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 Your store is all set up. But are you still facing the main problem?

You have built an entire store yet no visitor is visiting or website or buying anything?

Well, this means that your SEO Shopify is either weak or you haven’t started.

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What is Shopify SEO?

Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform where you can sell your products online and connect with a wide range of audiences. It is quite simple and easy to integrate and gives you an opportunity to strengthen your international foot with an extended targeted audience.

However, if you want to boost your online store, you need to improve SEO on Shopify. This will help you to boost your visibility and create a unique positioning among the competitors.

So, basically, SEO Shopify isn’t so different from the regular search engine optimization that you do on WordPress. It varies just with a few nuances.

For instance, Shopify SEO looks after duplicate content on your website, increases the visibility of your store and gives you output for infusing the relevant keywords into your image alt texts and product description.

Also, if you know both and are given options, which one would you choose – Shopify vs WooCommerce?

Confused? Read below!

Why should you choose SEO for Shopify websites?

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Shopify Ecommerce for Your Online Store:

  • SEO for Shopify provides easy backend administration that lets you integrate with the code and make changes easily
  • Shopify SEO is highly flexible therefore you can tailor solutions as per your requirements
  • It has a lot of in-built tools that boost your online store and streamline your integrations
  • SEO on Shopify offers an advanced e-commerce platform with fantastic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features
  • No coding skills are required. It saves your time and money

Pros and Cons of Shopify SEO

Okay, so are you planning to build your online store knowing that Shopify is one of the most leading ecommerce platforms, you should look after all the Pros and Cons of Shopify SEO. Have a look here-

Is Shopify any good for SEO? Shall I incorporate that into my online store?

Will it benefit my business or bring me more customers?

Shopify SEO Pros  

  • SEO in Shopify is easy to implement because the backend is quite intuitive
  • It comes with extended Shopify SEO settings that are extremely important for store owners like 301 redirects, personalized URLs, canonical instructions, editable robots.txt file
  • SEO optimization Shopify follows an agile system. It offers a lightweight template that will improve your loading time
  • It has a good uptime that leaves a positive impact on your eCommerce store
  • It offers some of the popular applications too that make your online store easier and serves the specific requirements that are relevant to certain countries.

Shopify Cons:

  • In Shopify SEO you cannot change the URLs because it has mandatory strings. For instance, ‘/products/’ in the URL. You cannot do that.
  • You cannot create the content easily in Shopify SEO for blogs, pages and posts. It isn’t that flexible yet for content marketing strategies.
  • It has locked some of the SEO features like direct access and modification into the sitemap.
  • Shopify doesn’t have subcategories. It has subcollection and this often disturbs the code.

Let’s discuss the Shopify SEO checklist to add value to your online store.

Shopify SEO checklist that you should not miss

So, are you looking for some Shopify SEO tips? Check out here the most effective and best SEO tips for Shopify –

Meta Title: Informs the user and search engine regarding what your website is all about. Here you can edit the title tag for products, pages and collections.

Meta Description: It gives you an opportunity to brief out the expectations and preferences of the customer and give them reasons to visit your website. Here, you can edit and modify the title content automatically through meta descriptions.

Mobile Friendly: Websites should be easily navigated and mobile-friendly. It should be easily crawled and understood by the search engine so that your online store can be ranked on Google.

Custom URLs: Create URLs that display your content with some value and motive.

SSL encryption: It maintains authenticity between a browser and web server. Google has been punishing websites that don’t have any SSL encryption. And let me tell you that all online stores built with Shopify can utilize SSL encryption.

Headings: Headings and subheadings make your contact readable and scannable. Follow this technique while uploading content on your website.

Canonical tags: Canonical tags is an HTML element that tells the search engine that a specific URL represents the master copy of a page. It prevents the problems caused by duplicates in the content on multiple URLs.

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10 Effective Shopify SEO Tips For E-Commerce Website

1. Give importance to blogging

Do you want to improve your store visibility on search engines? Are there any benefits of SEO?

You will have to publish quality content in your blog section. Make sure you maintain the level of consistency and add value to your content.

With the help of Shopify, you can easily navigate visitors to your blog section. However, don’t forget to hire professionals for Shopify SEO. They will add the right keyword for targeting the special segment of demographics.

So, it’s like, when you consistently publish blog posts in your niche, the audience knows you as an industry expert. And on the other side, Google crawls your website to improve your visibility.

2. Evaluate the speed of your website

The loading speed of your website plays a crucial role in improving the ranking of your website. It creates a direct impact on your accessibility. The reason behind this is – when your website is easy to navigate, it enhances the experience of users.

The higher the loading time, the lower would be the dwell time per visitor. This will ultimately impact your ranking on search engines. As a result, pay attention to making your Shopify store faster. All you can do is –

  • Choose optimized and small-size images
  • Delete applications that you are not using
  • Remove unwanted sliders
  • Choose a mobile-friendly theme 

For more SEO tips in Shopify, contact Info Stans now!

3. Use a Responsive Design

Responsive Design refers to when your Shopify store works equally great and smooth on all platforms including smartphones, desktop version and tablets.

Responsive designs not only improve the experience of users but also give an opportunity for their conversion. It may convert your visitors into customers because of better usability results. Isn’t that too effective for your online store?

Start with Shopify SEO best practices and improve your online store experience.

4. Maintain originality in content throughout your online store

Duplicate content is a straightaway red flag for your online store. Google doesn’t allow duplicate or copied content. It permits content with credits and legit reference that has some credible sources.

Moreover, you know, internal or external duplication often creates an adverse effect on your site ranking. Google may penalize your store. Therefore, whatever content you upload on your eCommerce store, make sure you check its originality. In some sections, where you have to copy the content to show the stats and facts, don’t forget to add the source there. 

Okay, so, now the question is – how to check the originality of the content?

 Various professional tools like Copyscape are available where you can check the originality of the content and underline the grammar errors too. Such tools will also look after internal and external plagiarism.

What else can you do to make your content original?

Set up canonicals and 301 redirects. If it still shows that some of your content is duplicated, you have three main options –

  • Reach to the owner of the website and ask him to change the content if you are sure about it that he has copied your content
  • In other cases, you will have to rephrase the words and tone so that Google doesn’t catch you.
  • The best you can do is write a new copy maintaining your standards of quality.

5. Create Unique Page Title and Write Meta Descriptions for Your pages

Meta Descriptions and Page titles are one of the key elements for any website to get rank on the search engine. Make sure you include the right set of keywords related to your topic and page content.

Follow all the guidelines while writing the page title and Meta description. Keep it within the character and ensure it is crisp and effective that easily delivers the right message.

You can always hire professionals for Shopify SEO optimization of your website. This will definitely pay off in your search engine rankings.

6. Link your Products Page from the Home Page

Why shall I like your product page from the home page?

Your home page is the cornerstone of your website and holds the highest power when it comes to attracting the visitors. Therefore, you should create navigation links on your homepage that will redirect the visitor directly to your product page.

Many store owners don’t like their product pages from the home page and then they complain about no or less sales. Also, in the case of a dozen products, create collections.

TIP: Always mention your products clearly at the top of the home page. Make it reachable. You can include a search box too for quick access.

7. Technical SEO for SHOPIFY is Mandatory

For conducting technical SEO of your Shopify website, follow these guidelines -:

  • Check a robots.txt file so that bots can crawl your website
  • Ensure your website has a sitemap.xml file and add the same to your Google Search Console
  • Correct application of domain canonicalization and canonical tags
  • Create an account at Google Analytics and track your metrics
  • Validate HTML and CSS
  • Resolve errors and redirect issues
  • Make proper use of heading tags H1 H2 H3 and more

Do you want to analyze the speed of your website? Use Google’s Page Speed and GTMetrix.

8. Add schema markup

Schema Markup is a type of micro-content you use to help search engines better understand the info on your website in order to serve rich results.

This will lead you to more likes and more clicks; more traffic and more sales.

All you have to do is fill in the details in the backend and display key information into the Schema Markup. Try this hack and yes, your Shopify SEO will boost significantly.

9. Build High-Quality Backlinks to Your Shopify Store

Want to multiply the visitors to your Shopify store? Are you building backlinks for your online store then?

If you know, quality backlinks are a part of the trinity of SEO. It contributes crucially in bringing traffic to your website. All you have to do is create a strong profile of your online store on Yelp, Amazon and other popular platforms that have credibility under Google’s eye. In return, you will have strong backlinks that will boost your impression and add value to your online store in the search engine’s list.

Start building high-quality backlinks for your online store now! Try this Shopify SEO guide now!

10. Install the Free Product Review App

Product Reviews and testimonials at your online store work as a stepping stone into the world of competition. It only optimizes your store but also enhances credibility in front of your targeted demographics.

Shopify product review application is a free app that gives you an opportunity to engage with your audience, listen to their problems and preferences and deliver the best to satisfy their requirement.

Strong reasons why you should install the free product review app-

  • It has the potential to boost your conversion and sales of the products
  • The more product reviews you get, the higher would be your google search listings
  • Interact with your audience and improve your product accordingly

The Final Words

So, the whole essence of your SEO for Shopify is to attract visitors to your website and improve the conversion ratio. And if you fail to do that, what’s the point in running an online store?

Luckily, Info Stans is all here to underline your requirement and conduct campaigns specifically for your online business. Our SEO specialists will audit your online store and list down all the instances that need to be changed and boosted. We will also make you understand the Importance of SEO.

You can call us now to book an appointment for further discussion about your website. We are all here to help you, anytime.

Popular FAQ

  • Start blogging consistently
  • Focus on the speed of your site
  • Add schema markup
  • Maintain originality in content
Shopify offers an excellent range of SEO tools that get your page indexed and boost your ranking in the search engine.
It optimizes your content and shows search related queries to users. That’s how it helps you to bring more traffic and sales to your online store.
You will have to hire an SEO professional who can help you get the desired result. Reach out to Infostans now!

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