Top 12 Secret Texting Apps For Android & iOS in 2023

Do you know millions of messages get exchanged in just one second?

And it continues even more with the advancement of innovative features.

This has led to significant growth in an online community where people chat, text, call and share files and documents with just one click. All this has been possible by ensuring tight security within the apps. 

And, in the real sense, Data Privacy and Data security are evolving technological trends that strengthen the trust of the users and motivated them to go digital. This kind of advancement has avoided the potential chances of data loss and data theft. 

While these secret texting applications give freedom to remove or hide the text once send and rephrase the sentences to avoid any serious circumstances. From arranging online meetings to social conferencing, mobile app developers have improved the utility of application in a better and most secure way. 


Here, we have discussed a few of the secret Texting Apps that you must try in 2023 for a delightful experience-

#1: CoverMe 

CoverMe is the best secret texting apps trusted by millions for secure texting and Phone Calls. It contributes significantly to sending private messages and calls from a burner phone number. 

Moreover, 1,000,000+ users have installed this application because of its end-to-end encrypted and safe system. 

Besides that, you can immediately lock the private number just with a quick shake. Intrigued? Well, it seems though! 

You can Hire Mobile App Developer to build a feature-rich application for your business.  


  • Offers a triple layer of encryption 
  • Backup and restoration of data is possible 
  • Keeps your confidential document hidden
  • Can disappear the message once sent and read 
  • Good for private texting and private calling 

Available at: Android and iOS 

Price: Free (In-App Products: ₹70.00 – ₹9,000.00 per item)

#2: Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is an instantaneous communication application where you can send and receive high fidelity messages, video calls, and voice calls to stay in connected with your network. 

It comes with an in-built facility of editing, cropping, sketching or flipping the images while sharing. Additionally, you can add 1000 word text to the picture. 

This private chatting app enables the sharing of those special moments that really matter. Till the date, it has crossed 1 million+ downloads.


  • Provides State-of-the-art encryption 
  • Quickly delivers the messages even with slow network 
  • It has ‘No advertisements. No trackers’
  • Enhancing clarity with audio and video 
  • Available with dark theme mode

Available at: Android and iOS 

Price: Free

#3: Silent Phone – Secure Calling & Messaging

Silent Phone serves as the software component in offering encrypted peer-to-peer calling and messaging services. It gives you a complete flexibility to choose this app as an enterprise communication model.

This kind of texting app is ideal for file transfer, arranging conference calls and meetings with just one click. You can use it individually for personal as well as commercial purposes for sharing essential documents and facilitating client communication.

Features are:

  • Provides “zero–touch” deployment
  • Offers HD call clarity with corporate conferences 
  • Used by businesses and Government bodies 
  • Has burn icon to auto destruct the text

It has covered 1 lakh+ downloads with a 3+ content rating. You can download and test its features.

Available at: Android and iOS

Price: Free

#4: Couchgram

Couchgram is an Incoming Call Lock & App Lock secure texting app that maintains the privacy level up to some extent. You can set your own password and security code to protect your incoming call. 

However, if you have an Android 6.0 device, you can use finger printing feature to calling and texting encryption.

From Facebook to WhatsApp, it protects your pictures, call logs, videos, text messages and even your favorite apps. 


  • You can hide and rename the caller ID 
  • No snooping allowed. You can take pictures 
  • Options are available for auto-deleting the call log 
  • Can customize the call wallpapers 
  • Privacy screen filter to protect from peeping  

Available at: Android (Samsung & Android 6.0 devices)

Price: Free

#5: RingID 

RingID is one of the most socializing secret texting apps where you can chat at any hour of the day without worrying over preying eyes. It is pleasant and extremely interactive to connect with your social group and chit-chat using stickers and emoji. 

This kind of application has more than 300,000 registered users who are already using it. Besides that, it secures your wallet payment option and facilitates Infotainment Channels for a continuous and non-stop entertainment.


  • Secret chatting option 
  • An ideal news portal with regular updates 
  • Serves as a market place 
  • Allows for recording live sessions 
  • You can use digital gifts, gifs, stickers

Available at: Android and iOS 

Price: Free

#6: Viber Messenger

Over 1 billion users worldwide are using Viber Messenger Application. 

This is one of the secret messaging apps that look like games. Here, you can playfully make low cost calls to landlines and send free messages using funny gifs and attractive stickers. 

Besides, facilitating with Messages, Group Chats & Calls, it allows to make group calls up to 20 people through a seamless connectivity. 

In fact, this hidden chat app is completely in sync with the Desktop and Android Tablet, maintaining 100% privacy with the Encryption keys. 


  • A diverse range of chat extension
  • You can self-Destruct your Secret Chats
  • Permit group chats with at most 250 members 
  • You can call and chat at the same time 

Available at: Android and iOS 

Price: Free


Wickr Me is a private messenger and secret chat app that maintains a 1:1 connection with your friends or in groups. This is one of the best apps for secret texting that take full access over the content displayed and ensures end-to-end encryption. 

It has achieved 5,000,000+ downloads 3+ rating for content and comes with an easy registration process. No contact details or email address are required. 


  • Your Address book remain private
  • Open source code for transparency 
  • It is an enterprise ready 
  • Maintain forward and backward secrecy

You can search online to know how to hide text messages on android.

Available at: Android and iOS 

Price: Free 


Threema is a Secure and private texting app that protects your data from spammers and hackers. It is popularly known for en encrypted voice and video calling for a quick and instant messaging. 

The best part about this private messaging app is that- you can use Threema via Desktop. 

It deletes the messages immediately when delivered to maintain privacy. This app has achieved 1,000,000+ downloads with a huge popularity. 


  • Has poll features, light and dark theme for user engagement 
  • Allows sharing of files, pictures, and videos
  • Verify the contact with QR code 
  • Has a contact syncing feature 
  • Follows a web-to-chat feature 

Available at: Android and iOS

Price: Rs. 249/-

#9: Telegram

Telegram is one of the fast, secure and secret texting apps that connect with a wide range of communities to interact and communicate with a spectrum of people. It has over 400 million active users. 

Along with that, it is connected over a disseminated data center to manage and integrate with the user database. You can share and exchange the essential documents with .DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, and more without any additional hassle. 


  • Reliable messaging system 
  • 100% Free and no-ads 
  • Clean interface, easy to use 

Available at: Android and iOS 

Price: Free 

#10: KIBO 

Kibo is the leading secret text messaging apps that are designed to hide the messages in regular messages be it WhatsApp or Facebook chats. 

Want to know how it works?

  • Download the application from iTunes 
  • Add Kibo Keyword from iPhone’s settings 
  • Click for activating the Kibo Dictionary 
  • Click on the Kibo icon to pre-set the message 
  • Later touch on the unlock option to read real text 

This is one of the best secret messaging app for iphone where you can send secretive as well as non-secretive messages. 

Available at: iOS 

Price: Free


WhatsApp is one of the most popular and well-known messaging apps for android and iOS to communicate and network with your loved ones. It runs on 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, connection for a seamless exchange of text, pictures, videos or files. 

One of the subsidiary application of WhatsApp is- WhatsApp Business that help you to grow your visibility with premium services and one-click-reply messages. 

It allows you to respond through Desktop as well. 

Features of WhatsApp are:

  • No International charges 
  • Keeps you logged in
  • Have emoji, stickers, and Gifs for expression
  • Can run Whatsapp Web for a desktop version

Available at: Android and iOS 

Price: Free

#12: Fake Message Free 2020

As the name suggests, this is a fake texting app that shows you how to hide text messages in an uncomfortable situation. Few people use this application to play pranks where you can share, send, receive Fake SMS, and MMS. 

Moreover, it has reached 500,000+ downloads so far. All you need to do is- 

  • Search the contact name and choose whether to send or receive 
  • Can edit your name in the profile 
  • Can click and modify the timetable 
  • Alter the themes as selected 

Available at: Android (5.1 and up) 

Price: Free (for in-app products- ₹210.00 per item)

The Final Verdict 

The demand and download counts for Secret texting application has been increasing at a greater speed with the utmost objective of safety and security. 

Data is the new oil and every business is hunting for data to target the users and making them a loyal customer. This has been possible because technology is advancing and running ahead to fulfill the security measures widely. 

And, here discussed, every application has its own pros and cons, and thus, you need to select the best one that goes perfect with your specific requirement. This is how you can reap the heap full of benefits from these leading secret texting apps. 

Also, Info Stans is one of the best Mobile App Development Company that will help you create seamless secret texting apps with advanced features and functions. 

So, if you want to build an Android or iOS mobile application, we are just one click away. Call us now to book your service!

Popular FAQ

The best applications to hide the text messages are Kibo, Telegram, Couchgram and others.
Secret apps mainly look like a calculator or music apps where you can tap on three dots at the rightmost corner and then click on hide apps to know whether it is a secret application.
Viber, Signal Private Messenger, silent phone etc.. are good for a secret chat.
Yes, with Couchgram, you can auto-delete the message.

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