React Native vs Xamarin Comparison – Pros and Cons For 2024

Do you want to build an application in cross-platform?

Well, that’s a sound decision. Because, it has a quicker time to market, and simultaneously ensures an easier implementation process. 

Have you heard about React native vs Xamarin? Do you know what’s better here?

In the general sense, both of these frameworks- Xamarin or react native contribute significantly to improving the overall look of the application. 

Along with that, instead of writing fresh codes, developers can reuse the code across multiple platforms. But, you need to select the best one to get started. 

As a result, here we have given a React native vs Xamarin comparison. This will help you to decide as to which one is ideal for your business. 

However, if required, hire Mobile App Development Company to get better insight for your next development project.  

Let’s discuss in detail and give the final take- React native vs Xamarin 2022.

What is React Native App Development?

React Native is an open-source mobile application development. It is a product of Facebook based on JSX and JavaScript compatible both on Android and iOS platforms. 

Here, you can create native applications that drive user experience without making any compromises. Besides creating rich UI apps, it conquers the limitations of a Hybrid platform. 

Benefits of React Native App

  • React Native helps in formulating codes for applications for a simple upgradation
  • It permits programmers to reuse the code between Android and iOS
  • It results in performance amplification and improvement
  • Increase the reliability and stability 

What is Xamarin App Development?

Xamarin is an open-source mobile application development framework. It was founded in 2011 by Microsoft to build performant and modern Android and iOS applications. 

It creates the apps in C# language that simplifies the maintenance process. When it comes to Xamarin’s performance, it’s commendable and super-fast. You can go for Xamarin for the c# mobile app.

Which one is better – React native vs Xamarin?

Benefits of Xamarin App Development?

  • Xamarin provides flawless UI that helps designers to create a wonderful user experience. 
  • It enables a better testing approach for elegant performance
  • It reduces the development of bugs and time
  • Provides extensive support to the developers

Companies that are using Xamarin 

Is Xamarin good? Should I use Xamarin?

This is one of the most ideal platforms that help the .NET developers in building elegant applications. It contributes prominently to sharing 90% of the applications across multiple platforms. 

Companies/Brands that are using Xamarin are- 

  • Honeywell
  • The World Bank
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest 
  • Microsoft News 
  • UPS 
  • BBC Good Food

Companies that are using React Native 

React Native creates applications that are responsive and deliver a smooth performance. It ranks 2nd in GitHub for contributing to the repository. Another best thing about React Native is that you can see the changes, the moment you make the change. 

Let’s see which companies are using the React Native Platform- 

  • Instagram 
  • Vogue-Fashion Magazine 
  • Bloomberg 
  • Tesla 
  • Uber Eats 
  • Skype 
  • Wix 

React Native vs Xamarin: Easy Comparison Guide 2024

#Difference 1: Availability 

React Native 

As discussed, React Native is open source. It is available freely for any platform and uses JavaScript- the popular language. 

This platform provides a virtual DOM presentation for rendering the native controls. 


Microsoft’s Xamarin is available on a free version. Since it uses C# language, we can conclude it is a bit restrictive by nature.  

However, the application built with Xamarin can be used offline as well. 

So, both these applications create high-performing applications explicitly saving your cost and time for coding. So, who’s the winner here- React native vs Xamarin?

Naturally, Xamarin shows a wider scope for development. 

#Difference 2: Code Compilation 

React Native 

React Native comes with a Just-in-Time compilation that is available only for the Android platform. Just because Apple prohibits the generation of codes, it isn’t applicable to the iOS platform. 


Xamarin has been an alternative for J-I-T React native, known as Ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation. This will load the images faster and improve the performance of the application. 

So, which one do you find better- Xamarin vs react native?

#Difference 3: Ready to use components 

React Native 

React Native offers a wider range of readymade components with comprehensive documentation. 

It provides incredible solutions to your application by focusing on the user interface, testing, networking, tools to type checking, forms, and others. 


Xamarin is also at the forefront in providing a plethora of components. However, these are segregated into two forms- 

  • NuGet
  • Component Store 

Also, in comparison to React Native, the scope for documentation is quite narrow. 

Which is the best – Xamarin vs react native?

#Difference 4: Technology 

React Native 

The developers of react native build applications in JavaScript that bind the most advanced capabilities. Here, developers have complete flexibility in writing for one single application using the same code. 

However, the learning curve is short but, it holds a wider scope in the market. The demand for such skills is ever-increasing. 


Xamarin exercises with .NET or C# languages that let developers to reuse nearly 96% of the code for creating the Android and iOS applications. 

Do you know you can build Xamarin apps in Visual Studio? It includes-

  • Debugging tools
  • Rich editor 
  • Native platform integration 

All these minimize the urge to shift from one platform to the other. 

But, are you getting confused with Xamarin Studio vs visual studio? Let me explain– 

  • Visual Studio 

It is a lightweight IDE and the newest version from Microsoft. It has little type-checking and building and constitutes more of an editing tools.

  • Xamarin Studio 

Comparatively, it is less configurable and focuses more on Xamarin development solutions. It is a capable IDE and offers relevant solutions for app development. 

Which one is betterXamarin Studio vs visual studio?

#Difference 5: Popularity 

React Native 

Popularities of technology matter the most, especially for the developers when it comes to application development. React Native ranks 6th on the stack overflow which represents its significance. 

Also, on GitHub, React Native has 12207 forks and 52013 stars. 


As per the survey conducted by Stack Overflow, Xamarin ranks 8th. It contributes prominently to rendering the native UI functionality. 

However, it is not present on GitHub that shows a lack of popularity as well as inaccessibility. 

#Difference 6: Development Environment 

React Native 

When it comes to the development environment, React Native offers a complete flexibility in adopting the text editor or IDE. 

Along with that, it offers a hot reloading feature that minimizes the requirement of full reloading the application when you make any changes. It has a plus here. 


Xamarin is developer friendly and more powerful in comparison to other frameworks. Here you can write the code for the iOS application in Windows, compiling it later on with Mac. 

As discussed, it includes Xamarin for visual studio simplifies the building process at mobile and Xamarin desktop applications.

So, being authoritative, it works efficiently on multiple platforms, serving the purpose of Xamarin visual studio code.

#Difference 7: Performance 

React Native 

When it comes to performance analysis, React Native delivers near-to-native performance. But, when you know more about this platform, you will learn that it does not support 64-bit mode on Android. 

Along with that, you will experience some performance complexities as well. As a result, hire react native developers to resolve the issues with the advanced functions. 


Xamarin deserves the bonus point for running the super-fast code across iOS and Android platforms. 

It supports the applications with the 64-bit mode with an extended support of UI tools for a commendable performance. 

Simultaneously, Xamarin uses platform centric hardware functions for rendering quality service. 

Which one finds you stronger and more seamless- Xamarin vs react native performance?

#Difference 8: Development Speed 

React Native 

React Native saves your development speed with hot reloading and simultaneously improve the performance of the application. 

This can attract a wide range of audiences due to an improved loading time. 


With visual studio code Xamarin, you can create applications very quickly. It demands very little effort regarding for control creation. This means that developers already have pre-existing controls.

Who wins the battle – React Native or Xamarin?

What is the best IDE for React Native?

The best IDE for react native is determined based on the widest deployment. Make sure all of your software and supporting tools are widely used. 

You always have two options- Free or Premium. 

So for the free version, you can go for Visual Studio Code. According to Stack overflow, both Python and JavaScript works well here. You can select the Atom as the second priority. 

For premium choice, Jetbrains Webstorm and Sublime Text hit the rank. Both these are top-notch and deliver the desired performance. 

Pros and Cons for React Native

React Native Pros and Cons derive a better insight while selecting- 


  • Efficient with time and costing 
  • Delivers awesome performance 
  • Faster development process 
  • 100% native UI 
  • Follows hot reloading 


  • Design-wise, it is inefficient 
  • Faces some updating issues 

Pros and Cons of Xamarin 

Let’s discuss Xamarin pros and cons in detail for a better wrapping up 


  • Wider learning opportunities 
  • Requires a minimal time to market 
  • Overall process optimize with hardware acceleration
  • Enable a quick GUI prototyping  
  • Compatible with MVC and MVVM architectures


  • Cost competitive 
  • Lack of dynamic code generation

Which one is better for your business- Xamarin Vs React Native?

Wrapping up to these, both React Native and Xamarin are powerful frameworks for any business. They contribute significantly to delivering high-quality applications. 

Both have their brownie points and limitations and thus it depends on your selection process. It all boils down to your specific requirements. 

However, it also depends on the type and nature of the business as well as the selection of features. 

Info Stans is a trusted Mobile App Development Company in India and the US that offers incredible development services across the global frontiers. We have an expert team who works on both React Native and Xamarin. 

You can have a discussion with our developers to seek technical assistance in selecting the best one. 

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Popular FAQ

React native is flexible and offers an IDE editor. While Xamarin is powerful and developer-friendly.
React native is not dead. In fact, it is still a great tool for developing the hybrid application.
Yes, it offers advancement testing the latest features. Xamarin is future-ready.
Xamarin is easy to learn when you sharpen your basics well.
Since it uses reliable language like C# and .NET, Xamarin is worth learning for 2021.

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