WordPress vs. Wix 2023 | 10 Key Differences To Know

Are you looking for website development?

But, confused between Wix and WordPress?

Well, both are effective. If there is Wix for blogging then there is WordPress for plugins. 

On one side, these are beginner-friendly, saving much of the time and energy for website creation while, on the other side, consist of complex functions.

So, all you need to do is evaluate and compare the points of difference to select the ideal one for you! 

WordPress vs. Wix:  Key Differences

Now, to know who will win the battle – WordPress vs.Wix 2023, read out these below-mentioned points for a better sense of comparison.

#1: Pricing and cost


Do you know what is WordPress used for?

WordPress is  free and open-source and even helpful for the beginners. It provides one of the premium themes from ‘ThemeForest’ costing around $39. 

While WPForms offer a drag and drop option starting from $40/year. 

  • Requires web hosting and own domain (can use Bluehost)
  • Offers a flexible plan
  • Pay as per the selection of themes 


Is Wix free? 

Wix is one of the elegant web building sites that offers a free version to develop websites for free. Besides that, it offers a premium version for both e-commerce and business. 

So, to remove the ads, you need to opt for premium offers. To know, how much does Wix cost, here the numbers- 

It accepts yearly as well as monthly payment option wherein, the unlimited plan offers ($12.50 / month) and E-commerce ($16.5/month). 

    • It advertises over the bottom and topmost portion
    • You don’t get a custom domain name
    • Your website will have username.wix.com/sitename


#2: WordPress Ecommerce


WordPress is the best blog platform that offers an array of themes to successfully run an eCommerce store. 

It provides your business with fully functional and relatable plugins which can ease you in selling and transacting the products globally. 

WooCommerce has 5+ million active installations offering enticing storefronts under dynamic pricing rules. 

  • Offers innumerable plugin options 
  • Free and Paid plugin 
  • Effective in minimizing the cart-abandonment
  • Easy Digital Downloads & WooCommerce are the leaders 

Wix offers an online store functionality to your e-commerce business to select the best themes. 

  • Limited options for themes
  • Plugins come under premium versions 
  • Limited options for payment gateways 
  • Offers application to access Wix art stores and manage orders 

Who got more points?- WordPress vs.Wix.

#3: Blogging

WordPress is the best site to create a website and is powerful enough for blogging and content management system. It gives you complete flexibility to add the blog to your website. 

It provides you a better option with – Squarespace and Weebly

Requires a bit of technical knowledge to successfully execute the blogging platform. 

You can hire WordPress Developer who will help you in developing a user-friendly website. 

  • Easy commenting options 
  • Intuitive to add a new blog post
  • Fully-fledged Gutenberg editor
  • Sorted plugins and widgets 
  • Offers reverse chronological indexing


Wix is one of the premium web building sites for mobile as well as desktop versions. However, with blogging, you can look for adding google analytics to Wix for collecting better insight. 

  • Helps you create categories 
  • Facilitates commenting on Facebook 
  • Cleaner and simple interface 

No drag and drop feature with a layout editor 

#4: Design and Layout

An appealing design and powerful layout is the key to improving the visibility of your website. A bold, cleaner, and user-friendly design leverages the chances for your brand to attain a standout from the crowd. 


WordPress has a thousand free templates that offer limited support. However, you can opt for the premium to encash seamless support with explorable designs and templates. 

Besides that, it offers 11,000+ themes with a diversified categorical range serving almost all the business verticals significantly. 

  • Has drag and drop option for customization
  • Can add custom CSS to change the theme 
  • Provides extensive control to your web-theme selection 


Wix comes with 500+ designer-made templates that are fully responsive and written within HTML5. 

It offers a plethora of collections ranging from personal requirements, e-commerce, business, hobbies, bakery, arts, and many more. 

  • Once you’ve selected the template, you can’t change 
  • Open for editing and modifications with built-in tools 
  • Limited customization options 

#5: Ease of Use

WordPress vs.Wixthe comparison is tough here! 


WordPress is the best place to build a website that offers easiness and convenience of usage. Besides that, it comes with a visual editor that facilitates further, customization of theme and content writing. 

However, it lacks the drag and drop page builder. But, you have fully-fledged availability of plugins for significant user navigation. 

Thus, you can definitely opt WordPress for business for a better facilitation. 

  • Easy to install and set up
  • Requires a bit of technical knowledge 
  • Best at fixing the issue


Wix is also an effective source for website development. It is easy to use and can conveniently improve the aesthetics of the site by providing advanced elements for customization. 

  • Does not require coding 
  • Has drag and drop interface 

#6: Plugins and Apps

Be it Wix or WordPress, both have extensive plugins to simplify the functions of website development.

However, in the WordPress ecosystem, it is called plugins, and for Wix, plugins are known as applications. 


Have you ever wondered what WordPress is used for? Mainly for plugins. It offers 55,000+ free plugins including- Block Enabled Plugins, Featured Plugins, Beta Plugins, and more. 

As discussed, it just requires technical knowledge to skilfully integrate within your website. Besides WooCommerce, WPML is another popular plugin for managing the multiple languages.


It offers 200+ applications allied with comments, contact forms, social media buttons, gallery, email marketing, and others. 

So, if you are looking for Wix visitor analytics or building a membership-based website, you’ve got a broad range of plugins. 

So what would you select Wix or WordPress?

#7: Data Portability Options in Wix vs WordPress

What is Data Portability? 

It gives you complete flexibility for moving the content as and when required.


So, when it comes to Wix, you get restricted to the feasibility of data portability. For instance, you are permitted to export the Blog content only into the XML format. 

And for this, you will have to manually perform all the tasks of downloading which may have a bit of complexity.


WordPress is known as a one-click exporter for moving content easily and conveniently. 

Besides that, you can have a data backup, and facilitates the manual downloading of pictures and videos since it is a self-hosted platform.

#8: The Editor

WordPress vs.Wix Whom would you support?


WordPress hosting comparison goes beyond winning the tag for delivering a delightful Editing experience. 

It gives you an opportunity for creating posts and managing content without any kind of additional hassle. 

Because recently WordPress has shifted to the Gutenberg Block-based editor. Here, you can easily insert or remove or adjust the blocks with just one click. 

  • Easy to add images, text, or headings 
  • Helps with the creation of tags and categories 
  • No chance to see the live changes



Wix Editor helps you with removing, rearranging, or deleting any element for delivering a classic visual impression. 

And, the best part is – you can view the editing process in a live setting. 

#9: Maintenance

Who’s the winner? – Wix or WordPress? 

Every website requires a strong and consistent support and maintenance system so it becomes compatible on multiple platforms, fixing bugs and errors for a smooth performance.


When it comes to security and maintenance services, it depends on your efforts and promptness for regularly updating the themes and features. 

Here, maintaining the security of your website becomes your sole concern. 

  • Open for backups 
  • Well-managed 
  • Offers strong security plugins like Nestify 


For Wix, it provides you with a vulnerable and fully- fledged security system. In case of extended customer support, you need to opt for premium plans.  

#10: SEO – Would you rank higher?

Search Engine Optimization is a must-have strategy for improving your rank amongst competitors. 

But, who won the game of customer satisfaction? –Wix vs WordPress for SEO.

Both have relevant plugins to leap your site to the topmost ranking list. 

But, which one is the best?


Wix has various SEO apps (plugins) that hold the strength to boost your site to the next level. A few of them are-

Site Booster (Free/$3.44)

  • Upload the information to multiple platforms 
  • Track the performance 
  • Target the most relevant keywords 
  • Integrate with the essential business information 

Rabbit SEO (Free/ $7.49)

  • Offers a one-stop solution for ranking 
  • Gives you email updates and notifications 
  • Optimize the landing pages 

WordPress SEO

Are you looking for developing a WordPress online store with a standout impression?

Yes, it is possible. 

WordPress possesses an innumerable plugins that drive sincere traffic to your site. Offers a comprehensive benefit for schema implementation to branding your website significantly. 

Yoast SEO (Free/$69)

  • Yoast SEO has 5+ million active installations.
  • You can test the quality and readability of content. 
  • Gives you suggestions for optimizing the keywords, meta description, and internal linking

Rank Math

  • Free version 
  • Effective for on-page optimization 
  • Set up URL, site name, or metadata  

WordPress vs.Wix: And the Winner is……

Website Development is often the best way to showcase your business and create a unique set of positioning in the minds of your targeted demographics.

So, if you are looking for powerful and long term web development solutions – go for WordPress. It would give you a well-supportive directory, blogging comfort, as well as FTP access. 

You can always hire Info Stans, a WordPress development company to build a classic and sophisticated website. 

However, if you are looking for a small scale website, then go for Wix. It provides your site with the business-focused and e-commerce based apps to streamline the growth of your enterprise irrespective of whichever vertical it belongs to. 

Thus, evaluate the WordPress pros and cons as well for Wix before finalizing the website development plan. 

Let us know your thoughts on WordPress and Wix in the comment section!

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Popular FAQ

WordPress is better than Wix as it provides free plugins for SEO ranking.
Set up a domain name & WordPress web host -> Build a new wordpress site -> import your blogs from Wix via RSS -> Customise the look and feel -> Convert wix pages into wordpress -> select the navigation menu -> Redirect your Wix site to wordpress.
Yes, you can add your blog by creating a sub domain.
You can purchase a domain from Wix or from any other domain host to continue using the Wix.
WordPress is a better choice for Building websites considering all the security measures.

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