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XT Commerceis an open-source Web Shop Software that comes with excellent functions and features and helps the E-Merchants in catering to their needs and requirements. Along with that, it contributes crucially in migrating the orders, products, taxes, customers, and more through an essential correspondence. Besides that, XT commerce installation brings flexibility and user-friendliness to the interface for connecting well to provide multi-lingual support, easy navigation, and accessibility to a plethora of categories. Our developers select the best XT commerce templates that make your website modern, contemporary, and responsive leveraging the innovation of e-commerce solutions.

  • Consists of monologue logging library
  • Exceptionally handle the errors
  • Ensures an easy authorization logic

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We are pioneer in XT Commerce Development that manages the tools and functions for an effortless customer flow into your online store

When it comes to XT Commerce Development services, all forms of online businesses from small to large size stores are benefited. This kind of platform is written in PHP code which is highly equipped with an array of features that in turn helps in managing and crediting the interface and user-friendliness for a powerful shopping cart experience.

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Info Stans is a leading and tech-savvy company that blooms your eCommerce Business with leaps and bounds making it accessible to the middle class trade market. We bring additional add-ons and countless interfaces with the integration of a desirable solution by using Cart2Cart. Our developers will help you with end-to-end sophisticated software to clear the hurdles and make way for one or more professional online shops.
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Advantages Of XT Commerce


XT commerce open source provides a comprehensive range of features that supports the centralized management of orders and customers.

Intuitive user interface

It looks after an intelligent and modular design that gives flexible integration of XT commerce pluginsfor a newer version anytime.

Scalable system

XT Commerce offers a scalable system where CMS can be adapted or extended as per the specifications of your business.

Tailored solution

This platform counts for an appearance with an analytical tool that provides detailed information regarding orders and sales through a tailored solution.

Benefits Of Choosing XT Commerce Development

Our simplified integrations and advanced techniques help in expanding your business revenue with a wider scope and networking

XT Commerce Development is the most ideal solution for every entrepreneur who wants to sell products through an online store. Info Stans offers affordable and value-added packages that help every business to grow and explore the market with regular updates and XT commerce templates responsive featuring. We select our developers with strict criteria that can progressively deliver customer-centric, user-friendly, and flexible websites with a reliable support and maintenance service.

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Expertise In Different Industries

Info Stans is the best XT Commerce Development Company that gained excellence in different industrial niches and helped in expanding its conversion rate with the smart search technology for a profitable volume.

Photo and Video

Social Networking


Health and Fitness

Food and Drinks

Transport and Logistics



Real Estate

Why Info Stans Is The Best XT Commerce Development Company

Our team of experts eCommerce developer provides far ahead of competitive solutions that makes your online business reach new heights with an exceptional success record

Crafted Service Model

Info Stans has a crafted business model that helps you with XT commerce updateand envisions for achieving competitive advantage with a 100% customer satisfaction.

Innovative Approach

We work within the parameters of an innovative approach that delivers a plethora of successful results in directing the potential clients with a reflection of advanced technologies.

On Timely Delivery

Values at Info Stans have driven us to provide an ever-growing quality standard that paramount for on-time delivery with an accessible XT commerce login.

Flexible Packages

Our price model is well customized and flexible that brings advantage to your company in getting high-end valuable services under a budgeted friendly rate.

Experienced Developers

Expertise and curiosity to learn beyond the scope often drive our passionate developers and designers at Info Stans who bring productive results to every project.

24*7 Support Assistance

We believe in maintaining a long term relationship that continues even after developing the website or application and thus provides 24*7 assistance to resolve your complexities.

Build Your Business

We discover the ideas and connect the dots to bring growth to your business with a wide range of expertise and business intelligence without compromising for quality. Let’s mould a bold future with Info Stans!

Frequently Asked Questions

XT Commerce is a powerful e-commerce web cart that connects with the future opportunities and helps in managing the orders, shipping details as well as inventory level to meet the demands of customers. It comes with an automatic production of thumbnails by the e-commerce shop. Contact us to grow exponentially.
XT Commerce Development is the classic online shop solution on the eCommerce platform. It comes with various benefits and features that make your business selling seamless and profitable.
  • It has a functional scope and scalability
  • Transfers the data within minimal time
  • Provide multi-lingual support
  • Manages countless product variants
  • Requires programming effort to build the backend or adjust with the layout function
XT Commerce is an open-source platform that contributes to managing your global sales and strengthen your professional existence even on the international horizon. Certain feature are-
  • Effective for all-size business group
  • Adjustable layout for different product categories
  • Innovative pricing system
  • Transforms an existing shop into a multi-store system
The duration of project completion depends on various factors that include the product length and product depth as well as your selection of layout. However, the complexity of the features and functions needs to understand and resolve well. Therefore, it would be good if you call and fix a meeting to discuss the time duration of your online business.
Yes, we have a customized policy of support and maintenance service even after the development of your website. It varies from your business objective. Our developers work hard and deliver the best service that brings 100% satisfaction to the client and also helps with after-development activities.

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