WooCommerce vs Shopify: Which is Better for 2024


Is Shopify faster than WooCommerce?

Or is it the reverse?

Ah! What a head scratcher!


Well, you are not alone. Most of the businesses are looking to start their online store. But, there is a confusion between Shopify and WooCommerce.

However, in the real sense, both allow you to build your online business with a different set of features, themes, pricing options and plugins to bring uniqueness to your business.

Let’s discuss more in detail-

What is Shopify?

Shopify is all in one e-commerce platform that lets businesses bring their operations online without looking for any developer’s help. All you have to do is sign up, purchase your domain and hosting and start adding your products.

Besides, it offers a host of tools for creating a distinctive brand identity by offering logo creator, video creator and a business name generator.

Let’s discuss pros and cons of WooCommerce vs Shopify here-

✅ Pros of Shopify:

  • Quick and easy to set up and use
  • It is Mobile friendly
  • SEO & Marketing tools are available
  • It has its own payment gateway
  • It offers abandoned cart recovery to potentially generate more revenue

❎ Cons of Shopify:

  • Limited options are available in terms of Design Customisation
  • For generating more revenue, you will have to purchase more features
  • It doesn’t have any access to email hosting
  • It doesn’t offer any access to marketing automation

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free plugin offered by WordPress to convert your standard website into a functional one. Here you can add some extensions and plugins, and customize your website as per your requirement. Like WordPress, WooCommerce is designed to be an extendable, adaptable, open-source platform.

Also, it is free to install and one of the most ideal e-commerce options for cost conscious users.

Pros of WooCommerce:

  •  It’s Easy to Use for Non-Tech Entrepreneurs
  • You get the best support from the community
  • It is super flexible when it comes to third party integration
  • Easy to optimize your website with WooCommerce as it is SEO Friendly
  • Ensures extra ease and benefits of publishing content on your webshop

Cons of WooCommerce:

  • It’s WordPress Specific
  • There are some hidden costs for business owners

Shopify vs WooCommerce 2024

Which one would you select?🤔 Struggling with a lot of questions? Continue reading and find answers to your question.

Let’s have the final comparison of Shopify Vs WooCommerce in detail-:

1. Shopify Vs WooCommerce: Ecommerce Features 🛒

Do you want to start an online store? Shopify vs WooCommerce – which one to choose?

Typically, both platforms offer the latest ecommerce features that are essential to launching your store online. No doubt, you can make your first sale from there.

However, significantly, Shopify ensures a pure play experience with some of its in built features. For instance-

Abandoned cart recovery:

This is an important feature for ecommerce stores. Through this feature, you can send a friendly reminder to your users who haven’t yet completed their final purchase. Try this for recovering your lost sales.

Multichannel selling:

This feature lets you sell on multiple channels within its dashboard. List your products on eBay, Amazon and other ecommerce platforms and engage in social selling. 


If you are in Australia, US or Canada, you can be benefitted from Shopify’s shipping carrier accounts. Merchants who are eligible can sync their account with the carrier’s account to get reduced rates for their

Eligible merchants can sync their Shopify account to the company’s partner carriers to get reduced rates for their shipping labels, display calculated rates instead of flat rates at checkout, and print shipping labels directly from the Shopify admin.

However, in the case of WooCommerce, you will have to use third party integration for adding these features to your ecommerce store.

WordPress vs Shopify ecommerce- which one do you choose?

2. Shopify vs WooCommerce: Design, Themes & Templates 🔎

So what’s the first thing that attracts the company’s interest? It’s the design and look and feel of your website. This means that UI UX plays a crucial role and therefore you should pay extra care while selecting the design, theme or template.

Shopify or WooCommerce – which one is better when it comes to the selection of themes? Shopify offers a customizable theme from the admin panel. However, it still restricts a number of themes approx. 71.

While there’s hardly any limit for theme selection with WooCommerce. Since it is compatible and runs smoothly across multiple platforms, WooCommerce offers a wide range of choices to develop an incredible online store for your business.

3. WooCommerce Vs Shopify: Blogs & Content ✍️

Content plays an important role in widespread online businesses. Your marketing and branding are dependent on the quality of content you put out in front of your customers. Moreover, WordPress is the best content management system when it comes to blogging and managing your content requirements.

With WooCommerce, you can easily create blogs with the incessant support of themes and templates. On the other hand, Shopify lacks the innovation and creativity offered by WooCommerce. It just offers the standard version for blogging.

On the other hand, blogging with Shopify is just another standard feature. Although it is quite easy to blog with Shopify as well, it lacks the innovative advantages that WooCommerce can offer.

4. WooCommerce Vs Shopify: Dropshipping 🚚

Dropshipping is a form of online business where you don’t have to build an ecommerce store. You don’t have to keep the products in stock. In fact, you have to purchase the products from vendors and then ship them directly to the main customers based on their requirements.

So, let’s compare WooCommerce and Shopify here

When you build your website with Shopify, the front end of your site will look like an online store. Just like other e-commerce websites, users can browse, buy, add to a cart and make payments.

It offers integration apps like Oberlo, AiExpress, and more with some membership fees and additional charges.

When you build your website with WooCommerce, you can easily find extensions for instantly importing products, fulfilling orders from the website and more. It offers integration apps like eBay that allow other vendors to sell on your website.

Keep in mind that your supplier and vendor may have minimum order requirements, membership fees, and other charges. You need to keep those in mind when adding products to your WooCommerce dropshipping store.

5. WooCommerce vs Shopify: SEO 📈

It is important to optimize your online store to improve its ranking in search engines. So, when it comes to WooCommerce SEO, it offers some of the world’s most powerful SEO solutions – Yoast SEO. Through this, you can tell Google about your product offerings and what is all about. You can add Meta descriptions and Alt texts to your product images. This altogether will help you in improving the visibility of your page.

When it comes to Shopify SEO, it comes with a no. of applications that will improve the performance of your website on Google. Along with that, robot.txt and sitemap are automatically taken care of here.

Plus, Shopify also allows you to add titles and descriptions to your pages and products. Also, robot.txt and sitemap are automatically taken care of for you.

Shopify vs WooCommerce SEO – who’s the winner?

6. WooCommerce vs Shopify: User Support 🤝

Starting an online business is a necessity and to keep it fuelled, you need all the help and support.

So, how does WooCommerce compare with Shopify when it comes to user support? Well, that’s a question here.

When it comes to WooCommerce, you will have to perform everything on your own. The reason behind this is- it has numerous support resources like guides, expansive documentation, blogs and more. In fact, you can submit your support request to the technical team of WooCommerce without any additional hassle.

Note that, you may have to wait a while before someone gets back to you.

Personalized support and 24*7 availability are one of the main reasons why businesses shift from WooCommerce to Shopify. Also, it offers a support guide, expansive documentation and community forums.

7. WooCommerce vs Shopify: Security 🔒

WooCommerce runs on WordPress and therefore the security measures fall into your own hands. You will have to configure site security plugins, get your own SSL certificate, two factor authentication and others for protecting your website through WooCommerce security.

On the other hand, Shopify offers a high level of security and is PCI compliant. It safeguards your website and stops information from being tampered with by criminals. Moreover, it has in built SSL which means that if someone visits your website, it will protect against the unauthorized processing of personal information.

8. WooCommerce Vs Shopify: pricing 💰

Is WooCommerce cheaper than Shopify?

Okay, so basically WooCommerce is a free plugin of WordPress. You just have to incur expenses that include-

  • Web Hosting and domain
  • Theme/design
  • Extensions

The cost of hosting a WooCommerce website usually starts at $4/month. Cloudways offers fully optimized managed WooCommerce hosting for just $10/month with hassle free process.

Premium Shopify themes start at $100. If you want to get started with Shopify, expect to spend nothing less than $29/month.

The final words:

That’s it.

If you want to create a fully functional and interactive online store, Shopify is the better option for you. Here, you can choose excellent themes and build a store that won’t demand much technical knowledge. Moreover, you also get a seamless customer support team here for resolving your queries throughout the setup and maintenance process.

However, you can choose WooCommerce if you want to have greater control over your website design and hosting. This suits only if you have some sort of technical knowledge to manage the integrations and system.

Thus, WooCommerce Vs Shopify both are the best options when it comes to launching your online store. Determine your objectives, know your requirements and select the technologies before finalizing your e-commerce platform.

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Popular FAQ

Shopify provides service as a platform. WooCommerce is a self hosted e-commerce platform.
In the end, both WooCommerce and Shopify make your online store unique and distinctive. It all depends on your requirement and selection of plugins. Call Info Stans now for more information on this.
Shopify comes with an SSL certificate and is PCI-DSS compliant. With WooCommerce, you'll need to source SSL and set up PCI-DSS compliance on your own.
The Shopify connector for WooCommerce lets you easily migrate your online Shopify store to the WooCommerce store by importing product details, images and image URLs and existing data of customers from your website.

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