Top 12 WordPress Web Design Trends Follow in 2023

Is WordPress good?

Can I develop my professional website on WordPress?

Yes. WordPress offers 100% customization with basic to advanced level plugins.

And, to make your website look exceptional and amazing, it gives a personal touch with mind blowing web designing ideas with the latest WordPress web design Trends.

Once you explore, there’s no going back.

Here, we have discussed the upcoming WordPress web design Trends to uplift your value from the rest of the competitors. All these give you a new frontier to the user experience. Let’s know more in detail 

WordPress web design trends 2023

1.    Minimalistic themes

Minimalism is no more boring now. It gives a subtle impression to your WordPress Website Development. However, flat themes and graphics often hit the trend by focusing on usability. It comes with a crisp edge, a clean and spacious interface folded with the 2-D illustrations.

With an uncluttered experience, it offers ornamental elements attracting the users directly to your site. Yes, this is one of the newest website designs that grab the user’s eyes making an illustrative detailing.

How to create a minimalistic flat design? Tips and Tricks

  • Use solid and vivid colors
  • Keep your text concise and succinct
  • Select sans-serif typography
  • Use noticeable UI with button, tabs, and functions

2.Mixing the power of Saturation

From plain to bold and bold to a gradient, the power of Saturation never fades away. This is one of the latest WordPress web design trends in web designing. In today’s web designing world, the best WordPress sites are gaining visibility with their bold and contrasting designs.

According to Buffer, the science behind the color selection is quite scientific and each color reveals a different passion and emotion.

Moreover, while focusing on designing, a professional WordPress website designer also looks after the most alluring and synchronized trends in web design to trigger the feelings of users.

The Language of Colors

A sharp contrast often aids with the accessibility by creating a resonating vibe for the users. It also draws the attention and gives them a reason to play and stay on your site.

  • Red – Youthful, Energizing, Passionate, Hunger
  • Blue – Profession. Confidence, Credible, Trust
  • Yellow – Enlightening, Clarity, Caution

3. The Return of User Focus

If you have wondered what’s the objective of current web design trends? The answer is- making it more and more User Focus.

The ultimate focus of every design is to target and retain the users. So, if you want to rank in the list of top WordPress sites, make sure your design very well communicates with the user.

It’s all about humanizing with your text and interface. So check, does it very well communicate?

Things to consider while selecting the user focus designs for your website-

  • Think about who will be your end user
  • Address your strategy and conduct a visual audit
  • Try to solve the problems with a seamless style
  • Go for the new requirement, new model, a new update

4. Thumb Friendly Mobile Navigation

We all are looking for WordPress responsive designs but, have you wondered for Thumb friendly designs? This is gonna hit off the trend and give your business a vast stand out.

Ok, but, what is thumb-friendly mobile navigation design?

It refers to the way you are holding your hand. If you are reading this on your mobile phone, just notice your wrapped fingers. Observe how you are scrolling the slides with the thumb.

So, the game here is taking your WordPress web design to the next big level by following these quick easy navigation tips-

  • Putting the icons at the center of the screen (easy to swipe)
  • Give attention to the placement of buttons
  • A visible and easily navigated menu bar
  • Quick sharing contact options

P.S. Focus on the areas of thumb and accordingly design your website. You’re gonna rock in 2023.

5. Bring back the Power of ‘White Space’

White space gives you enough room for your content and attracts the eye of visitors. It makes your site look clean and fresh – no gaudy – no clutters.

This is the best way to show your readers what exactly you wanted to. Of Course, they’re gonna enjoy it so much!

It literally created harmony between the design and user experience for delivering a delightful impression to the first time visitor. Don’t forget, here, you got the power to highlight Call to Action and boost more engagement as you can.

Benefits of White Spacing Designs-

  • It gives focus to what actually matters
  • Easy to give a catch to your reader’s brain
  • Evolves imagination and improve creativity

Try these beautiful and elegant WordPress web design Trends now!

6. Series of Handmade Designs

Digital trends are bringing new technologies and apps for a classic look. But, still, handmade design ace the race. Your WordPress web design can still stand out from the crowd. That isn’t difficult.

Give voice to your brand with embossed fonts covered with bold color. Select decent stock photos, effective themes, and sober blurs for the right focus.

How can you win the users with handmade designs?

  • Study the trend and design quirkier icons
  • Make your ideas more memorable & likable
  • Give it a recalling and nostalgic feel
  • Don’t forget illustrations and animations

7. Point of Micro interactions

Introducing touchpoints to your website is really very important. It bridges connection with your users and engages them for discussion and sharing.

It let them create a digital community by sharing with other social media platforms. The best example is – Facebook reaction emoji. Have you tried?

So, if you are wondering how to add this latest web design trend, go for the Animate It! plugin. Install it and start using it. Here, you can add text, or image to trigger your users with animation.

Also,  do you want to highlight the text and share it to your colleagues?

Well, try to Highlight and Share plugin. This feature will boost your custom WordPress website design with a great deal of flexibility.

8. Virtual Reality

VR experiences make your website exclusive and most interactive giving really a professional impression. From real estate and tour and travel to the photography verticals, it has created an immersive benchmark with profitable returns.

If you are wondering about building a website with WordPress, make sure you add a VR tool for a distinctive value. It empowers your buyers to implement their decision as a matter of trust and satisfaction.

 In fact, you can experience your visitors converting into real customers. That’s so true!

VR no longer remains a gimmick. It has completely revolutionized the web designing industry.

The benefits of using VR to your WordPress website designs-

  • It is easier to focus on the real content
  • Open up the possibilities of interaction
  • Strengthen the trust of users with a demo like elements

9. Chat Bots

ChatBots has become one of the popular and everlasting WordPress web design trends 2023. This feature uplifts the urge to communicate with any prospective user at any point of time.

Artificial intelligence has made it easy to leverage a positive experience for your user by inserting chatbots. It will communicate with a live person irrespective of any time or physical location.

Thus, if you are looking for communicative WordPress website design trends, don’t forget to configure chatbots to bridge connections and resolve their questions without any additional hassle. This will save your employee’s efforts for other core activities.

Few examples of Chatbots are-

  • Google Assistance
  • WeChat
  • Facebook Messenger

10. Interactive 3D Content

Interactive 3D content is breathtaking. And, the results are solid, winning the game with attraction.

Various tech-savvy companies are opting for a seamless interaction that creates a professional impression from the crowd. It optimizes your campaign and gives room to enable productive content.

Yes, it often targets the mass by creating a realistic experience in a 3D environment. Are you wondering how to design a WordPress website?

Giveaway expert tips

  • Focus on delivering a personalized impression
  • Try to make the best of HTML5 technology
  • Select the themes that give an embossing value

Hire a professional WordPress website design company that can make your business profitable with step ahead solution. This will give your users a connective touch with a long-term recall ability.

11. Dark Modes

Dark Mode is the ultra- modern web design that releases a vibrant impression with the utmost clarity and visibility.

It helps in reducing eye strain and focusing on the content and image you wanted to emphasize. Especially, it highlights the other designing elements with a vivid showcase.

The dark mode is an ideal layout for your WordPress blog design that ensures user-friendliness up to a greater extent.

A plethora of themes is available in the Dark Mode at WordPress. You can explore and select the best one. Give voice to your business by infusing appealing aesthetics with compelling elements

12. Data Visualization

Data is the new oil but, effectively representing it is an all-day struggle. And, the best way to visually interact with the bountiful information is neatly presenting it for better decision making.

If you have hired a professional WordPress design and development Company, ask the team to bring data to life.

Expert developers work upon the interface, font size, and colors, creatures, presentation formatting- graphs, charts, line or bars. However, you can create images to attract visitors and let them know the power of your content.

Have you selected your WordPress Web Design? The Conclusion

Well, are you future-ready with these best designs for 2023?

Yes, you can expect fresh, clean, bold and vibrant ideas with the best aesthetics to revamp your website with the finest touch.

In fact, the best thing you can do is keep updating your website. This will create a positive impact on your brand value. The changes in notifying your business will readily get improved – rendering more than a professional outlook.

However, if you require any support with the installation and set-up of any WordPress Web Design, contact Info Stans now. We are one of the leading WordPress Development Company in India and USA.

So, let’s not worry more and give life to your brand, increasing its worth far beyond the globe.

Share your views in the comment section. Let us know which design you’ve chosen!

Popular FAQ

VR, Minimalistic Designs, Chat Bots and others are trending in WordPress Website Design.
Yes, WordPress is the future of web design offering a wide range of plugins and features.
It depends on the type of your business, developer’s expertise, and size of team, selection of features, functions and plugins.
To customize the themes and install the best plugins, you require a professional WordPress Developer for web designing.
Creating a website in WordPress will give more benefits than with HTML.


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