping.

Thus, if you are looking for Android app development charges in India or want incredible suggestions for mobile app development trends, contact info Stans now!

We are a trusted Mobile Application Development Company in India and the USA that worked on more than 780+ projects all across the globe.

Book an appointment to discuss the potential growth of your project!

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It depends on the platform, features, functions, and others.
The average cost of developing an android application is around $23k and may vary.
● North America: Approx. $100-150
● UK: Approx. $50
● South America: Approx. $30 - $40
● India: Approx. $20- $30

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