5+ Strategies for Voice Search Optimization Success

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Hey, are you a new brand or an existing company?

Do you use Voice Search?

If not, then you are really missing something superior. Read below to explore what it is and how it benefits the brands with a combination of incredible strategies.

What is voice search?

Voice search is a technology that lets users give a command to search for that specific thing on the internet. While SEO voice search, refers to asking questions or giving a command of keywords which in return suggest to you all relevant products or services that include such keywords.

Voice search optimization is not a fad. It has gained mileage all across the world because of the convenience and comfortability it offers.

According to Voice labs, there were a total of 33 million voice-first devices in circulation.

In fact, do you know, 20 % of mobile queries are voice searches as stated by Google?

“How do I write a voice search?”Is voice search the future?” “How do I optimize voice search?” We have all answers to your questions.

Learn how to optimize for voice search for an immeasurable success of your brand-

1. Voice Search Optimization provides valuable content

Do you want to rank top in search engines? Start creating content. Voice search SEO is the next big thing in the digital world that gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge with your audience.

According to Gartner, 32% of consumers are interested in using hands-free technology to avoid touch or contamination.

So when you use voice search optimization, you pull information to answer the question.

  • Create FAQ page
  • Draft industry specific content
  • Answer questions to feature snippet

2. Use conversational language for content

Are you looking for optimizing for voice search on smart speakers?

Make sure you use conversational language for content. Like people may search “stainless steel pans” or How to cook in “stainless steel pans”. Therefore, you need to hire SEO company to optimize your SEO campaigns to answer the questions of users.

For an instance-

  • You need to optimize for questions
  • Focus on long tail keywords
  • Focus on matching user’s search intent

3.  Provide Context with Schema Markup

Are you using schema markup? If not, then you should start using it to let your search engine know what your site is all about? Because Google understands your language by utilizing schemas.

This HTML add on will help you to effectively pursue voice search marketing for answering queries of users. Therefore, focus more and more on providing context with schema markup.

4. Target long tail keyword phrases  

Voice search of Google is a bit longer than the typed version. Therefore, analyzing the trend of SEO speech, you must target long tail keyword phrases.

Make sure you include most of the terms into the keyword so it can respond to the majority of search queries. You can also add fillers to it to make it rank better and speedier.

5. Leverage Google My Business listing

We all know how “near me” searches have quickly become popular. It gave a vast identity to small brands with Google My Business Listing.

Wondering how it is so unique about this speech search google listing? Whenever any person speaks for a “store near me”, Google will also suggest some of the similar businesses in that particular location.

  • Target local keywords
  • Improve your local SEO
  • Select the right business categories and area codes        

6. Focus on the mobile version

When it comes to thinking mobile, it offers you a plethora of opportunities to take your business on a larger scale. Along with that, even Google emphasizes more on mobile experiences and strives to improve them with every growing day.

The reason behind this is – people are more likely to search through mobile than laptops or web versions. In context to voice search, the mobile version beats all the other devices when it comes to online transactions.

Therefore, it is crucial to build a mobile-friendly website that broadly includes search queries ensuring visibility and exposure to your content and overall brand identity.

The Final Words

Voice Search Optimization is the future of digital marketing and will continue to grow exponentially over years and years. In order to beat the competition, it is advisable to adopt this sort of marketing trend to meet the customer’s expectation.

The above discussed Voice Optimization Strategies are tried and tested. These will help you to rank better in search engines and gain more visibility by incorporating the best of all content. Let us know which strategy you’re gonna follow for your brand positioning.

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