10+ Most Effective Web Design Tips for Perfect Site


Web Design is really an important element if you want to stand out from competitors. It defines your business and its popularity. Many people know how to design websites but not professionally.

Because, it requires an in-depth understanding of typography, to color arrangement, website maintenance and overall improvement and its upgradation.

So are you looking for some serious tips for web designing? Well, we got you covered here. Check this website design article and implement the same to your website. Also, you can hire a developer or a professional web designing company that can save your precious time and energy too.

Grab some amazing Web Design Tips to make your website 100% perfect

1.    Leverage the visual impression of your website

Visual impression refers with the arrangement of color combination, color balancing, contrasting effect, size and maintaining consistency throughout the design.

  • Focus on low prominence to high prominence
  • Improve the arrangement and background of images
  • Add refined animations and transitions

Designing a website is easy but professional designing is a bit challenging. You can hire UI UX   Designing Company to give a sophisticated touch to your website.

2.    Make site speed your ultimate priority

According to Research, the entire website sphere rests on the speed and performance. This will minimize the bounce rate if you follow website design best practices.

Well, this is the proven fact, if the site takes time to load, no one will wait for it. In turn, this will affect your conversion and revenue. Isn’t it? 

  • Optimize tags and titles
  • Optimize videos and picture quality
  • Check for broken links if any

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3. Clear out the composition clutter

How to make a website look professional? Focus more on composition clutter. Add whitespace to your web layout to give a minimalistic look.

See how it looks on the home screen. Test if the logo, tagline, call to action (CTA) and navigation menu is clearly visible or not. Audit your designs well for the essentials. This is one of the best website layout tips that you shouldn’t miss anyhow.

4.    Add your social proof

Social Proof is one of the best ways to add credibility to your business. It holds successful chances for gravitating users to your product.

 Besides that, when you get a lot of reviews and testimonials, people tend to trust you and your operations. Recent studies say 58% more likely to buy your product when they find testimonials to your site.

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5.    Pay attention where to put CTA

CTAs are the most powerful persuasion that can go up or down the page. However, the magic begins when you place CTAs properly at the right corner. According to research by Chartbeat, if you place CTAs at the bottom, you are likely to receive 25 million visits and engagement.

6.    Skim the views with photography

Photography is the best thing to bridge a connection between branding and marketing. It often displays your products clearly and narrates how beneficial it can be for them.

Therefore, if you wonder how to improve a website, make sure you pay attention to the photography. Hire professional designers who can suggest to you the best way to make a website. A few suggestions are-

  • Use real people in your photography theme
  • Set the right atmosphere to the style you select
  • Don’t compromise with quality and pixels, it really matters

7.    Optimize the typography of your website

Typography optimization is the most commonly used web design techniques that must commemorate the pictures you have uploaded and the theme you’ve selected.

It broadly encompasses visual texts, particularly font size and style that reflects the message of your brand. Follow these website designing tips and tricks to create a visually appealing impact on your customers.

  • Stick to a specific web font that is easy to read and understand
  • Study different styles and types of fonts to give your website some concept
  • Avoid using flashy and gaudy fonts. They could be distracting

8. Make your website mobile friendly

Mobile responsiveness is one thing that what makes a good website design. And, you just can’t ignore it anyway. For instance, if any customer opens your website in a mobile phone and finds cluttered and unorganized images with lost fonts, would he continue to visit?

That’s a serious concern. Therefore, make your website mobile friendly and follow these quick easy web design tips to attract customers with mind boggling content.

  • While designing a website, be ready with a mobile version too
  • Make your website seo-friendly to give an outstanding boost

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9. Avoid sliders and carousels

Homepage slideshows are the best thing for keeping people intact. It brings a good amount of visibility. But, one flaw is that people might only see the first side of the content.

Another point is that some pictures might get above the fold. Therefore when you look for web design tips, take care of these points.

  • Use featured image with an attractive call to action
  • Stack the slides so visitors can view all the content just by quick scrolling

10. Never stop testing your website

Your website must be the evolving piece of your company and not the static one. You need to keep testing and update your website to welcome the latest trends of a competitive market. For instance, with A/B testing you can determine the impact of content on a page and accordingly improve conversions.

Adding to the web design tips, keep on updating your content and web design. Test a variety of data and analyze which suits perfectly for your business.

  • Go for VWO, Omniconvert, or A/B Tasty for A/B testing
  • Use Lucky Orange or Hotjar for heat mapping

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11. Make pricing easy to find

Just let me know in the comment section if this situation sounds similar to you.

So, let’s say if you visit any website and get awe with its solutions and offerings. Next, you go for the pricing section to calculate your budget and obtain three sorted packages with a clear description of offerings.

If this pricing matches with your requirement, you are definitely going to purchase. Here you have a comfort factor because you clearly understood the differences in pricing, so no more questioning now.

Thus, website designing is an integral part of your brand identity. It not only adds value to your brand but also advocates your precision and professionalism.

Give it a try to info stans leading web designing company in India to transform your website with a completely new style by following these quick and easy tips and tricks.  

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