Top 10 Laravel Features You Need To Know for 2024

What is Laravel in PHP?

Laravel PHP framework is one the oldest and popular web development languages that create a robust and scalable application with the powerful features.

It is a free and open source PHP web framework whose source code is hosted on GitHub and licensed under the terms of MIT License.  This platform contributes significantly to reusing the existing components of the different frameworks and deploying them for the web app development.

Along with that, it consists of scalable Laravel features that give a boost to your brand development.

But, why should I use Laravel?

Laravel has been considered as one of the most effective platforms that take the pain out in rendering apps development services with the most advanced functions.

Also, it brings vast opportunities to your business and career. Here, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality and get a robust application with a unique architecture.

Among the PHP framework, which one is better? – CodeIgniter vs. Laravel.

In a general sense, both have their own strength.  But for a detailed discussion, you can read here to make the final decision of building any app with which PHP framework.

Who uses Laravel?

Some of the well known companies using Laravel Development are-

  • MasterCard
  • 9GAG
  • RazorPay
  • Kmong
  • Bitpanda
  • Primary Stack and others

Is Laravel worth learning in 2024?

Yes, because the PHP framework Laravel ranks better than any other web development platform. It is immensely dominating the web development industry by presenting an agile methodology in business development.  

However, with the launch of the latest Laravel stable version 8, PHP has brought advanced features of laravel to fix the bugs instantly and resolve the errors.    

Pros and Cons of Laravel PHP Framework 2024

Laravel is the most prominent framework on the market today trusted by every one in five developers. Let’s dive into the pros and cons to get the most of the PHP Framework Laravel.


  • Helps in creating and setting up the multiple cache configurations
  • It facilitates in reverse routing for creating links and inserting requested URL
  • Integrates with mail services and keep users up-to-date with the latest offers
  • Without bootstrapping the outside libraries


  • Laravel is a bit complex, especially for beginners or naïve developers
  • It demands more of glue code and configuration
  • It lacks an in-built support system
  • Seems complex with certain upgrades

The Market Overview of Laravel Development

Laravel platform was built by Taylor Otwell in June 2011 with the objective of writing the simplest code in an expressive manner.

Do you know 38,894 companies are using Laravel Development? And among that, according to research, it is bound to grow steeper due to the technological revolution.

It works ideally when it comes to Abstraction of code-base and Authorization Technique and that’s what makes it popular and ever-lasting.

Let’s discuss the features of php laravel Framework in detail-

Top 10 Laravel Features You Need To Know

1. Template Engine

Laravel is one of the top frameworks in PHP that offers in-built templates that are lightly weighted by nature. Through this, you can create an outstanding layout with the most revolutionizing content seeding.

Blade is a simple yet powerful template engine for Laravel that does not restrict for using the plain PHP code in your views.

  • Includes multiple widgets with JS code and CSS
  • Helps in infusing engaging content from the beginning
  • A wide range of business templates are available

2. Automatic Pagination

One of the most popular features of Laravel is Automatic Pagination.

It minimizes the trouble of writing the code because PHP Framework Laravel comes with an in-built pagination.

3. MVC architecture

Do you know PHP is the best supporter of Laravel MVC Framework? Through this, you can conveniently build small as well as big applications.

Also, this model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern, enables in controlling the appearance of the application to strengthen the positioning of your brand.

You can easily deal with a lot of unstructured code that simplifies your entire development process.

But, what’s new with MVC 6 features?

  • It supports OWIN
  • Can build cloud-optimized Applications
  • New Roslyn Compiler to edit and see the code file by refreshing
  • Easy to add own dependency injection container

4. Artisan command-line interface (CLI)

Do you know Laravel architecture has its own Artisan command-line interface (CLI) for delivering a seamless data migration process during the development stages?

Eliminating the tedious and repetitive coding procedures, Laravel new features help in the creation of skeleton codes, controllers, models, and others.

This is one of the best Laravel features that simplify your documentation process that demands authentication solutions.

Artisan CLI is driven by the powerful Symfony Console component.

5. Laravel Routing

Routing plays an important role in creating the paths of your site that require authentication. This is used in attaching the Application URLs to the specific controller view or action.

Do you know about Laravel 5.4?

Firstly, it defines the route files and brings the URL and Closure function under consideration.

6. Unit Testing

When it comes to unit testing, Laravel becomes the best choice of all. It is developer-friendly and helps them in conducting multiple testing. Simultaneously, Laravel ensures that the existing model doesn’t break unexpectedly if you make new changes.

And that, is what makes Laravel- The Most Stable Release in the web development industry.

  • With unit testing, you can easily find the bugs
  • It saves your money and time and improves code coverage
  • Helps in gauging the performance

7. Highly Secure

App security is the major concern with any development framework. However, the Laravel best practices minimize the probability of risk by offering CSRF tokens.

These tokens test each demand on the POST and guard against people who might modify the POST to GET the demand.

Also, it uses the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm to generate an encrypted representation of the password.

8. Libraries and Modular

One of the Laravel advantages is that it offers object oriented libraries that are easy to process and convenient to implement.

However, some of the latest features are-

  • Checking the user status
  • CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection
  • Password resetting and encryption  
  • Bcrypt hashing

Hire a Laravel Development Company to incorporate these essential Laravel features into your business application.

9.  Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

Laravel Framework offers an Eloquent ORM that comprehends the developers in resolving the Database queries with PHP syntax instead of writing the SQL code.

ORM works relatively speedier and faster than any other PHP framework.

Thus, this kind of Laravel feature stores in-memory object data in relational databases.

10. Database migration support

Laravel migration system helps you in upgrading the application from the old to the new platform without re-creating the structure. This holds a significant importance with the loading speed.

Here, it gives you complete flexibility to modify the data structure and simultaneously execute this by using PHP instead of SQL. Thus, with the Laravel Schema Builder, you can insert the columns and tables without any hassle.

Wrapping up the Laravel features

Thus, the above discussed all the Laravel features that make it popular among developers and businesses for its unique, seamless, and flexible approach to developing solutions.

It has led the way for creating a dynamic user responsive website with a customized and lightweight template. You can look for ready-to-use plugins and powerful object-relational mapping without worrying about stability.

Thus, incorporate Laravel into your next development project. This is the best opportunity to highlight your business from the crowd. You can contact us today.

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