15 Best WordPress Map Plugins In 2024

Google Maps are the latest trend hitting the website rank to the search engine listing. It holds a wider market where researchers justify the scope worth $11 Billion in the upcoming years. 

Moreover, 77% of smartphone users are regularly using the navigation application. It primarily gives a wake-up call to emerging businesses to insert maps in their app for quicker interaction. 

And for websites, do you know almost 5,244,592 live websites are using Google Maps? They are using basic to advanced plugins to deliver a smooth glance to your business presence. 

It has brought out amazing augmented reality features to enable visitors to pinpoint with your current business location for easy reaching. 

Best WordPress Map Plugins In 2024:

Here, we have discussed the most useful and relevant Maps Plugins for WordPress to improve the worthiness of your contact page.

#1: WP Google Maps (FREE/$9.99-plus)

Google Maps is one of the most freemium WordPress plugins. It gives you complete flexibility for google map customization at your pages or posts just with the right shortcode or a widget. 

You can use this to map out your delivery location, contact pages, route tracking and others. 

WP Google Maps are user friendly and designed simply with drag and drop functionality. As discussed it has free and pro versions to encash basic and premium features. 

It has almost 400,000+ active installations giving a boost to every website to increase user interaction and engagement with easy navigation. 

Incredible Features:

  • 9 popular map themes
  • Custom marker icons
  • Multiple maps
  • Google Maps API 
  • Shows visitor location on maps

#2: Hero Maps Premium ($20)

Are you looking for an impressive full-screen map

Then you must try Hero Maps Premium

It is dynamic, flexible and one of the WordPress interactive map plugins that creates a full-width map to your website for better visibility. 

However, if you Hire WordPress Developer, you will be able to create your own maps with convenience. 

Besides that, it offers a range of configuration options to drag and drop and adjust markers as per the requirement.

Incredible Features:

  • Use your own markers 
  • Completely responsive 
  • Export functionality and CSV import 
  • Facilitates cross-browser compatibility

#3: Interactive Geo Maps ($3.99)

Do you want to impress your users?

Interactive Geo Maps is a widely used plugin for business as well as professional verticals. It gives advanced zooming options and live filters for achieving a better score on impressions. 

This WordPress map plugin has 6000+ active installations providing a wider range of features and functions displaying world map, single country maps, or continent maps. 

Besides that, it comes with touch-enabled SVG maps that are inserted directly into your HTML5 pages. 


Incredible features are:

  • Advance map projections 
  • Color Grid with country maps
  • Responsive and compatible 
  • Cluster markers

#4: 5sec Google Maps ($12)

5sec Google Maps is one of the premium WordPress map plugins that offers a neat range of functions and features. With the help of dedicated widgets or shortcodes, it becomes comprehend to add the maps to your website page. 

This wp interactive map plugin is beginner-friendly and removes all the complexities of coding for seamless integration. 

Incredible Features:

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly 
  • Simple shortcodes – can be used anywhere
  • Unlimited collection of pins and maps 

easy maps and made with 10 beautiful skins

#5: WP Store Locator ($25)

As the name suggests, the WordPress store locator is designed to integrate with the location management system and evaluate the driving directions and distances. It requires developer-friendly code and devotes customized tools and plugins. 

And, the best part is – you can upload the maps to your site within a matter of seconds. Besides that, it gives you a notification or displays the stores within the nearby location.

With the hot features, you can attach your company logo for a standalone impression. It is available at $25 at CodeCanyon. 

Incredible Features:

  • Manage unlimited stores 
  • Flexible with multilingual platforms 
  • Can customize the map settings 
  • 50+ filters to adjust the appearance of the map

#6: Maps Marker (FREE/€39-plus)

Maps Marker is a comprehensive geo-mapping content management system that offers feature-rich google maps widgets and WordPress mapping plugins.

You can add and organize the markers in a unique way that stimulates the look and feel of your website. You get a large collection of icons with a compatible plugin for translation like- Polylang and WPML

Incredible Features:

  • Marker clustering with animation
  • GPX TRACKS to display the routes 
  • Polyline support to draw shapes on map

Availability of Google maps markers

#7: Responsive Styled Google Maps ($16)

Responsive Style Google Maps brings the most interesting collection that creates a google map with multiple pins configuring exactly with the specifications. 

It comes with a live preview option that gives you complete flexibility to adjust or re-create the changes in real-time. 

With commendable search functionality and HTML pop-ups, it can create diverse and feasible maps for your seamless website. 

Incredible Features:

  • Create maps based on the address 
  • No API key is required 
  • Ensures W3C validation 
  • Offers commercial version with advanced add-ons

#8: Geo Mashup (FREE)

Geo Mashup is one of the most popular WordPress map plugins that offers a simplified interface with basic functions. 

It comes with an attachment of the KML files to posts and pages. This saves the location information within the post and then streams it on the maps. 

You can look for a professional company that can assist you with how to make a locator map and publish it to the website. 

Incredible Features:

  • Reverse Geocoding is available 
  • It has Geo-Search widget to search content from any distance 
  • Facilitates marker clustering

#9: Mapify.it ($17)

Mapify.it is a 100% customized and interactive map for WordPress that offers a mind-blowing graphic with an alluring effect for retaining visitors to your site. 

It gives a pan effect to your Google locator maps with the help of pop-up galleries and a custom selection of images. 

You can use Mapify.it to apply custom markers with the hover boxes at any specific destination. 

Almost, 10,000+ customers are already using MapifyPro to bring sophistication to their websites. 


  • Help you with location-based information
  • Custom tooltip content management 
  • Can zoom the location and add text to the hover box

#10: Google Maps Easy (Free/ $39)

Google Maps Easy is one of the best WordPress map plugins that create maps within a few minutes. The markers include a range of video and audio clips, links, and others with unlimited options. 

It comes with a free and premium version where google maps pro provides one-step-ahead features and functions. 

This WordPress location map is used especially in the contact forms to give input on your exact business location. It has over 40,000+ active installations. 

Incredible Features:

  • Easy to map with social media icons 
  • 100% customizable 
  • Add map with PHP code or shortcode

#11: Google map widget ($18.99)

Are you exhausted from time-consuming WordPress plugins? Because it takes hours for a perfect set up? 

But, have you tried Google Map Widget?

This gives you Google Maps Widget options for- Title and Address. However, with the Thumbnail feature, you can select any color scheme, interactive map options, map style: Satellite map, hybrid map, road map, or any. 

There are 80,000+ active installations for Google Map Widget WordPress. 

Incredible features:

  • Translatable and multilingual maps 
  • Easy to pinch and zoom the map
  • Place maps anywhere on-site with shortcode functions 

#12: Mapplic ($46)

Mapplic is a one-stop solution to create a delightful user experience with an attractive map. It helps you in creating floor plans and applying the geographical guide before publishing on your website. 

With the touch-optimized maps, it creates a unique opportunity to engage with visitors and let me scroll down the exact location. 

Incredible Features:

  • Display location with temporary events 
  • No programming language is required 
  • Built-in library of templates 
  • Allow custom pins, landmarks, and icons 
  • Perfectly serves as a country map builder 

#13: Snazzy Maps (FREE)

Snazzy Maps is a freemium Word pressmap plugin that gives you an exciting map styling and beautiful design to add uniqueness to your website. 

However, you can freely use it for personal objectives, but to unlock the business requirements, the rates start at $10. Till the date, it has managed 70,000+ active installation. 


Incredible Features:

  • 100+ styles are available with good filter options 
  • Quick access to the plugins by signing API key
  • Easy to install and quick to set up

#14: Gutenberg Map Block

Gutenberg Map Block is successfully used by beginners to improve the visual of the map on the website.  All you need to do is look for the installation and activation of the plugin. 

Also, with a few settings, you can adjust, edit, coordinate with the detailing of the map considering its size, height, width and zooming effect. 

It has almost 4,000+ active installation with nearly ten languages. 

Incredible Features:

  • API key works across multiple platforms 
  • Ensures easiness to add the content

#15: Progress Map WordPress Plugin ($59)

Progress Map WordPress Plugin is basically a location map builder where you can place the location of your store. It guides the users with the help of drawings.

In short, this is a direction giving plugin that displays the listing in a carousel. This innovative plugin will deliver a sleek impression to your website significantly. 

Incredible features:

  • 70+ ready to use map styles 
  • Unlimited collection of polylines and polygons 
  • KML Layers are available to display information in a geographical context 
  • Provides a powerful and integrated admin panel 

And the best WordPress Plugin 

That’s it for today!

Above discussed plugins have their own distinctive features that make your business standout from the crowd. All you need is to specify your requirements and accordingly select the best one. 

Info Stans is a trusted WordPress Development Company that would help and instruct you to add WordPress plugins to your website contact page. We would boost the engagement with users, driving a pool of new customers to your business location through an interactive Google Map. 

So, have you used any of the above-mentioned plugins for inserting Google Maps? 

If not, try one and let us know in the comment section which plugins kick off your business.

Popular FAQ

Visit Maps Marker Pro page -> Click on the 'Add New Layer' button -> Name your layer and publish -> Finally, add map markers on it.
Go to Appearance -> Click Widgets -> Drag Map Widget ‘Wordpress Google Maps’ to sidebar. Now, edit and modify for the best map.
The maps plugins for WordPress are Interactive Geo Maps, WP Store Locator, Mapplic, etc..
Use search box -> Click on add to map -> Open the Map -> Click on ‘add marker button ->Now, add multiple locations to your google map.

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